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I have attended The King's Academy since sixth grade, and I have had a wonderful time there. The teachers are amazing! They really care about you and they make sure that you understand the lesson. They are always available during school hours and after school. They are approachable and will always make time for you. The students are welcoming and friendly and it's very easy to make friends in your own grade and other grades as well. TKA fosters a family-like community and everyone makes sure you have a group of people that you can trust. Overall, my seven years at TKA have been incredible!
I have gone to this school for 7 years now, and it has been the most wonderful experience. One of the reasons why this school is so special is that the staff truly care for you, want the best for your well being, and become genuine friends. Being a smaller school, students are able to get to know their classmates on a deeper level, in such a way that there is this sense of comradeship that strings together each of them. At the same time, all the athletic, extra - curricular, and academic programs operate on a high level of excellence and proficiency, so kids dont feel like they are missing anything out.

It is truly a privilege and an honor to be at such an amazing school, and I will never forget the friendships or experiences I have had here.
Great atmosphere and students/faculty
Opportunities and sense of community
Great teachers across the board as well as coaches for extracurricular sports. AP classes prepared you for the real tests.
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What I like about The King's Academy is how the faculty treat students like family. I find that King's really emphasizes community and building relationships aside from providing education to its students.
This school overall offers a splendid education for kids between the grades of 6th-12th. It offers college counselors who are very helpful. Overall, the school accomplishes what it is meant to. However, there is evident favoritism shown to the international students of the school. For example, punishment for them is often less severe or even overlooked. This isn't very often, but often enough to be unfair to other students. Bullying is also a problem. In my opinion, and in the opinion of my fellow peers, the school does not do as much as they can to lessen the amount of bullying that exists. Besides that, the teacher and staff that we see on a daily basis are almost all wonderful, with a few exceptions. Most of the teachers and staff truly care about the students and do anything they can to help us. Where the school board lacks, the teachers and other staff fill in. Overall, this school is a great place for any student who wants a good education with many opportunities.
My experience at The King's Academy has been a great one. I was able to connect easily with the friends that I have made and the community is welcoming. The teachers and staff are always there to help students. All the students need to do is ask.
My friend is bi, and is afraid of being herself, she is bullied, and NOT protected, shes scared because she just came out to her crush, and then in return this girl told everyone that my friend is bi. My friend is scared of being kicked out of the school, and is really scared in my personal opinion do not EVER send you child here, it is unsafe, and its just not a good community.
The King's Academy does an excellent job of being elaborate, strong in faith and positively supporting their students and faculty. With this mindset, the students, parents and faculty are able to cooperatively work together to strive for greatness all to uplift God.
I am currently a sophomore at The King's Academy, it has been a great experience for me to be at tka. There are a lot of cool activities like home coming event, banquent and so on. Althogh the school is not big, it has plenty of resources for students to use. Overall, it's a great Christian school!
The King's Academy is a great middle & high school. I went there since my sophomore year, and I've loved it ever since. Everyone is very nice. All the teachers try to help you in the best way possible. Yes the school is very hard, because is a college preparatory, but as I said their goal is to make sure that every student understands and knows the topic. Also it is a christian school, therefore everything has a religious view. School spirit is great and sports are in between. Overall the school is an A+.
Teachers are very involved and invested in the students' lives. School spirit is great, and though the academics aren't necessarily the best, the English, chemistry, and upper echelons of the math department are excellent. The VPA department is extremely strong; the annual junior high and high school plays and musicals are top quality.
Being at The King's Academy allowed me to connect with people in ways I did not know were possible. The personal relationships between the student and teachers are beyond paramount. One thing I wished the school emphasized was the importance of using databases when researching. Learning how to use databases sets up high school students for easier college research skills.
The VPA (Visual Performing Arts) side of the school is very well advanced than other schools. We are going to Carnegie Hall in March 2019. And most of the people are nice, but there are jerks at our school too
The King's Academy: Convergence to a Subpar Mean.

TKA is a great place to get by—the teachers are kind and competent, the atmosphere is laid-back, and if you want a cushy, uncompetitive educational experience, King's is a great choice.

However, as much as King's likes to tout the title of being a "college preparatory academy," this is pure fantasy. King's boasts lackluster academic opportunities and non-rigorous classes, a stark contrast to the excellent public and private schools in the area. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the low-stress style, their approach breeds a sinister culture of apathy.

There is no growth. Sure, King's students have Bible classes and mandatory chapel and even service trips, but when do they challenge their spirituality? When are they encouraged to be skeptical, to converse openly, to think? High school should be a time when we rebel a little, evaluate the status quo to find out what we hold dear, get pushed and push back. That is not TKA.
I will never forget my experiences at King's and I know I have been set up for success thanks to the staff at King's as well as my parents. I honestly cannot say enough about the staff at King's. They truly make students feel loved every single day. There were many times that I really felt like giving up but thanks to simple meetings with teachers my motivation was restored. They are always willing to help no matter your circumstance. I have had friends that transferred to other schools from King's in high school, and the one thing that every single one of them said they missed about King's was how much the teacher's cared about them not only as a student but as a person. I really am grateful that I had these supporters there for me because sometimes the academic workload is intense. This is expected at a college preparatory school. Overall I am beyond grateful for my time there and thankful that King's has prepared me for college.
The King's Academy has a great student environment, and I have made some lasting relationships within the school. Some of the teachers at this school were great, some however, were horrible. That is what really made me lose my love of going to school everyday. The Administration made the feel like a prison once I reached my senior year as they made us take unnecessary classes, and would not let us leave during lunches.
I spent 4 years at The King's Academy and it was amazing. I had caring teachers who were always accessible, small class sizes a very safe campus. One highlight of every year was when over 400 students, faculty and parents got in buses and travelled down to Mexico for 1 week building houses for the poor there. Our school has been doing this for 20 years. King's was more like a family than just an academic institution. It was an awesome and life changing influence for me!
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Small class size allows for closer interaction with teachers
Easier to get classes wanted for schedule
Teachers were caring. The student population is misrepresented. There was always unspoken trouble between students.
the kings academy is a very small very conservative high school in sunnyvale california. the academic intensity and work load is very vigorous, and will prepare students for college excellently. however, the student life, and extracurriculars offered are very sub par, with a very low tolerance to anything that isn't explicitly christian. TKA is a very good high school academically, but a world all to its own socially.