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My experience on Darrow campus was great. I saw how immersed the students were into vigorous academic curriculum. What I like mostly about the school is the diversity, faculty and student interaction and how the students give back to the community. I'd love to see Darrow extending its scope by accepting more students due to its potential.
In choosing a school, we were not just looking for a school with great academics but an institution that can vigorously turn students to 360 degrees of visible growth and development, timidity to courage, boldness and independency in a rural setting. We wanted a community with a strong faculty and students relationship; that is zealous to students need and voice; a place where students are not only recipients of mastery in education but givers of what have been deposited in them to help the community to grow continually; leaving behind traces of love for their alma-mata; a place where students are trained to be sensitive about their environment and be partakers of improving it. Lastly, where love is and not fear......and this is Darrow!! FAC is another story as their support for each other is remarkable. Darrow is a family of strength and commitment!
I work at The Darrow School and my experience has been amazing. The curriculum is top-notch, with faculty and staff that are committed to the students and each other. The school culture is warm, respectful and embracing of everyone. Students are engaged, encouraged and supported in all facets of boarding school life for a well-rounded experience that promotes healthy socio-emotional, academic and physical development.

Darrow has amazing facilities and program offerings for a small, independent boarding school. From our top-notch performing arts center for music, theater and media engineering, to the he Kurtz Innovation Center, where students explore new technologies, to The Living Machine™, the country's first ecological wastewater treatment center located in a high school, to name a few.

I consider myself lucky to be part of Darrow and encourage families to give our a school a look for themselves!
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Wonderful teachers and staff, gorgeous campus overlooking the Berkshires on a historical Shaker site. Challenging classes with immense support and great college prep.
Darrow just like family, I like it so much! School will care about you and take care of your feeling not only from academic but also your school life.
Great schools for those seeking adequate college preparatory. A wonderful community as well. This school offers an amazing campus and everyone here supports and cares about you. I can't wait to spend the rest of four years here.
As a teacher at Darrow for four years, I am so happy to have had the chance to grow professionally there. Darrow works really hard to create community, and to give students voice. With a strong community, and connection between the community members, everyone has the opportunity to succeed professionally, emotionally, and academically.
I enjoyed Darrow as a day student as well as--later--a boarding student. My experience there was characterized by learning--not only course content--and friendship, with faculty as well as peers. At any school, there will be teachers you don't like so much; but at Darrow, the good ones are numerous, truly care, and are wholly available to an amazing degree.
Many friends at Darrow had experience with mental health issues; while there were certainly things the school could have done better, the environment is much nicer than any public school and many private schools I know of.
I would say Darrow prepared me for my future; I'm pumped with where I am in college, and handling the issues of college friendships, stress, and sleep with a familiarity and maturity that I owe to my boarding experience.
Like anything, what you get out of Darrow depends on what you put in. In my experience, the culture was an accommodating and nurturing one, and my eagerness to pursue my dreams was well-rewarded.
Darrow is a small private boarding school nestled into the Berkshire hills. they have a very involved faculty, beautiful campus, diverse student body and a wide range of activities for a small school.
I would describe Darrow School as refreshing. The community is pretty tight-knit, and the school usually tries to avoid the standardised teaching that one might find in public schools. Teachers often try to teach depending on the student, and not by the book. Darrow offeres many opportunities that I was privileged to experience.
(I will, however, say that you definitely don't go there for Darrow's 'wonderful' food).
Darrow prepares students not just to be lifelong learners, but also effective listeners, effective communicators, and active members of one's community. Darrow does not falsely market anything about the 'Darrow experience.’ Instead, Darrow recognizes and embraces its diversity as a small private school in New Lebanon, NY. Darrow's rich Shaker history, its commitment to sustainability, and its commitment to learning from others in authentic and valuable ways are all seen and heard across campus and at the foundation of major curriculum designs (advisor groups, inclusive sports, hands to work, spring term, etc). Darrow is a great place to learn and grow. I hope every adolescent can find a community that accepts and embraces he/she for who he/she is and encourages each student to succeed to be the best person that he/she can be. Darrow absolutely did that for me and I am forever grateful.
Darrow School is an incredible community constructed of a variety of different resources to make everyone capable of making their ideas come to life.
Darrow School provides an active, challenging curriculum with a supportive and engaged community. My children are thriving at Darrow.
I am a Darrow alum and the school has a very nurturing environment with a very supportive and engaged staff. I loved my experience at Darrow it provided a very different lifestyle from the one I had in New York City where I grew up.
A small school with a lack of resources for emotionally struggling students, students with a history of substance abuse, or students who need support due to their learning differences. Most of the students have a ton of potential, are talented, intelligent, unique, interesting, and have the ability to be great if they were given the resources and support. The school tends to make promises that they definitely cannot keep, whether it's promising students from treatment centers that they will change their lives for the better, or saying that they ALL genuinely care about each student. Some of the faculty is caring, open minded, hard working, and great at what they do..While others are young, full of drama, hard to trust, disrespectful, not fit to be work with teenagers, or just selfish as hell.
Darrow has its quirks, but I think it's possible to love the whole without loving some of the parts. Its small size and rural location can feel stifling at times, but ultimately create a one-of-a-kind mountainside community. I love Darrow School.
Darrow faculty members are truly incredible at what they do. Teachers are engaged, dedicated, supportive, and accessible. Nothing beats our seminar-style senior elective offerings. I cannot imagine a better high school academic experience.
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student must have an interest in order to excel.
i don't like the location; kind of remote
they are the best I've had
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