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No school is perfect, but the one thing that I can say about Galloway is that they truly care about the success of their students. Faculty and staff take the steps necessary to ensure that students have a successful and prosperous future. The relationships students build while at Galloway are not ones that can be beat.
We were, for the most part, happy with the education my child received at Galloway, and very much liked the kids with whom he became friends. That said, my exceptionally smart and social child did not thrive as he should have done because they do not have good resources to support students with learning disabilities (my son has dyslexia and ADHD.) I do not expect every school to have these resources, but Galloway advertises themselves as being a school that excels at supporting kids with learning differences, and it is totally untrue.
Galloway puts its students in the best possible position to succeed at eh next level. The smaller student population creates a strong sense of community
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I love this school the teachers care about the students. One reviewer said that the school is steered to ultra rich and that pure crazy talk you have a equal chance to be successful but your child must do the work ! This school has a very safe environment and has a small town feel also they are big on diversity but they want the best students and those who can fit the Galloway culture. I would recommend this school to anyone!!
We couldn't have made a better choice for our twins, each of whom have unique educational needs. The school is focused on supporting the individuality of each student and challenging them to find their own definition of excellence and achievement. They each got in to their early decision selections and are thriving.
Great culture and welcoming environment for students. Warm environment that makes the most out of the real estate available.
Went to Galloway my entire life(2-19yo) and it made me into who I am today. The thing people don't like about this school is that no one is going to force you to succeed or make you want to do well. The teacher and your peers will give you the tools and support you need in order to find your own path and flourish -- if you don't, that is on you and no one else. Some people can't handle that kind of freedom and environment and dislike the school because of it. If you can learn to be self-motivated and use all of the tools that are given to you at this school you can literally achieve anything your heart desires.
Our first year here (9th grade) and we couldn’t have chosen a better school for our intelligent, independent son. He is challenged academically and also encouraged to find his own path. He has made some good friends in all grades. The teachers are incredible!!! All of them care about my son and want him to succeed. Thank you Galloway!!!
This is a school that prepares students to be thoughtful, productive, and successful members of an international community, not just college. Courses are challenging and the variety of electives available is unmatched.
I regret the decision to send my child to this school for high school. Though there are some excellent teachers who truly care about the students, the administration is fair; the school is very politically correct; the student body over the past 4-6 years has veered towards your typical rich kid club; the college admission results are alright but not great. Most kids who get into top tier schools usually do so because of alumni connections. Compared to pier school (Paideia, Westminster, Lovett, Pace, Woodward, Holy Innocents), college admissions are subpar. Wish that we had sent our child to local public schools. Result would have been the same. Would have avoided the rich kid PC culture.
Very happy experience at Galloway and son has thrived there. Teachers are very committed to kids, administration is very disconnected. The college counselor, Mr. Z was worth every penny paid.
I have been a student at Galloway for four years and I have had a great experience. The academics and activities are great, but it does not have a very competitive sports program.
I really enjoyed the small environment. I’m sad to see that the school is trying to get bigger. When I started at this school, graduating classes were 50-60 people. Mine is 73.
The Galloway School is a place for students who love to learn. The environment provides a lot of freedom, which promotes self-sufficiency and responsibility. It is a very low stress atmosphere that simultaneously maintains high standards for its students.
I spent 7 years at Galloway and had the best experience I could ever ask for. The people are what makes the school truly unique. The academics completely prepared me for college and beyond. I learned a critical way of thinking and how to connect of mentors, teachers, etc. that I still use today. The culture in the school fosters eager and ample involvement, which grew me and all of my peers . The teachers are incredible and are what make the school what it is. That being said, there is a lot of teacher turnover lately, so I am not sure how that is effecting the culture. I would not trade my time at Galloway for anything, and I would send my child here in a heartbeat.
The Galloway School is an amazing place where all students are free to be who they truly learn as they choose. The teachers at all levels are fantastic and want all of their students to do well and succeed in their classes. The community around the school is unique to Galloway. It is a place where most students know each other and develop life long relationships with their peers. The athletics and arts departments encourage students to try new things and with the "no-cut" policy for theater and sports teams, every kid will get a chance to participate in what they are passionate about. I've been at galloway for 10 years and I can honestly say that Galloway is a uniquely amazing place and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Galloway is a very welcoming community where students can be themselves. The classrooms are set up informally and comfortably which encourages student driven collaborative learning. My daughter attended a Montessori school through 8th grade and transitioned well to Galloway. Overall, she has had a wonderful high school experience.
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My favorite thing about Galloway is the school's culture. Everyone here is incredibly friendly and supportive. Galloway is truly a place where you can explore your passions and try new things. In the 4 years I've been here, I have learned how to mountain bike, become part of tech theater, and found my passion for science. The arts are very good at Galloway, but we are bit lacking in the sports department. However, in recent years, the school has dedicated more resources to developing our sports program.
The Galloway School was a second home for me. I practically grew up there. I attended the school from 4th grade all the way through graduation, and it certainly prepared me for the real world, in its own way. Galloway was a very different school when I departed from it than from when I first enrolled. By the time graduation rolled around, I was certainly ready to leave, but I did not realized everything the school had done for me until I left. No, I do not wish to go back, but I do appreciate everything I learned there. Upon graduation, I moved from a secular, liberal society to a small town with a deep-rooted Christian culture. Everything I learned at Galloway helped me in my classes on Christianity in culture, and I was able to provide new and different perspectives for my classmates who came from school very different from Galloway.
This is an amazing hands on school where I can thrive in a class yet still be individual. It offers so many classes to the students.