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I’ve been at Montfort for over 6 years now. I spent my middle school years there and now I’m a senior. This school has been nothing but amazing. My experience at Montfort has been amazing. I’ve been able to do things that I never thought I could. Such as being able to travel to Europe and getting accepted into the National Honors Society.
Montfort has given me the ability to have met lots of new friends and achieve many things in my academics. I’m very sad that my time at Montfort will be coming to an end but I’m glad I spent my middle school and high school years there.
I had a good experience overall and there were great students, but it did have its issues. I appreciate the Catholic values taught but sometimes it became overwhelming.
The teachers at The Montfort Academy are exceptional! The teachers are engaging and well educated. I have been impressed by the amount of individual feedback provided on written work. Students are encouraged to get involved in a wide range of clubs, volunteer work,and sports. This has been a supportive environment for my teen.
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The Montfort Academy will always be a second home for me, with a dedicated and hardworking staff and bright students. It was the best foundation I could have had going into college.
In general it is a very good school. It is small so students get a lot of attention. It is like a family.
Choosing Montfort was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since my freshman year, the school has grown in all areas— in safety, aesthetics, organization, academic standards, etc. This is (mostly) due to the staff and faculty’s care for the well-being of the school and it’s students, as well as their openness to criticism and feedback. The students’ best interests are always being considered. Sometimes it may seem that we’re not getting all that we pay for because we are a very small school with a tuition that comes very close to that of more popular private schools in the Westchester area and we don’t have all the fancy facilities and benefits that they have, but I would argue that the education we receive and the safe and loving environment we are provided make it all worth it and cannot be found anywhere else. Montfort is truly a hidden gem and has allowed me to grow tremendously as a person.
The Montfort Academy is a wonderful Classical Education High School that only strives to teach and assist every student to achieve their educational - and long term realistic goals. Faith in God is the foundation of the school, and it shows in the way the students and staff respect each other and focus on important issues in daily life. Help is always available to the students by the teachers and administrative staff, no matter what race or gender. There are wonderful clubs and sports that each student can join, regardless of their experience in the subject or sport. A student may even form a new club to promote a new interest that the school could pursue. The school is warm and welcoming to all, and students are well prepared upon graduation to do very well in the college of their choice.
The people here are amazing, for the most part, and everyone can find a clique accepting of their ideologies or beliefs. The teachers are similarly diverse, coming from every conceivable background. I feel that the school prepared me for life, while also teaching me some things I do not need to know but that I found interesting, and teaching them quite well. The fact that it was small was the only odd thing about it; aside from that, it was a perfect microcosm of American society in this day and age.
During the four years I went, I felt like I was in the Jim Crow South. They made sure that classrooms were segregated by race but disguised it by calling the all white class "honors". The classes were entirely the same. Same subject, same teacher, just segregated. The all white group received better treatment and my class felt inferior. They do not offer any opportunities for black and Hispanic kids because it is given to the whites. Don't believe me? Look at their faculty; all white "this is MAGA country" type Americans (I mean, they literally did talk about their own racist views in class.) Don't let the idea of classical education fool you, all they did was talk about white people. Did not mention the existence of black people. One teacher even told me he was planning my lynching. I'm not kidding, they implemented Jim Crow laws in that school.
I enjoyed my time at TMA. I think it prepared me well for college. I developed great friendships and took advantage of opportunities to travel abroad. TMA is like a family. I would recommend my school to anyone seeking an opportunity to really engage with your teachers.
Montfort is one of the friendliest schools I've ever been to. I felt welcomed into the school on my shadow day and I now feel like I'm part of a very big family. Almost all of our teachers genuinely care about you. If you're struggling, they'll always spend time to help you specifically.

What I think the school lacks is a steady schedule and overall cleanliness. Day schedules are constantly shifted leaving everyone confused and annoyed. The school can sometimes look like an asthmatic's worst nightmare. By the end of the day, your shoes will look like a used swifter.
I enjoyed all of the small and different classes that I had to take as well as the amazing teachers that taught them. I was definitely prepared for college.
Montfort is a great small school that incorporates sports, clubs and academics to form a great environment. The staff and teachers are supportive and the classes are small, which makes it easy to get to know everyone. I have learned a great deal and will take everything I have learned to college
Prepares you well for applying to college. The people are the best part of the school. Very diverse and in a good, safe location.
I came to Montfort as a Freshman and I was so excited to start high school. Four years later, I love Montfort just as much as I did then, and would not change my High School experience for the world. Montfort gave me the ability to flourish into the person I want to be for the rest of my life.
The only good sports team here was the girls basketball team. They didn’t give very much recognize to it though. Otherwise the teachers here are pretty good and are usually very helpful. The administrative office wasn’t very good they care more about their image and the people they are connected to more than the actual students themselves. Most of the teachers prepare you very well for college and what you are going to expect with your learning.
I liked the diversity of the school. I made great and everlasting friendships. The instruction was fine. My guidance counselors were great. I do believe I was prepared well for college.
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Excellent school. Wouldn't send, trust, (or even think about) any other school. It's a real hidden jewel. Selfishly, I don't want too many people to know about Montfort! I don't want it to grow and lose that genuine personal attention that the teachers give to all students.
The classic education offer prepares me for college. The way in which test is taken sometimes verbally; one must be prepared by knowing and understanding material. Small class size, everyone has respect for each other and zero tolerance for bullying. One thing I would change is to have more room for sports.
I can't say enough about this school. It is truly a hidden jewel. You have to experience it for yourself--Montfort kids are great kids who look you in the eye, shake your hand, and can actually think, read, and speak. Montfort is highly uncommon in today's world.
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