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This school is small but it has a lot to offer. The class size makes it easier to have friends and also get the one on one feeling with the teachers. Everyone is very friendly too! They set up many awesome trips and events for just the “kids” and/or your family. They offer al lot more than most public schools.
I like how the students are prepared for college and teachers are very supportive with helping. Many classes I have taken were a great help to get me ready for college.
It's a small school so the students are able to get a lot of help from the teachers there. The teachers have great lesson plans and treat the students respectfully. It's nice knowing that the teachers and counselors there care about the students and work hard to find the time to ensure that they graduate on time. I wish that we had enough students for sports teams so we can compete against other schools.
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I have been attending the Learning Choice Academy since the 6th grade. What I love about TLC is the flexibility it offers students. You only go two days a week, which offers students more time to complete assignments or do other activities that they want to do. They also offer the choice of completing some or all of your classes at home. The staff is very helpful. I also appreciate how the school pays for any community college or other classes that you wish to do outside of school.
The Teachers were by far the best part of my experience at TLC. The amount of care they had for their students, and the amount of effort they put into teaching was clearly obvious. I have a deep appreciation for the amount of help and guidance I received, and I owe any success I have now to the support they gave me then.
I liked how you are very much in charged of your school career, but the teacher staff lacks quality.
My overall experience at the Learning Choice Academy was very good. I enjoyed the teachers and their willingness to help you get the assistance you need. I also really enjoyed being able to have the opportunity to attend engineering classes with excellent instructors.
I've been attending the learning choice academy since 2nd grade and it has been AMAZING! The teachers are so nice and love when you ask questions! They really want to make sure their students are understanding what they are learning and want to make sure they are having a good time while doing it. The students are great as well, everyone knows each other and hangs out! The best homeschooling experience of all time!
The Learning Choice Academy was very professional and neat, from the teachers to the facility, everything was well organized and taken care of. The students get to learn from some of the best teachers in San Diego. All the teachers are very well educated and professional. They also have the best care takers/school nurses. The Learning Choice Academy is hands down the best school for kids who are interested in homeschooling but don't want to be fully committed to being homeschooled due to themy also being a Charter school. I highly recommend this school to students of all ages since it is from K-12th grade.
This school is very willing to meet your preferences. You can do all your work at home, or go "on-site" and be in a regular classroom setting. Everyone gets an "educational partner" who helps them throughout the entire process, and they are generally pretty nice and caring people.
It is a good school for anyone who is willing to home school your kids. However you can also take them to the campus as well.
My experience at The Learning Choice has been a positive learning experience when it comes to moralities. This school has taught me what life is truly about, which includes a good attitude, common sense, and perseverance.
I joined The Learning Choice academy in seventh grade and am very pleased. I am even going to graduate early. Hope others will have a great experience too.
The Learning Choice Academy is a homeschooling program that is mostly run by other people in homeschooling. The attitude at The Learning Choice Academy is very calm and laid back since students are only required to go to the campus twice a week and on the other days students study from home. While the school has good teachers, the small amount of students means that the school does not have as many resources as other public schools. Furthermore, the school does not have any sports. In conclusion The Learning Choice Academy is a very fun and enjoyable place to be since it causes very minimal stress on its students.
I am a senior at The Learning Choice Academy. It is a charter school that allows me to go to school two times a week or be homeschooled full time. I've done both. Right now I am homeschooled full time. This gives me a flexible schedule so that I can work part time. I have had very good teachers and a great school counselor. They all have challenged me to do my best and supported me in all my endeavors. I would highly recommend this school for any student.
There wasn't bullying too often, and no one ever did drugs, sex, drank alcohol, etc
I couldn't ask for a better school, the teachers were great and made me actually want to go to school everyday, and I made a lot of friends
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The options are pretty good, a nice mix
They're very strict and punishments for breaking policies are fair. Bullying is most definitely not tolerated!
I love all the teachers! They're engaging, use fun activities to help explain the topics, the science class has lots of labs and fun Jeopardy quizzes, and the teachers are all very knowledgeable
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