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I was from a modest background when I was accepted then attended Hotchkiss. I immediately fit it and felt no judgment from other students or faculty.

My horizons were broadened, my education was amazing, I found I could strive for goals I never thought possible from my background.

I applied and was accepted to MIT and Standford. I was very well prepared relative to my peers.

Many of my best friends and memories are from my days at Hotchkiss, even now, several years out of university.

I could not have imagined myself at one of the larger boarding schools in the Northeast. Hotchkiss was a good size, where I knew almost everyone and they knew me. I was able to participate in any activity, such as theater, whereas other schools, it would have been a battle to get a bit part.

I'm grateful every day for the opportunity that Hotchkiss presented me.
The Hotchkiss School is an amazing boarding school located in Lakeville, CT. As a recent graduate, I can say that Hotchkiss has inspired, challenged, and molded me in so many ways. The students are bright and come for immensely diverse backgrounds, not just geographically, but educationally, politically, religiously, etc. I have experienced numerous ups and downs at Hotchkiss, and I am so grateful that I got to spend 4 years there.
The Hotchkiss School is a wonderful boarding school located in the northwest corner of Connecticut. The school sits on a hill that overlooks Lake Wononskopomuc. The campus is gorgeous, and there are multiple exceptional dormitories. Last year, Hotchkiss opened Redlich dormitory, which is now a hub for the students on campus. The teachers are amazing, and often offer office times on weekends, which is a time where they would much rather spend with their families. Because of this, it is very easy for students to excel in their studies.
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Amazing school with a great community. The boys' sports haven't been as strong in recent years as they used to be but overall Hotchkiss is one of the best.
My experience at Hotchkiss has been categorized by a uniquely welcoming community, deeply engaging Instructors, a highly rigorous workload and an abundance of athletic and extra-curricular opportunities. As the school continues to evolve, I hope Hotchkiss is able to maintain the number of sacred traditions that make it so special.
Top tier boarding school in the United States that rivals and even surpasses their sister schools such as Lawrenceville, Deerfield, Andover, Exeter, and Choate
Our school is safe and our health center is accessible and warm.
Hotchkiss extracurriculars provide everyone the opportunity to get involved in any way they desire. If a student wishes to start a club, one which doesn't fall under the umbrella of any other, it is a fairly simple process.
My time at Hotchkiss was amazing, and I wouldn't change a thing.
Our teachers are friendly, approachable, brilliant, and overwhelmingly helpful. Getting to know my teachers has been the most life-changing part of my time at Hotchkiss.
Honestly, this school is really just not for me. It could be for you, I think it is for a particular type of person.
While I had a tough time adapting to boarding school life, I love it now!!!
Hotchkiss has been the best and the worst years of my life. The experiences I had there are experiences that I would not have had at any other schools. I had grown so much as a person while attending Hotchkiss, in confidence, maturity, and outgoingness. The teachers there were some of my favorite people, especially my sports coaches and dorm faculty. I am so glad that I was able to live with some of my teachers because it made the experience that much more rewarding.
I made a few mistakes myself academically and socially. Do well in the classroom, play a sport, stay in shape, participate extracurricularly, and follow the rules. You should be fine.
Besides the fact that you may not get along with a teacher or two, they are smart and here to help. When it all come down to it, they do their job, and they do it well.
This a beautiful school. Elfers' Hall. Enough said.
Generally speaking, the infirmary staff does everything they can to ensure the health of students. We used to have the Red Card system (told to go back to your room if too sick), but they have since removed that because some students were abusing the system. Now most students just stay in the day room. Counselors are available if a student ever needs to talk about something.
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. Don't do drugs

. Don't cheat

. Don't steal

. Don't drink

. Don't send explicit messages to the community

. Don't do anything illegal (state and federally speaking)

. Don't fight

. Go to class

Those are the major rules. Follow those, and you're sure to get out of here just fine. Besides that, there are some bogus rules that obviously pass through the administration (i.e., internet going off at 12 AM for upperclassmen).
I wish I could say there are clubs for just about everyone at Hotchkiss, but I would not be truthful in doing so. You have the obvious choices -- Black and Hispanic Student Alliance, Debate Team, The Record (school newspaper), Blue Stocking (self proclaimed feminist group) and Habitat for Humanity & Kucetekela Foundation (altruistic options). Besides that, there are some clubs that meet on a non-regular basis (any political groups, for example). Unless you're really into the activity, none of these clubs are fun. We used to have a freestyle club (BARS), but it was shut down last year (soft school).

Sports are...hmmm, let see:

1. We have the best Field Hockey Team in New England

2. Our hockey team just came off their best season in six years

3. Our football team has had the worse back to back season record in Hotchkiss history (I'm pretty sure)

4. We've had some dirty Lax PGs in the past (Matt Kavanagh of Notre Dame)

5. Girls' lax might be top three in New England

6. Boys' basketball is by far the best season as far as spectator experience goes

7. Our current athletic program would get demolished by the program of 30 years ago.
Brings in the brightest kids, but they add nothing. Everyone here is smart, but a good number of the population stays in their room all night. School spirit is down to levels I've never seen here (and many other teachers haven't for the past two decades). Essentially, we remain at the top of US High Schools, but the people we are bringing in do nothing more than help elevate the average GPA and SAT scores.
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