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The Holy Name of Jesus Academy Reviews

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We are former students at the holy name of Jesus academy and overall our experience was one we will never forget😜
Best education a girl can have! Love my Dominicans sisters they give so much to the world and our kids.
As a the year of 2018-2019 began we (the senior class) were yet reminded and asked a question, that would change our outlook for the rest of the year. The answer was not simple, it took and will take some time to get any reasonable answer. The question was “Why are YOU here(at this school)?” It May seem easy and you might say “EDUCATION” but only those who don’t understand will say that. Those who wish to only see the exterior and negativity of this school will not get very far.
As a reminder to those who have commented and rated for MY SCHOOL, The Holy Name of Jesus Academy is a CATHOLIC , ALL GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL, that is run by mothers. In case the high school seniors of 2015 forgot, there is a qualification needed, sacrifice. If you attend this school, why are you there what will your purpose be? The purpose of this school is that of ones spiritual life. I hope you attend this great school with a good heart and will. God bless you and all the teachers in this school.
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It is incredible how everything thought at this school has guided my path. From all the literature studied, the languages learned and the friendships made to the daily praying are gifts that I have received from the Mothers. They not only teach young ladies the meaning of love but they demonstrated. I am grateful for the education I have received at the Holy Name of Jesus Academy.
The Dominicans sacrificed themselves to teach us, to love us and to remain with us all the days of our lives. I truly recommend this school for your daughters. If you love your children and truly love your children, you will ask yourself: "What is love?" and I will answer for you: Love is sacrifice. Love is wanting the good of the other. If you want what is good for your daughter, what is best for your daughter, enroll her in The Holy Name of Jesus Academy. There is no love where there is no sacrifice
The best choice of my life! It is the place to go to receive the best education possible, and to make life time friendships!
Fantastic! Best choice we could have made in the education of our girls. Challenges to think for themselves. It has been a pleasure to see them grow and mature over the past seven years.
Do you think the Holy Name of Jesus of the Society of Saint Pius X should receive government food stuffs? in 1985 alot of person(s) from St. Mary's Kansas would abuse the system of welfare in the State of Kansas. Aren't you French proud? or something, like relying on gifts and donations? Or does Karen eat that all up. YUM YUM.
I will never send my child back to this school, awful experience for not just me as a parent but also for my child.
The teachers genuinely care about every student.
Of course there will always be those days, but in the end, you will appreciate it so much.
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