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The community and the teachers are very welcoming and supportive. The school prides itself on diversity, but most students are wealthy and caucasian, so there is not much cultural or socio-economic diversity, but there is political diversity.
Lost honors chemistry/AP chem treacher prior to 1MP finishing???? Wonder why so sudden. Huge loss to school -a very good teacher. Cheating goes unpunished or inconsistently punished. A male parent is telling the soccer coach how to coach. List goes on complete crap shoot for girls sports and only good for select boys sports. Politics are on high cycle at the HUN.
THEFT from locker room, 1lb of weed in dorms and the downward cycle goes on. But hey it's only cyclical for 43K a year.
My son started HUN as a freshman last year and had the most wonderful experience. He had 3 Honors courses and was challenged by his outstanding caring teachers. HUN is a kind, caring, nurturing community that allow your child to develop into a young adult who is well rounded. There are a vast amount of options for all sports, arts and rigorous academics. My son is thriving now as a Sophomore and looks forward to each and everyday he is on campus. Out of ALL the Private NJ High Schools I visited, HUN is by far #1 in overall experience for a well balanced student. I recommend it without any reservations. I encourage you come out to a sports event or Open House or Private Tours. You'll be most impressed.
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Middle school - lost good teachers. Some of new hires questionable credentials to teach. So many kids kicked out for drug problems last year and high tuition costs coupled with very mediocre women’s sport teams and poor coaches. Stay away
The reputation of the Hun School has dropped over the last few years. If you are a big contributor to the Hun Fund or are a member of a few select sports teams Football, Baseball or Hockey you have a very different experience than the rank and file. Hun has become the prototypical "Bro" culture school. Girls sports are completely an after thought and geared more for the "I am here for the experience" kid rather than any serious D1 candidate. Academics come second to the overall school experience as well. So they dont attract girls or kids that are academically inclinated as the school is almost hostile to both groups. This leaves admission standards at an absolute freefall and it shows. The amount of kids expelled for drug infractions has exploded over the past 3 years. What was once an elite prep school has really slid to a place of poor standards and sexist attitudes.
Decent academics and good culture unless you are a serious female athlete. Male sports have professional coaches female sports do not. Male sports try to develop college athletes, female sports are there for culture and experience. It's amazing how diverse the school can be and yet be incredibly sexist when it comes to sports
Hun is a shell of what it once was. The academics are sliding and this is in part due to the lowered standards of admissions. In this year alone there have been a legion of kids kicked out for offenses ranging from racism, to pot, to a crack pipe. The community of Hun is overburdened by a relentless administration that finds student input unnecessary and the need to change everything from year to year. This being said, the teachers make up the difference. Only, of course, if you are in honors classes. Teachers who do not teach honors or AP courses are notoriously bad. The Hun School focuses all of the resources that are stripped from current students to redirect towards the enticement of future students. This takes the form of things like Advisory or Seminar. These two programs rarely add value to a student's life or way of thinking. Yet, they sound nice and forward thinking so they are shamelessly touted about even though no current student respects or wants these programs.
I find the private school rankings to be ridiculously fatuous. The Hun School is notorious for being a predominantly "athletic school" although their sports are sub-par. The Hun school matriculation list shows a majority of schools tiers below those of nearby private schools, yet it finds itself near the top of the list for private schools in the state of New Jersey...I wonder what the judging criteria must be!
If there were an option for a fraction of a star, I'd give that. One star is being far too generous.
Teachers don't pay attention to students, half the class spends the duration of class on their cellphones. The culture is very boy-oriented and the staff has many issues (with the exception of some). In addition, there is no consistency when it comes to discipline. Students who have money are given many chances when it comes to discipline, while others seem expendable.
As a 1st yr at a prestigious college, I feel that Hun prepared me for success in college. Many Hun teachers are more engaging&creative in their teaching methods than some college professors. I'm overly prepared for some of college:time management, balancing school&sports, &most specifically, for college writing. Many of my peers, although exceptional students, struggle with writing, but Hun's English dept. prepared me so well for college writing. At Hun I felt most classes were challenging and hard, but now I am reaping all the benefits of Hun's great education that prepared me so well for college. Miss you, Hun!
