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MSMS gives students many opportunities to take higher level classes with quality teachers who know what they are teaching. Teachers are available throughout the day and in the evenings from 7-9 Mon-Thursday for questions. The residential life aspect creates a family environment among students and the reslife staff. It thoroughly prepares you for college, especially considering the heavy involvement with the Mississippi University for Women and Mississippi State University. 10/10 would recommend applying if you can. Just note that all classes are Honors+, so the work is hard and heavy, meaning a good work ethic is necessary to thrive at this school.
Attending the Mississippi School for Math and Science, or MSMS, has caused me to grow immensely as a person in a fundamental way. After one year of attendance, I feel so much more passionately toward learning and discovery, have a greater understanding of who I am and my place in the world, and am more driven to bring about change. After MSMS, I know that I will be prepared for life's challenges and capable of handling them, and I am so excited to get out there.
I really love MSMS. The students, teachers, and most staff are absolutely amazing. I learn so much every single day. However, due to lack of space and funding, sports and facilities are a little lacking. As well, the residence life can really be a struggle with being unnecessarily inconsistent. Overall, it is a great school and a great experience.
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I cannot recommend MSMS enough to prospective students! Aside from the world-class faculty, MSMS provides one of the richest, most diverse communities you can find in Mississippi.
I came to this school looking for more opportunities after hearing what wonderful college readiness program this school offers. Yes, MSMS is OK in academics, but it is just all a cover up. What I found at this school were cheaters, drug addicts, lousy administration, poor conditioned facilities, crime EVERYWHERE, racist students, the worst cafeteria possible, and more. The teachers are the only good part of MSMS (some of them, at least). The admin at MSMS is the WORST! They cater to a specific group of kids that will promote the school so they will receive funding for the subsequent years to come. The dorms are in the literal worst condition possible and the school barely has enough money to turn on the lights without them breaking. I really had high hopes for this school, but my experience at MSMS has proven me wrong. You should ask GERMAIN how many kids get into top/ivy league schools...I bet it will be less than 20!! MSMS really was my worst nightmare.
I am a senior currently. MSMS gives you opportunities that you couldn't typically find at other schools; in other words, it is able to open doors for you and expand your horizons. Although MSMS is STEM-focused, there are still opportunities in the Arts here. While MSMS does open many doors, you must be the one to enter the doors. Basically, MSMS allows you to increase your potential, but you must put in the work and effort to reach it. So it is a very good school, but it does require considerable work on the student's side to make the most of the experience.
There is a very encouraging community with abundant resources. I especially love the teachers and students dedication to learning and improving.
loved the environment and how it propels students towards success! looking forward to studying here in the fall
The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is a perfect opportunity for upcoming juniors to partake in. It has helped me so much in expanding my opportunities for college and the teachers/staff are the absolute best when it comes to your education and residential life. The classes are so diverse, the environment is so accepting and friendly, and there is a wide variety of clubs to join. It was a big leap for me to take, but absolutely worth it, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to apply.
The Mississippi School for Math and Science is one of the most rigorous and amazing experiences I have had for high school. The classes are engaging, but the bonds formed in the company of other intelligent and beautifully quirky people was the true shining feature. The teachers are also wonderfully excited and knowledgeable about their respective subjects. The school is an absolute marvel to discover and attend.
I loved my two years there! The teachers genuinely care about you and want you to come to them whenever you need to! The classes are meant to challenge students and that’s exactly what they do!
The best decision of my life! The friend and the teachers that I have become close with are amazing.
Very academically challenging. Great professors. Campus life is good. Safe. Food is bad for vegetarians. Gifted students that are also motivated. Great school for highly intelligent, determined individuals with an intense work ethic and zeal for life.
This is best school in the state! There are many opportunities that I have been given here that I would not have gotten at my previous school.
The teachers here are absolutely amazing, very devoted to helping students learn and reach their full potential. The only downside is the dorm staff and living conditions, but to go to a school this great, it's not that big of an issue.
The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science has been my home for the last 2 years. Yes, I said HOME. They have welcomed me with open arms. The strive for academic excellence can be felt all over campus. Everyone is constantly trying to learn and to do better. This fosters a great relationship with your classmates as you continue on the same paths and struggles that they have or are about to commence upon. The teachers and administrators are there to pick you up when you are down and help in such amazing ways. Thank you to the school over the last two years for accepting me and making me feel welcome.
My experience at MSMS has been one of the most advancing opportunities that I’ve had in my life. I consider the students my family, and the teachers there have made my life so much better. I feel prepared for college, or as prepared as any senior can be, and I ultimately attribute a lot of my success and academic preparedness to MSMS. It’s a wonderful community of students and faculty, and I wouldn’t be myself without them. I couldn’t have asked for a better two years of my life. There are some kinks with faculty and regulation of student life specifically in the guy’s dorm, and unregulated loopholes for students to abuse, but I do think it’s a work in progress and MSMS students rise to the challenge of taking on issues with the school. I do every Tuesday in the student senate, and I commend everyone before me in creating such a remarkable establishment. Thank you MSMS.
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The faculty is very involved with the students. The school itself has such a family atmosphere, and you are surrounded by people who want to succeed just like you do.
I have had a really amazing experience at MSMS. I have been introduced to so many phenomenal intellectuals and have had exciting opportunities that I never thought possible.
This school is amazing. For starters, it has the nation's number one faculty nationwide. The classes here are superb with teachers who actually enjoy their jobs and would do anything within their ability to help you succeed. Furthermore, as a result of us sharing our campus with a college, the food here is also great. The dorms here (It's a residential school) are also nice and the sense of family and community is also great.
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