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The Jean and Jerry Friedman Shalhevet High School Reviews

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This school is a community of Jewish individuals who are committed to Jewish values, strong academics and the desire to express their opinions in an accepting and open environment.

The teachers and administration are welcoming, friendly and an essential part of the overall community. At times, the decision-makers can be inconsistant and outcomes can be challenging to understand.

But, overall this is a fantastic environment, with a committed group of students and faculty.
Shalhevet is an amazing and supportive environment from every single aspect of the school. The teachers and staff genuinely care and the students are intellectually curious and kind.
The Jean and Jessy Friedman Shalhevet High School is a diverse collaborative that creates possibilities for students to learn values and morals, teach the student to be a leader and participates in good deeds.
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I loved my time at Shalhevet. There simply is no other place like it in the US. The academic rigour was difficult but payed off and the enviroment is unparalleled. I participated in multiple clubs, sports, and student government.
The education is excellent, but of course it can always be better. This school prepares you for college and teaches you a lot, but it isn't as college-prep heavy as some schools. College-prep is really light until junior year, leaving some students feeling unprepared at first. Many teachers are excellent, but the school has trouble keeping some of the really good teachers. The school is close-knit which makes it hard to make friends at first, but once you do the community is amazing. Students can be really close to staff members. The school has town hall and allows the students to have a strong voice and opinion in every matter. The co-curriculars are strong. Strong drama, choir, model congress, sports, and newspaper programs, as well as others. All of the listed programs have won awards in their fields, and are fun for the students. There is a lot of work, but I think it is worth it.
The education at this school is top-notch, and most students try very hard. Unfortunately, the work load is insane. I hear freshman are staying up until twelve at night and drinking coffee in the morning to survive. I truly believe that this isn't right and shouldn't happen. As a senior, the heavy work load is understandable, but as a freshman even I didn't stay up until twelve.

The social aspect is sort of tough because everyone has their own little clique that they join, and most are unable to accept "outsiders."

This is mostly why I rated the school a three because if you don't have fun/friends in high school, high school can become a very long four years like it did for me.
Quality of teachers: Overall, most teachers at Shalhevet are amazing. Unfortunately, just like every other high school there are still a few teachers that students complain about.

Teaching styles: Some teachers teaching styles target a wide variety of students. Others usually target the extroverted students that like to work in groups. This is unfortunate because a third to half the people in Shalhevet are introverts (like me) a prefer to work alone. Sometimes I wish that there weren't so many group projects instead of individualized work. I would make the teachers learn about Susan Cain and her research, but I feel that it wouldn't make much of a difference. (Note: If you don't know who Susan Cain is, look her up. She described my life's problems in a few short sentences.)

Knowledge, interest in students, communication skills, and consistency in grading are all A+ in my book (with the exception of one or two teachers).
I love the close-knit community and how the school responds to happy events but also disasters. The students truly have a voice and that opinion is heard, respected, and acted upon.
This school has the optimum extracurriculars that are well known for being the best around! The Debate team, State-Championship winning basketball teams, performing choir, multi-award winning newspaper, and strong student delegation are only a few of the activities that makes this school the best.
So much to do, and if it's not there you can make it happen
Jewish school so everyone is upper middle-class Jews
Everyone loves to support the Firehawks!
Lunch is expensive and not many vegetarian options.
Just community allows for a dialogue between students, faculty, and the administration.
Security guards are presnet at all times. Bullying is ot tolerated.
Great extracurriculars from sports teams, newspaper, debate teams, etc.
It has been a great experience on all fronts
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It's a prep school whose results are good on paper. But it's extremely sheltered and this is a major problem, although probably people don't realize it.
Extracurriculars overshadow academics, yet somehow they still manage to be kind of a joke...
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