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Frisch is a great school that provides a quality education for its students. The teachers are supportive and are very helpful whenever a student is struggling or just has a question.
The close relationships between students and teachers is one of the best parts of Frisch. Being able to look up to your teachers as role models in addition to educators is something that is unique at Frisch. In addition, the cafeteria is unparalleled anywhere in the nation - pizza, pasta, soup, salad, ice cream, soda, coffee, you name it it’s here!
Frisch is an amazing school. The spirit from Shiriyah to sports makes the school have a homey feel. They care very much about having a connection to the teachers.
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I have enjoyed my time at Frisch. I discovered my passion of science through a course offered by the school and will hopefully pursue it in college.
I have made friends that will be in my life forever thanks to Frisch. I can see how much I have grown mentally, emotionally, and psychologically because of everything that Frisch has to offer. I was part of academic and athletic teams, clubs, and organizations that gave me a very well rounded high school experience that I don't think I could have received at any other school.
In Frisch the teachers have a love and passion for teaching and know how to keep class interesting. There is s grest sense of school spirit here and everyone always finds a way to fit it. We have so many great extra curriculars and the school is perfect in every way l.
When walking into Frisch, there's a sense of unity. We're all one family. Our sports are amazing, our school spirit is incredible, and it's easy to make friends. Most teachers really care about their students and teachers and students can often be found walking the halls together. Shiriyah is an essential part of the school. The week long color war brings each of the grades together, and the seniors always cry during the final song. It's really magical to see the unity that the students in each grade gain during this one week a year.
Frisch has a great learning environment and I have formed amazing connections with a lot of my teachers. However, Frisch lacks diversity and that affects the culture of the school tremendously.
I like the community and the academics but I would love to see the school become more open minded and liberal.
I loved the teacher-student relationship at the Frisch School and the ability to be a leader in school. Whenever a student had a question or needed help in any way, teachers were always happy to help and did a great job at it. As for the leadership opportunities, it is fairly easy to start a new club in school and make your mark on the school.
I have an experience it was very experiential this is referring to my experience. I experienced a many things there at Frisch.
Great school!shiriyah was the best week of the year! Great smart teachers who really want to educate the students!
Great school, with wonderful teachers and a motivating environment. Focuses on Judaic studies as well as secular studies.
The teachers are amazing and caring towards all the students.
Great Teachers, amazing Guidance department and many extracurriculars.
Frisch has over 100 extracurricular for anything you can think of.
Any time you have a concern of health you can go to the nurse and they can probably help.

Security guards are always around by the front and back exits
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Amazing amount of options and almost all clubs are interesting and involved with students that look forward to attending.
From the friends Ive made, to the excellent extra curricular options (shout out to music and art!) this school has made my highschool experience a memorable and positive one. Most students are stressed, but really thats all a matter of how hard you want to work.

The education itself is really what you make of it. If you're the kind of student that works ver hard to learn the information, you'll learn a lot. If you're the kind of student that crams, you will not learn as much.

The extracurricular options are outstanding, including many different kinds of sport, art clubs, academic clubs, tech clubs, music ensembles, charity and community service, 5 publications, and clubs about culture and life in general as well as a weekly mishmar that gets kids out of taking a talmud final. All with their own amazing events held during the year.

Other school events are always fun and very spirited.

College and Israel Guidence has gotten mixed reviews, but I personally found both to be very helpful and supportive of my goals and desires pertaining my future, and I think, to a large extent, its a matter of asking for what you want
Some teachers you love, some you don't like too much, but it will vary from student to student on the response they would have to a certain teacher.
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