The school is diverse and always there for me. And the boarding life is great, it creates a family atmosphere and is a place for everyone.
My four years at Hun were my best years yet, and I frequently find myself longing to return. At Hun, you get out of it what you put in. If you strive to be involved, kind, and hard-working, you will get receive nothing but good things from your teachers, classmates, and the community as a whole. I often hear younger kids complaining a lot about how much they "hate it"- but 10/10 of those kids are actively pessimistic, and don't realize how incredibly lucky they are to attend such a wonderful institution with so much love and support. They especially complain about the food....which really is very good and they need to learn to be grateful. But I digress!! Hun is awesome- if you want it to be a relaxing 4 years and lots of fun, you can do it. If you want it to be challenging and rewarding- you can do it. If you want both- it's totally possible.
Very nice supportive community. Lots of opportunities. However, teachers can generally be a hit or miss.
I attended The Hun School of Princeton for 7 years, since the sixth grade and my overall experience was pretty good. I got to experience both the middle school and high school which most people didn't get to experience. The class sizes are small and intimate which helped a lot when it came to difficult lessons. I would recommend the Hun School to anyone who is looking for small class sizes, great teachers and a great experience.
The reason I rate it less than 5 stars is due to the foreign language program, which could be stronger, and the science program, which is unstable due to constantly rotating teachers. There are many students from around the country and around the world who attend the school. There is more diversity at the school than there is at many private colleges. Overall, teachers are interested in their respective subjects and care about their students. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for students to involve themselves in athletics or arts. In terms of preparing students for college, the majority of the alumni I know perform very well at the colleges they attend, are often at the top of their class, and find the college curriculum to be adequately challenging but achievable with hard work. The only instances in which I have found this not to be true are in the cases of student-athletes, who are often accepted to top tier schools without the proper academic qualifications.
Hun is an amazing school. I've been boarding since my freshman year and I wouldn't see myself being anywhere else. When I first arrived at Hun, my first impression of the school was that everyone was so kind. The teachers want you to succeed and the friends I've made these past four years have helped me grow to become independent. Hun will prepare you for the challenges an individual will encounter in the future, as the teachers encourage you to be the best you can be. The Hun School, is the "Fun" school of Princeton.
The Hun School of Princeton is a school that inspires vigorous learning, personal growth, and great relationships. When I arrived as a freshman I quickly fostered relationships with my teachers, classmates, and teammates. The incredible teachers at Hun have a unique and creative approach to teaching, which constantly challenges one to be an inquisitive, hardworking student. In the classroom, my learning is enhanced with the use of technology and I’m often learning from my peers through harkness table discussions. I have developed skills essential for debating, having an argument and backing it up with evidence. As well as expanding on my academics and excelling in sports, I am able to try new activities and sports. Last spring, I participated in Hun Crew for the first time and loved it. Hun is about getting involved. Hun allows each and every student to grow and flourish in a supportive community while preparing you for the future.
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Hun is a family. Teachers consistently go above and beyond in all aspects of school life. Whether it's spending time giving extra-help before a test, planning extraordinary events, being cheerleaders at games or plays, or just taking the time to lend a shoulder on a rough day, the faculty and staff care and it shows. The students are supportive of each other. Students work together to meet individual and common goals. They build lifelong friendships because of the emphasis on kindness and fun.
My daughter joined The Hun School last year, she enjoys almost everything there. The school's friendly environment is more like a community, a big family. There are many activities and games students can participate. Wonderful school!
I've had a great experience at Hun. A big part of this is because of my amazing teachers, who have challenged and supported me and who I've been able to develop close relationships with. The academics are very strong as well, and I definitely feel I am prepared for college next year. But, an even bigger part of my experience here has been the great people and a really unique culture that allows everyone, from all backgrounds, to get involved in what they're interested in. There isn't much stigma like "jocks" or "nerds" because there's so much cross-over between categories; in fact, it's very rare for someone to be involved in just one thing. I also have friends now from countries all over the world, as well as locally, and the people I've met and relationships I've formed will last much longer than just high school. At the end of the day, your experience will be as good as you allow it to be.