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The Neighborhood Academy is an excellent school for children who have plans for their future.The Neighborhood Academy has an 100% college acceptance rate guiding students in preparation for college.
I liked that the teachers paid attention to detail about each individual student and actually cared about the kids education and well-being. I also loved that they pushed students out of their comfort zones allowing for them to have new experiences in life.
I had an amazing time there for my final three years of high school. This school has definitely prepared me to further my education going into college. I’m very excited to use the skills I have learn at this school at college. I have made many different deep connections not only with the students but teachers and staff as well and I will always cherish the memories that were made with this school.
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I like the fact that I learned a lot of life skills to help within life. I think that the food can get better and more diversity.
I like how they challenge every single student and push every student to the limit. If you want to see your child succeed, this is the place to send them.
The extracurricular activities are what pushes students to do better in the classes in order to be eligible to play. Not only that but the school is strict and implies that each student must play play 1 sport per year so that colleges know that are involved in something other than school. The students themselves also show support for every sports team and extra activities and clubs.
No bullying goes on this school and if students have a problem with each other they schedule a mediation with either a girls counselor or boys counselor.
I like how different the environment of the school is and how it's small. There are no fights, they provide 3 meals a day plus 2 snack times a day and time for students to study and get their homework done for 2 hours after school before we go home.
The teachers are not like public school teachers because they actually care and want to help kids get farther in their education.
The teachers are fun, easy to talk to, and know a lot. They truly want you to do your best and will help you.
It is an amazing building. It is a small school so it isn't big. All the classrooms have smart boards. College prep is a class for seniors. Tutoring isn't something they have, but they do have a writing center. If you need help you ask the teachers or classmates. The parents cook dinner some nights, work as the secretary, or help with extracurricular activites.
I had always felt safe. The school often holds fire drills and other stuff. The only thing to worry about is the crazy deer.
Most of the time, parents aren't involved unless it's SUPER serious. Students are responsible for their work and themselves. If they are disruptive they are kicked out of class and sent to time out. It's a small school so if two students are not getting along they have mediation. It's pretty helpful I guess. They don't tolerate bullying whatsoever. The dress code is strict, but you could probably get away with some stuff here and there. The school wants you to look presentable because there are constant visitors. Attendance is important. If you don't show up that morning and your parents did not call you get a call home that morning.
The most popular is basketball, but the most fun is volleyball. They make sure you get the concept even if you aren't a sports person. They also have something called Arts Connection. Each year they add something new. When I went there they had added a drama, photography, piano, and they tried to get quilting but it wasn't popular. They teachers are super supportive, but they don't take the crap. If your work isn't done on time then you will get in trouble regardless.
There needs to be a wider variety to electives.
I do not believe if I went to any other school my character would be this developed. I would not be assured that I would be attending college.
The ones that we offer are great but we could use some more activites.
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The facility is very safe and well constructed. The resources we have access to is unlike any other school.
The process that the new students go through is a very beneficial process because not everyone is ready for the work load. The process is a good way to adapt to it.
It is 5 weeks of preparation for the work load of the school. I believe that it is a very effective process.
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