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The grove is a tight knit community of unique individuals, they are a very inclusive school, allowing for any student the opportunity to take part in sports, clubs, and other things. Our sports program isn't a very competitive one because of it being so inclusive to everyone, there are no try outs.
The enviorment helped me learn to grow as an individual, as well as a student. I was able to use my creativity in an everyday enviorment. I was surrounded by helpful faculty members, as well as a supportive student body.
The Grove School is very project based, so students are always writing essays or presentations. The sports are eh, and very few students attend games or meets.
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It's a great little school that definitely prepares you for life and college. Lunches are unlike any other school's (ingredients come from local farms--sometimes even our own--and meals are never repeated twice), the sports program is expanding greatly, and the community is so supportive.
The school allows students to focus on and learn in ways that best interest and support them due to its small size and ability to accommodate to the needs of the student. However, the low number of students and faculty limit the school in sports and social aspects.
Grove may not be a fully Montessori school (though on paper it is), but is still more student-based and hands-on than many other schools. Due to its small size (about 100 at middle school, 100 at farm), the quality of education is based heavily on the teachers.
Overall a positive experience. During the time I attended, the physical campus itself went through a lot of changes. There were also lots of staff changes and policy changes that occurred during my 6 years as a student there. I liked most of the humanities and english teachers but found that we often struggled in the science department as well as math occasionally. The closeness of the community is something I will always be grateful for, though that also has its own drawbacks.
Limited, but amazing. Archery and chivalry (think SCA), great acting program, MUN, Pride, ASB, tutoring opportunities, FFA, math, etc.
While this school certainly has issues of its own (mostly due to its small size limiting the variety of classes that can be taught), I wouldn't go to any other school. It's small size makes everything very personal, and the environment is casual. Teachers are referred to by first names and know and are close to each and every student. We have a number of school traditions that are important to the community we have built at this school. One thing important to me about this school is its theater program. While perhaps smaller than some (due to our number of students), everyone is incredibly devoted, and fulfills many roles. The students handle lighting, sound, set, costuming, and of course the acting. Everyone pours hours of their own time into the program, and even though we have very limited amounts of money we manage to make professional-level productions. It has helped many students find themselves and a community to be a part of, and it all feels very personal. I love the theater program.
The quality of teachers varies, but many are amazing. Some are your typical high school teacher, knowledgeable, a dispenser of knowledge, but just there for the job. Many however go outside their way, putting in hours upon hours of unpaid work to help students understand concepts, to help them with work, or in one teacher's case to direct two plays a year. I would say that comparatively we have a great staff, and while some are merely alright, at most schools they would probably be the 'good teachers'. Our school has great teachers.
We don't have many safety measures, but they are not needed because the school is in a good part of town and id very safe.
Extracurriculars are oaky. Students are very involved in Drama.
I love this school and wouldn't imagine attending any other high school. It is a very small community-based school that teaches real-life skills
They are all easy to talk to and respectable.
0 funding, or so it seems
I mean, the ASB will usually support any club, but most of all the clubs are ridiculous (E-sports, Gaming, mental health) and are not for people like me. ASB will only support and approve of clubs, no funding will be given.
The teachers here are fantastic. The administration is the only thing that makes this an "okay" review is the lack of funds for the classroom. We have an absolutely bare-minimum laboratory, text books from the 80's and 90's, and poor quality classroom supplies. This school forced me to give up my childhood dream career of Marine Biology and switch to Criminal Justice. This is fine. But hey, when you have $300,000 to spend on the school, let's build a new building, right? Thank you administration....
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Overall there is not usually a concern about safety because of how hidden our school is. However, many students felt unsafe during the San Bernardino shooting in December because we did not have any security measures in place for if something like that were to happen, and only went on lockdown after a few hours had passed. There is almost no bullying at school. There is no school nurse or health programs besides health class. The school is mostly safe but measures could be put into place to make sure that all students know the protocol. Fire and earthquake drills occur occasionally.
There are a good amount of after school activities, ranging from drama and choir to robotics and FFA. It seems like there were more options when I was in middle school but there are still things for students to do if they desire. Clubs and organizations often meet during school hours, e.g. at lunch, because teachers are usually busy after school either with helping other students or other engagements. Many people are kind of flaky when it comes to commitment to a club because they are so involved with other clubs that they often spread themselves too thin.
I feel that my experience started out wonderfully, but as time has gone on there have been many changes to the school which have not been beneficial. However, the school is still very unique and offers a different kind of working environment for kids who don't want to sit at a desk by themselves all day. The school is very tight-knit, and everyone knows each other, which can be a good thing to some and a bad thing to others. The overall morale has changed since I first began, which may be the only thing that would have made me go to a different school if I could do it over.
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