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Nora was the perfect fit for my daughter. I have watched her develop both academically and socially. The small classes meant that she received very personalized feedback from her instructors. I have not doubt that she is prepared for college level courses and she was accepted to a very good university.
The Nora School is a place where the individual needs of students are taken into consideration in creating educational programs to support their learning. A real community exists at the school, and creates an environment where all students can learn and achieve.
Calm, nurturing environment for my daughter... a big change from the chaos she experienced in public school. Emphasis is on academics, problem solving, community. Not much emphasis on sports, cliques, etc.
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The Nora School allowed me to think differently and comprehend my own style of learning. Personally, I think a school with a small and environment and class size makes it a lot easier to get around and conversate with different people. I can officially say that I’m more than ready for college and it’s all thanks to this wonderful school.
Due to its small size, The Nora School provides a different level of intimacy with one's teachers. This has really helped me, as there is more time for everyone to be able to understand the lesson with discussions and explanations.
We have a varitey of different activities around the school. Our most competitive activity is the Student Government Association. Each year becoming an SGA Representative is very difficult because everyone wants to become a member and be apart of our event plannings. We always have a number of sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, and Baskball and Softball. During each season we have a good number of people that participate in these events. For our superb students, we participate in the The National Honors Society, which a selective number of students with a GPA of 3.25 or higher get to help and support the community around us.
Each year I've attended my school, I am continuosly growing and bettering myself. I'm always finding myself talking to students who I do usually don't talk to and getting to know about them. It's interesting because a lot of the time me and other kids have a lot in common and end up being really great friends.
Teachers are very engaged with giving students one on one attention. They get to know the students well on a personal level. All of my teachers incorporate technology with different ways of how students learn. Some of the teachers tend to get lazy with grading but overall they are pretty consistent wih putting the grades in. Most of the time, my teachers stay after school for anyone who needs assistance. If they are not available after school they are pretty good about responding via email.
The Nora School doesn't really emphasize the importance of sports very much which I am totally ok with Each student is required to fulfill one sports credit if they wish to graduate.
This is the best school I have been to. The teachers are understanding and helpful plus I have made some really amazing friends.
The teachers are for the most part great. They are all very understanding and always willing to help.
Kids can bring their own food or go off campus for food which is really awesome because the school is located in a downtown area by restaurants and stores.
The Nora school offers a wide range of interesting classes, however, no AP/honors classes.
The school wide polices are pretty minimal, do your work, come to school on time, try your best and don't be rude.
Bullying, fighting, drugs all that stuff is zero tolerance so if you really do any of those most likely be looking for a new school.
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