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I have loved Geneva it is very small but the people are very nice and the teachers are super invested in their students.
I have attended Geneva since second grade and will graduate next year. I am so thankful for the foundation that Geneva has given me for college and life in general. The teachers truly care for the students and want them to succeed.
The Geneva School teachers are outstanding. I cannot imagine a better combination of more intelligent, faithful, forward-thinking and caring teachers. My kids have been to two other private schools (one Lutheran and one classical Christian in San Jose) in addition to the predecessor school for Geneva. In addition, the Board is comprised of parents of students or prior students.
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The Geneva School is a Classical Christian school in Winter Park. I have attended Geneva since fourth grade and I am currently a junior. I have found that Geneva consistently seeks to educate its students on a higher level than the average school. At Geneva the teacher are genuinely interested in their student's well being, spiritual and educational growth. While that work load can be very hard at times I have found that it has paid off. The culture at Geneva is one of a family. I have made some very wonderful friends that I hope to keep in contact with for years to come. The school's claim to love beauty, teach its students to think deeply, and lastly purse Christ's calling, is truly carried out on a day to day basis by faculty and teachers alike. I have loved my past eight years at Geneva and I will be sad to leave next year.
Not enough diversity within the student body but very efficient for the academic aspect! Played on the volleyball team many years, and basketball. Good coaches but need of more girls. Not anywhere near an equal ratio with boys and girls. Great teachers that love on the students. The Christian atmosphere is only demonstrated in some teachers, not all. The chapels were alright, not very modern. Building a new campus though so hopefully that will draw more talented people, athletically especially. The administration and faculty is the main reason why I stayed at the school. The school is very small, with only five hundred students form kindergarten to twelfth grade. They truly poor into what they do, help you so so much, and make you feel very prepared as you graduate.
Geneva truly is a special place. Before I would describe it as a school, I would describe it as a community and even as a home. I personally have a relatively serious medical condition that puts me in and out of the hospital quite a bit and my teachers have been so willing to help me through this. Countless assignments and tests have been waved and I have always had a shoulder to cry on. The students are kind and I love knowing everyone. Although Geneva has small, crowded hallways, these hallways are filled with love, joy, and the strong presence of the Holy Spirit.
Success begins with the leadership of the school and Geneva has great leaders! Their mission and vision for the students permeates through everything that they teach and do. They have strong academics and engaging activities. However, just as important is their Christian faith that influences children in such a positive way.
I like the personalized student attention. I like the classical approach. It is to small for my taste. The students are fairly friendly but the culture of the school changes vastly based on which grade you are in. The teachers all care more than a public school however, some of them are quite eccentric.
TGS is a small school with big dreams. It is located in an old sports equipment building off of a large road which does not help its rating but they are trying to start building a new campus in a quieter, safer location. Geneva has a promising future, academically and locally, and I will miss being there for that.
I have loved being a part of my school since Pre-K. My classmates, lessons learned, and supportive teachers are family that I will carry with me into the future. I have learned to think deeply and love what makes the beautiful. I have been given much more than simply knowledge. I have been given soul formation.
I actually like my school contrary to most other people. It has challenged me to reach my academic goals.
The Geneva School is a great community of faculty, staff, teachers, parents, and students who really care about each other. Teachers care about your thoughts and questions, and not just about your grades.
I began attending Geneva in middle school, and I knew it then that it was an incredible place. For someone who loves to learn, or appreciates what there is to understand, it is an amazing school that encourages human flourishing not only in spiritual life, but also everyday life. The Geneva School strives to teach students to love beauty, think deeply, and pursue Christ’s calling. This is evident in their community of faith, family, and learning.
I have been at The Geneva School for five years so far, and I have loved every minute of it. The teachers and staff care about the students, which creates a positive community, enabling students to be mentored and flourish. Geneva instills in students a love for learning, tying their curriculum together; in sixth grade the students learn about American history, and then again in more detail in eleventh and twelfth grade. Also, due to the small size of the school, students in fourth grade get to know high school students, which strengthens the community. Geneva does not only offer great academics, but it also allows students to participate in a handful of after school activities like drama (fall and spring plays), sports, classics, and art (such as the chalk festival).
The Geneva School is a school that offers more than just academics. I myself participate in Moot Court, Basketball, Golf, Drama, Classics, and more. The small amount of students allows for an incredible community where everyone knows each other and always is there for you. The teachers are some of the most caring and helpful people that you will meet and the administrators are always welcoming and helpful. Overall it has been the best high school experience I ever could have ever asked for.
I have been at The Geneva School for thirteen years now and have not only found who I am as a person but have also found my closest friends and have loved the all the little moments throughout the years. Though it is a small school made up of three hallways, the small building just brings people closer together. Seniors are friends with fourth graders, and middle schoolers find guidance in the faculty. Not only are the teachers intelligent, they are caring mentors and friends. I will never forget my days at Geneva, and am excited see Geneva grow.
We found The Geneva School when one of their students came to our youth group. When I heard of all the wonderful things they offer for their students we had to tour the school! In that small tour I was hooked. I saw students engaged, teachers who visibly loved their jobs and a staff of friendly, smiling faces.
We are now 4 years in, 2 kids and a third will start K4 in the fall ,and still as (actually more) in love with the school as we were during the first tour.
My kids are learning to “love learning”. They come home excited from school everyday. They are sad if they are sick and can’t go. They are experiencing their school journey with joy,love,kindness patience and so much more from the teachers,staff and administration at Geneva.
Call, take a tour, I know you’ll fall in love as well!
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I have been attending The Geneva School since Kindergarten and this year I will be graduating high school. Geneva has taught and guided me with the person that I am and the person I want to strive to become. They have given me key tools for academics, and have given me a great athletic experience, both in volleyball and basketball. The teachers and administration at The Geneva School are all uplifting, Christian, influential people who genuinely care about how you are doing, in and out of school. They also are excellent teachers who have prepared me very well for the next chapter in my life, college. Without Geneva, I would not be the person that I am today.
This a great place to learn and develop life skills in learning in a classsical Christian environment. The school weave in all aspects of subjects Math, science literature and even drama are woven together to create a tapestry of learning who we are, where we came from and why we are hear.

The only downfall is the seems to be a lack of eastern culture studies. We don't know much about the far east and its influence on our culture back then and now.
I have twin senior boys and a freshman daughter at the Geneva school. They are all incredibly different and yet Geneva has been the perfect school for all of them. The deep discussions they have at school often spill over into our dinner table. In addition , each of my kids has played on athletic teams that have gone to state or regionals. If they went to a larger school, they may not have had that opportunity. While my mama heart breaks that my twins will be leaving Geneva after this year, they are so well equipped for college. Choosing The Geneva School was one of the best parenting decisions we have made.