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Cooper prepared me very well for college. What stood out to me the most about Cooper was its excellent college counseling department. Generally, 11th and 12th grade have reputations for being stressful years regardless of what high school you attend. While the workload was a lot, I still felt extremely supported by my teachers and by my college counselor: these people made me feel very safe and capable during my time at Cooper. Rescheduling tests due to sickness or feeling stressed out was never a problem. However, the lost star in this rating comes from the lack of diversity and sports programs. I, among others, felt very ostracized at Cooper; the students are very "cliquey" and somewhat exclusive when deciding who they'll associate with. With regards to the sports programs, there is not an equal amount of school spirit and emphasis among sports. For example, football & volleyball received lots of schoolwide attention whereas some events in track & field didn't even have coaches!
The school is excellent at preparing one as far as academics, but the extreme Competition creates a Stressful Environment. I have many friends who have developed depression and other mental illnesses due to this environment. The School also puts too much emphasis on the academics; the school doesn't support its students who are interested in pursuing the fine arts and other unconventional career or college paths. But For those who wish to go the conventional route and can stand the competition, John Cooper is an excellent school to be readily prepared for college.
I loved the close bonds I forged with my teachers. That prepared me for college in a way that no other school in the area could have done. Due to my hard work there, I got in to my dream college and I couldn't be happier to attend in Fall 2019. What a high school experience.
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I have been to five different schools and John Cooper is by far my favorite. The teachers are amazing and always willing to work with the students personally. The small class sizes also allow for more elaborate and hands on teaching. The school also has a great college counseling department that speaks to each student alone and helps them personally throughout the entire college application process. Along with that, the academics are tough but the school prepares students extremely well for the upcoming difficulty of college.
The current administration is, to put it simply, second-rate when compared to the previous leadership (Broccoli, Patti, et al). The academics and teachers are outstanding, though sadly many have left or retired. I graduated a few years back, but from what I've heard from my friends still there, the current dean exerts an almost dictatorial control over the school. As it is, Cooper doesn't seem to be worth the cost. The level of overall excellence has decreased in the name of "inclusivity" and school culture has been affected because of it. Unfortunate, really, as Cooper used to be a bastion of academic performance in The Woodlands, on par with the Academy.
Both of my children have attended The John Cooper School from the beginning of their education in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten through high school. The John Cooper School has been the best investment for our family. The education, values, and overall experience is amazing. The teachers and staff have always been helpful and have worked hard to help my kids reach their full potential. The school is constantly working to make sure the students and faculty/staff are on top of the newest technology and educational needs, as well as holding on to the traditions so valuable to the community and our lives. Having been through all of the grade levels and divisions with my kids and having watched the growth of The John Cooper School over the past 20+ years has been an absolute privilege for us. I am very excited to see what the future holds for the school and am hoping to one day have my grandchildren benefit from the experience, as well.
Was a great school, excellent teachers, and provided a very challenging course-load that fully prepared me for college!
Better athletic department. They are not competitive in there mentality. They do not make cuts to varsity teams. Everyone gets to play. No summer programs that increase students skill development. Gyms are not available all the time and it is very complicated to get coaches on board because many have been at the school for many years.
Love the open culture, challenging curriculum, supportive teachers, excellent administration team, and wonderful friends in the school. I am very proud to be a Cooper Dragon. Food is top notch and the opportunities available to explore and excel is in abundance. Fantastic private school in the beautiful setting of the Woodlands, TX.
The education and teaching are excellent; however, the administration is running the school into the ground. The dean of students is very overbearing and attempts to control every aspect of student life. The school also has taken a left agenda in the majority of the classes, and students with opposing views are silenced due to this. Another minuscule thing they have implemented is changing the dress code, as much as student government tries to change this nothing happens. It seems that student government and all other student organizations given some "power" never get to use it, and in reality, they just let us think we have power. Other than that the teachers are very committed and the new schedule is very nice.
I have been at The John Cooper School since Kindergarten, and I have always had a great experience here. The education level I have received is of high caliber, and the willingness to change as needed has been wonderful. The food quality served here is gourmet chef level, and many healthy options are available. The Performing Arts, History, and STEM buildings are like those of a high-class college campus, and the football/soccer and baseball fields are beautiful and well-kept.
Lower and middle schools were fantastic but have changed a lot since I was there. The lower school doesn't do as many fun things kids should be allowed to do to help them develop socially as well as academically. Middle school is still pretty average, the new head is just as great as the old head. The Upper School is rotting from the inside out. It was great my freshman year but it has been going downhill since they employed the current dean. There are cameras all over campus and students are watched at all times to make sure they are "on task" 24/7. There is no freedom. Midterms and finals are also being replaced with projects that don't help students prepare for college. Students also opt out of/put off assignments if they are "stressed." This school used to be amazing.
The administration is questionable at best, especially considering how many teachers have left in the last few years, "left". In day to day functions, the administration is willing to help wherever possible, but whenever you ask about a certain teacher that's randomly disappeared, they act as though it's never happened. They simply avoid answering your question. For example, in 6th grade, all our bags were searched without our knowledge because textbooks aren't allowed in cubbies for some unknown ridiculous reason. There is essentially no privacy with the amount of cameras and there is a section in the handbook saying all tech is subject to search on campus, no matter what. Students are punished equally accordingly unless they donate large sums of money to the school. This review is criticizing the administration and not the student culture or teachers, although both do have their flaws.
The school was very rigorous in preparing me for uni, and opened paths to direct admittance into honours courses in University.
I had a great four years at the John Cooper School. I feel very prepared for college. The college counselors are top notch and the teachers are very passionate.
The Academics are very solid. Most teachers are truly gifted and inspired. With the small class sizes, the teacher know you very well. You can play almost any sport. The arts are amazing. The campus is like a college. If you like a challenge, this is the place.
Absolutely loved the people and teacher. Absolutely hated the school culture and a certain someone who made the school a place of "inclusivity" and "diversity" yet did so with an obvious fake attitude and demeanor. I mean effectively banning individual club bake sales because we would "profit" off them and the proceeds didn't go to charity? Come on, Cooper deserves better than this, and a new leadership team would solve the issue.
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The administration has really taken quite the toll on my once beloved school. As a current senior, I will be content to leave Cooper and its inane policies enacted by the new administration, primarily those of Ms. Crane, the Dean of Students. Overall, the academics are excellent and the teachers are knowledgeable and helpful, but the administration's heavy-handedness detracts from student enjoyment and individualism.
Habitat for Humanity at this school is fantastic for the small body of students that it has. This is likely due to the caring nature of most students here including myself.
Some of the newer kids in the student body are very accustomed to living in the "safe space/bubble" Cooper is. I would be surprised of many of these kids were able to survive in the realities of the real world.

Additionally, the school lunches need improvement. The prices are ridiculously high, and not many families are as wealthy as most think they are to afford a $13.50 entrée. Additionally, the cafeteria is often significantly inconsiderate of athletes wanting to increase muscle gain and improve their diet. This is shown by the serving of unhealthy entrées with very low protein on Fridays because it's allegedly a good way to end the week. These are things like grilled cheese and cheese or pepperoni pizza that is VERY greasy. This causes students to choose between eating poorly, or eating snacks like protein bars and nuts for their entire lunch. Last year, things like sushi boxes and lean protein shakes were served to help compensate for extra protein needed. I have no idea why they removed this option and have no other way to bring this back. Seems ridiculous when Cooper rakes in 26,000 per student each year.
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