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The College Preparatory School Reviews

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College Prep is a vibrant community of dedicated college professors working to educate curious students. The campus is beautiful, very lush and scenic. Teachers really care about their students and are always open to help outside of class. Dance program is excellent.
This school has been excellent for my son. The teachers and staff are extraordinary and very intentional about everything they do. From the big things (like designing the curriculum) to the smallest details (like planning class retreats)...the school really puts a lot of thought into their decisions. The teachers are just phenomenal and create interesting, yet challenging, class experiences. My son always comes home excited about something interesting or cool he has learned...and he raves about his classmates who are all "very smart yet nice." The school emphasizes diversity, and focuses a lot on social justice and inclusion. They also have plenty of fun things that the high schoolers look forward to. As a parent I feel like I don't need to be overly involved and know that my son is in great hands. I can't recommend the school enough!
Learning at CPS is truly wonderful; teachers are well-informed and supportive, and classmates are curious and open-minded. Each student at Prep brings something unique to the table. Simply sitting in Math Class, you may learn that a classmate builds drones, flies model airplanes, or fixes car engines. By the time Senior year rolls around, every student has learned how to pursue passions, think critically, and take risks. Prep is an extraordinary place; it has shaped me as a student, as a thinker, and as a person.
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I look back on my time at CPS very positively. It's hard, but it's worth it. CPS students are forced to develop a strong work ethic, get used to having peers just as smart as them, and bounce back from failure.

CPS teachers are truly unparalleled. They are invested in their curriculums, your future, your growth, and are all amazing human beings, role models, and are experts in their fields.

However, I've heard that the experience can be isolating for some POC- if you're not white or Asian, you might be the only person in your class who looks like you. Also, I now attend a private college, am not on financial aid, and felt like I was of "average" socioeconomic status at CPS, so that may speak to the level of privilege here.

Finally, CPS students are involved on campus, they're artistically talented, and they want to create positive change in their communities. In all seriousness every person in my class was unique and intelligent and I don't doubt their future successes.
The academic environment at College Prep is great, especially the teachers. Teachers are always willing to talk with students out of class if they need help or just want to talk about their subject. Clubs at the school are pretty strong for such a small student body. The campus overall is amazing, especially the outdoor spaces and newer classrooms. The food program is pretty average but student run bake sales for clubs help to make up for that a bit.
Fantastic school, fantastic students, fantastic teachers. Combines academic excellence with a warm and supportive community, and opportunities for students to pursue their interests in a wide variety of fields, whether it is the arts, sports, debate, activism...
Crazy smart kids. Excellent, knowledgeable teachers. Incredibly challenging courses. Supportive environment.
CPS is a great school! Everybody is very friendly and welcoming. Strongly recommend this school to everyone.
Very focused on being the next big thing in education, often forgoing classical teaching methods. That method has its obvious pros and cons.
Lots of opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.
Phenomenal teachers that are passionate about teaching.
Fairly open campus with security guards around campus. Too small for a school nurse. But all-in-all little worries about safety.
It is a phenomenal school that will prepare me for college.
Overall, it's a great school. Everyone is super welcoming and approachable and if you ever feel yourself getting overwhelmed with any class, the teachers are super easy to talk to and willing to help.
I love my school! One of the best things about the school is the community. The school tries to make freshmen feel as welcome as possible when they first start at school. Freshmen are assigned to a CAP group (Connections and Advisory Program) which consists of a faculty advisor, 8-9 other freshmen, and three senior mentors. During the summer, senior mentors write letters, call, and hang out with their freshmen, which helps the freshmen meet their fellow CAP group freshmen and seniors. Also, freshmen have orientation and Freshmen Retreat together before school starts with everyone else, so they really get to know the school and each other before the year begins. Even after freshmen year, everyone is so kind and inviting. I joined sports and dance and met a lot of upperclassmen and, as I got older, younger students, that have continued to be my friends even after they've graduated. I love the students' welcoming nature (I can pretty much have a conversation with anyone) and the overall nice feeling.
Overrated. There seems to be acceptance but there's sometimes still an awkward, offensive dynamic from teachers and students to people of certain racial backgrounds. It is a stressful environment with a fast-paced curriculum. Elective programs are good.
No school nurse, entirely open campus with one security guard
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Some are nice people but aren't engaging enough
The school is too small to have much health support. What exists is a bit spotty. Safety, on the other hand, was very good. The only issue was occasional car theft on the surrounding streets.
Most of the administration does a very good job. There was a major shakeup while I was at the school that has left the student life side of things a bit lacking, but they try very hard and succeed frequently.