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Our son loves Hotchkiss, he could not wait to go back to school often times. He especially enjoys the challenges offered in many of the subjects and even the subjects he was not interested before.
This school has connected me to so many people from so many places that I thought I would have never met. It also has introduced me to topics that I never considered learning because of the wide breadth of options here. It is a great place where you can usually find a smiling face at every corner. Be prepared to bring snacks/food, though!
I enjoyed my time here very much. As a student who lives on campus, I would have preferred if there were more weekend activities since our campus is in a remote area. The views are beautiful, the teachers are educated and everything is within close proximity on campus. I love the sense of school spirit. On another hand, the work can become overwhelming quite often. Our schedules are very busy and leave little room for free time. I feel like this could be resolved with the elimination of Saturday classes.
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Hotchkiss was the best high school experience that I could have imagined.
Firstly, the academics were incredible. Hotchkiss attracts a very special type of teacher -- one who is so dedicated to his or her students that they want to live in the middle of nowhere, where they will spend most of their time teaching, coaching, and advising. The teachers, combined with small classes and bright peers, makes academic life unique and enriching. Outside of the classroom, students develop families -- on their sports teams, in clubs, and in dorms -- that make the place so special. Within these communities, students will become leaders and make change, valuable lessons that aren't as accessible on anonymous college campuses. Finally, Hotchkiss is fun. Living in a dorm with my best friends and spending days watching games or going to the lake are memories that I'll never forget. I especially loved our main building, because it served as a space where the whole school could hang out.
Hotchkiss was an amazing experience that changed my life for the better. The school prepared my classmates and I to succeed at high level universities by changing the way we approached school. Not every teacher was perfect, but the best professors went above and beyond to instruct and connect with their students. As an athlete, I thought Hotchkiss could've done a better job assisting our pursuit of athletics in college. From what I've heard, these efforts have improved in recent years. The arts and clubs at Hotchkiss are spectacular and give students options to follow their passion. Food and administration transparency with the student body can certainly be improved.
The Hotchkiss experience for our two children has been incredible. The academics have been as challenging as we hoped, yet the The Learning Center offers academic support as needed. The surprise factor has been leadership opportunities that we did not even know would exist when enrolling at the school, which has allowed our experience to exceed expectations. Hotchkiss is a true boarding school with nearly all of the student body residing on campus, which creates a tight knit and supportive community. Hotchkiss offers rigorous academics, yet in a student body size where it is still possible to be known.
I spent four years at Hotchkiss, and there's never a day that I'm not academically challenged, which is a good thing, you are getting your money's worth. I find myself adapting to college life so much easier than others who didn't go to a boarding school, so college readiness is definitely something Hotchkiss is good at. I miss Hotchkiss everyday, and whenever I go back and visit, I'm always so excited to see my teachers again. It's like home to me.
Attending Hotchkiss has been the best decision our child made as to where to attend HS. All the kids are intellectually curious. They take learning seriously yet embrace the individuality of each other regardless of their non academic talents. The opportunities to engage with fellow students from all over the world and faculty/counselors who truly get to know them, helps them to grow independently. Class sizes are small, dorm life is inclusive and there are many opportunities to take advantage of outside the classroom. There is no adjective to describe the typical student as each receives encouragement to explore their passions and be true to themselves. College counseling is supportive and organized. Weekend activities, special events are all offered. We have met many students; they come from different backgrounds and have different aspirations. In common is their desire to succeed, follow their passions & make the world a better place.
Hotchkiss is a wonderful school that prepares it’s students for top tier colleges like no other! The teachers are invested in each and every student’s success!
As a parent of of a lower-mid, I can attest to my daughter's happiness at being at Hotchkiss. She is extremely involved in life around campus: tour guide, revisit day host, the club hockey team, drama, manager of another sport, representative around the US and internationally for the school at various conferences. Academics are very challenging. Her friends include super rich kids of various ethnicities and nationalities, poor kids of various ethnicities and nationalities, and middle class kids of various ethnicities and nationalities. One thing really stand out about Hotchkiss: the very low percentage of boarders -- it's around 5% -- compared to around peer schools, usually around 20% (and close to 90% at Nobles). That alone greatly impacts the culture of the school.
I am a member of the class of 2022 at the Hotchkiss School, and I have had a year so far. I believe that, in my short six months here, I have made more academic improvement than any other time in my experience as a student.

The caring community always remind me that I have family in Lakeville. Despite the occasional homesickness of missing my home in Chicago, I always feel comfortable at school. Similarly to our Harkness table, our community excites its member to "lean in" and participate.

In addition, there are many special aspects to Hotchkiss that I would never have encountered at my local high school. I learned through Fly-fishing, my fall sport, that freshman can become friends with upperclassmen—best friends. I was in Fly-fishing with 4 seniors and a junior, and I loved every day that I went down to the river with them.

To describe Hotchkiss in a phrase, it is a dream school.
I've experienced tremendous growth as a learner, athlete, and person throughout my time at Hotchkiss. With athletic and club commitments after school, and teachers readily available in the evening to discuss everything from class material to out-of-school events, I've learned to balance my priorities while developing personal responsibility and independence. I feel lucky to have met so many different kids from around the world, everyone with a different story and perspective. As I begin the college process, I find myself extremely prepared for coming tests and advanced coursework. All in all, coming to Hotchkiss was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Literally, everything about this school is perfect. Welcoming students, great teachers, and limitless opportunities to fulfill my desires both academically and athletically. Not to mention, when I'm not studying or playing sports, I'm having a ton of fun hanging out with friends, going to dances, and going to any of the many planned activities Hotchkiss makes available.
Amazing campus resources and well-rounded academics. Community is more than just platitudes. Student body is well rounded. They truly try hard to provide opportunities for students from all backgrounds. There are some conservative traditions that likely could be done away with. The environmental sustainability program/farm to table is second to none.
Great dining hall options including vegetarian and vegan. Great academics- I learned to write good essays here. This place also has a wonderful music wing and great music teachers. My piano lessons gave me much more than in other places.
I am a current Lower-Mid at Hotchkiss and appreciate every day I get to spend at this amazing school. The teachers here are outstanding and bring refreshing perspectives to current events while explaining the required material. The athletics show you how to stay healthy and you also compete against some of the hardest teams in the nation. There are also many clubs at Hotchkiss, covering many different cultures, religions, and passions. I feel as if I am getting ahead of my peers at other schools, and Hotchkiss is preparing me for life outside of rural Connecticut.
I love Hotchkiss. I am currently a lower-mid from Houston TX. I love the residential life and the academic opportunities. I feel challenged everyday.
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I recognized that the experiences I had at The Hotchkiss School and the opportunities I have been offered as a student I would not find elsewhere. That being said, the administration needs work in knowing how to communicate with the students it aims to serve. There is also a deeply rooted culture of competition and elitism that needs to be broken down in order to accommodate a diversity of perspective and to ensure that the campus feels inclusive to all.
The Hotchkiss School is a high pressure boarding school that breeds curious and intelligent young adults.
It's amazing. Changed my life for ever. I felt a connection to this Hotchkiss when I applied and it was an experience I will never forget.