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I am a well-rounded individual who can communicate with anyone from anywhere. Today, I feel confident meeting new people, talking to large crowds, tackling difficult assignments, and interviewing for jobs. I owe these things to The Ensworth School. I not only received a world-class education, but also the skills needed to take on the real world. Ensworth was HARD, but it has made everything in my life that has followed easier. It is a school you attend if you want to push yourself to your utmost potential. I could never recommend it enough!
Amazing faculty and staff who love to see their students grow through challenging and rigorous academic material.
At Ensworth, my children are known and valued for who they are as individuals. While I appreciate the strong academics and extracurricular opportunities, it is the joy my children experience, day in and day out, that makes Ensworth such an exemplary school.
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Phenomenal teachers - learning at its best. My kids LOVE school and love learning here. Minimal emphasis on standardized testing and the results are kids learning more and excelling incredibly.

Ensworth pays particular attention to the skills that are sometimes thought of as non-academic (cooperation, wellness, creativity, etc...) and the result has been watching my child grow into an incredibly well rounded and caring person who is successful but team oriented and caring for others.

While the school boasts resources that are outstanding it’s really the teachers and school culture that really set it apart from other schools in Nashville.
The Ensworth School buys athletes, and offers a subpar education compared to others in the Nashville area. As someone who knows families from each, a Harpeth Hall, MBA, or USN student has much greater success pose school than an Ensworth student.
This school is a positive inclusive school where everyone in the community is loved and supported. Being there for 6 years, I've had both good and bad experiences. Despite both, the good times outweigh the bad, creating a great experience. I love and appreciate the friends I've made through school and I hope they will get help.
I really like Ensworth. I have a lot of opportunities to express myself here. There are so many clubs and I am able to do sports and art. There are no limits.
I love going to this school! It is a great experience! I loved how all the buildings are different. I also love how the high school campus is like a collage campus. there are many sports to do at the high school.
I love the fact that the administration at Ensworth makes it very obvious that they genuinely care about their students. Not only is this evident in the classroom but as well with issues in the student's personal life. Also, Ensworth is a college-prep high school. They have great food that the sweet lunch ladies work so hard to prepare. Even though the school is very challenging and there is sometimes an overwhelming amount of work, it is definitely worth it, and the teachers are there guiding you along your path to success.
Ensworth is highly devoted to building the school community across grade levels. Unlike many K-12s the focus is not just on the upper grades. The lower school provides a nurturing environment where students can explore new interests and develop their passions. I have only good things to say about our experience Ensworth.
I enjoyed the number of resources I had at my fingertips. I believe that being able to go to a private school such as Ensworth really did give me the opportunity to get into whatever college I wanted to, as long as I put in the appropriate amount of effort. The sports programs are incredible, with the brand new tennis building/parking garage and the Olympic-sized natatorium, and the art department is unmatched, with incredible facilities ranging from the professional darkroom to the beautiful theater. I will say, however, that the community experience was one that took some time to get used to. I started Ensworth in my sophomore year of high school, and it was a complete culture shock. Many of the people had known each other from the younger grades, and a lot of the regulations for students, such as dress code outside of the uniform, are completely useless, yet emphasized more than any other issue. Overall, I have made incredible friends here, and my experience has been great.
Ensworth has lots of different opportunities with athletics, academics, and arts. It is a very welcoming and friendly community. The main thing that could be fixed is the lack of diversity.
Ensworth High School is a very friendly, supportive community that tries to grow and nurture students on an individual basis, helping each one become the best possible version of themselves. I have two seniors at EHS. Each is very different, but both have been encouraged and prepared equally well, while traveling two very different paths, one science, and one arts. Ensworth has something for everyone and I am very grateful we made the choice to enroll our kids. From sports to sciences to math, humanities and the arts, these kids are well prepared for college and beyond. As for college admissions counseling, their team is excellent. It is a process that starts as freshmen, and carries al the way through high school. One of my twins has already gotten his first choice college, ad the other is likely to be admitted to her first choice soon. While she waits, she can relax in knowing that her second choice is already set.
The sense of family and community at Ensworth is unmatched! From teachers, parents, students, maintenance, security, administrators, cafeteria staff, etc... everyone is involved and connected to each other!
The Ensworth School is a big community that loves each student. It was an awesome experience for me because the diversity allowed me to connect with different people.
There are so many different extracurricular opportunities. All of them are represented and students are encouraged to join as many as they want and participate in everything possible.
This school is amazing! The people are all friendly, everyone is accepting, and the overall atmosphere is fun and inviting.
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All the teachers are super helpful and always are willing to go above and beyond for the students.
I've seen nothing wrong with any of it and the cafeteria has received a 100 cleanliness score 26 years in a row.
My son took all 5 of the extracurriculars above and enjoyed all of them.
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