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It’s just not a great school! It’s started of ok but it got worse and worse and the teachers treat you like a 2 year old! I do not recommend for middle school
We sent our 3 boys to The Country School and can honestly say it was worth every penny. The environment is nurturing and the interaction between parents,teachers, students, administrators could not be better. Everyone in this community cares about one another in a way you will NEVER get at any public school. The teachers are exceptionally educated, creative and engaged and my children loved going to school. The campus is beautiful and the sports teams are all inclusive. No cutting here. You learn that playing as a team is what’s important and not whose the best athlete. The music program is wonderful and all students must participate in either chorus or band. We simply love this school and our children are better people in every way for having attended. We only wish it went to 12th grade:)
A magical experience for all four of my children (and also for me, many years back). The Country School cared for each of us as individuals, helping each of us grow in every way possible - as students, as artists, as athletes, as people. I can't imagine a better start in life.
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The Country School has set the bar high for our children in what they look for in a school and an education. After our boys graduated TCS, they always compared their other schools to TCS, but none quite measured up. From the beautiful campus to the caring and supportive teachers to the lifelong friends they made, TCS has it all and we couldn't be more grateful.
The Country School develops character and leadership while delivering a world class education to each of my 3 children. Every teacher cares about each of my children and each benefits from academic, athletic, and social emotional learning as the individuals they are. From the voice of my 4th grader: "I feel like we made the right transition to move to The Country School. TCS is just different. In a good way. It’s not like any school I’ve ever known. I didn’t know schools like TCS even existed. At my old school, I always had my hand up - knowing more than I was learning. I don’t always have my hand up but that’s a good thing because my teacher is challenging me with new strategies every day. Going to my old school I was knowing. At TCS, I can feel myself learning."
We are thrilled with our son's experience at The Country School! The education is top notch, the facilities intimate and reminiscent of a college campus, the staff is caring and the student body is stellar. There is such a sense of community and kindness. Emphasis on STEAM, Leadership, mentoring younger students, outdoor education and public speaking makes this school a standout - even in an area with already good public schools. Our son is so happy to go to school every day!
The Country School is a community where every child's strengths are celebrated. Students learn to thrive emotionally, socially and academically. The curriculum is rigorously forward thinking and the atmosphere is organically nurturing. We choose TCS because our children love to be there!
Our son attended from kindergarten through 8th. It was a wonderful experience for him. He was taught by enthusiastic and creative educators. He also learned great study skills that have served him well at Choate Rosemary Hall. I am confident he'll be well prepared for college thanks to the foundation that The Country School provided.
I feel lucky that this school exists. It transformed my children and, through the partnership with the teachers, made my wife and me better parents. Parents who love their children should learn about this school. I could not believe any school could be so good until my children enrolled. The tuition is a bargain because of that.
Excellent teachers, facilities and curriculum!
TCS has a community that far exceeded what I thought a school could provide to my two daughters and our family. From the first time that we attended a back to school night our family knew that TCS would provide an excellent place for our children to learn, from Pre-K to 8th grade.
I didn't believe that my daughter, in kindergarten, could recite a poem in front of students and parents as a shy child, but she did! Now, both girls are masters at performing and speaking in front of large groups.
Since my daughters started, TCS has drastically upgraded its facilities, fields, cafeteria, etc. Would definitely recommend to any parent looking for a special community to educate their child.
The Country School is an outstanding educational opportunity for children from PS to 8th grade with a stellar program, faculty, and environment.
Moving our boys to The Country School was one of the best decisions our family ever made. The faculty is consistently excellent and the administration is truly focused on the students. What really differentiates TCS is the profound sense of community fostered at the school. It is a truly unique and special place.
Enrolling our children at The Country School was the best decision we ever made. TCS is an environment in which kids thrive academically, benefit from an amazing outdoor education program, all while developing strong character, and being in a positive community that celebrates learning. But the best part is the faculty, who are well-educated, caring, passionate and involved. Just when a year has ended and you think, "that was a teacher of a lifetime," your child advances to enjoy the next "teacher of a lifetime!"
I appreciate TCS because all three of my kids look forward to school. TCS nurtures smart, confident, little people in a family-centered environment.
We really like the quality of education at TCS. For example, teachers and children dive deep into each history unit learning at a level incomparable to our public school experience. Small class sizes allow the teachers to take care and instruct each student individually. What we like most is that our child is extrembly happy. The kids love being at school and feel they belong. Finally, the outdoor program and culture allows kids to play, as hard as, they work.
Our experience at The Country School has been 100% positive. It is a truly caring community that recognizes the individual student and not just the averages. The curriculum goes far beyond most schools, emphasizing STEAM, outdoor education, and good citizenship, among many others. We couldn't imagine a better school for our son.
Sending our children to The Country School has been the single best decision that we have made as parents. The school is an excellent blend of outstanding academics combined with an integrated outdoor education program that encourages students to explore and become independent and confident individuals. We can't say enough good things about the dedicated faculty and staff. Our only regret is that we didn't send our children to TCS sooner!
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The Country School provided my three children with an incredible education from PreKindergarten through 8th Grade. They took their classroom on the road on their overnight Outdoor Education trips, collaborated with peers in the STEAM labs, confidently recited poetry, and demonstrated themselves to be true leaders and self-advocates. Throughout their years at TCS, they lived the school's three simple rules to 1) Be kind to others, 2.) Respect everyone’s right to learn, and 3.) Take responsibility for yourself and your world. My children - one now heading off to college - are prepared for any challenge that comes their way because of the foundation they gained at The Country School.
Both of my children graduated and went on to boarding school where they were very well prepared. They spent 10 years in this little gem of a school. They got to know their teachers well and their teachers knew them very well after watching them grow up there on Opening Hill Road. They look forward to returning for alumni reunion to see their childhood friends. We are so grateful for The Country School!
Best education, caring teachers and a community that fosters friendship, leadership, respect and empathy for others. My two boys love going to school every day, and they are excited to come home and share what they learned. My boys learn very differently and since TCS focuses on the whole child approach to learning, it has been wonderful each and every year. The kids are taught to solve problems which is a life skill that will go way beyond TCS. In addition, the outdoor education is a huge bonus to their growth and development. Check it out for yourself. You will be impressed
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