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An amazing arts curriculum that really focuses on letting you develop your own voice, while also giving you a solid grounding in your arts study.
The Academy is a very intimate school where students academic and art talents are developed and fully supported
The school was... oddly run, but the students were very independent and really talented. I remember graduating and thinking that I would never find a community that was as supportive and cared as much about sheer ability than CAA. I am really proud that I attended this school for high school.
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A great school. The Academy provides wonderful, hands-on education both on an academic and arts level. It is a community where young artists grow and thrive.
The Chicago Academy for the Arts has literally changed my entire life. I'm a senior currently enrolled in the media arts animation department and after coming to this school I not only feel prepared for college but also for a serious career in the animation industry. The school gives what you need to be successful with freedom to grow into yourself. There is no other class, program, or school like it.
DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE STAFF. Every single teacher I've had has cared about each individuals students growth and success. It took me a whole year to write a decent paper and once I wrote one my English teacher pulled me aside after class and PERSONALLY expressed to me how impressed he was at how much I had grown from my last paper. Arts teachers are just as great, in media arts specifically we have personal mid & end of year reviews where our teachers come together and tell you where you need to improve & what you're doing right
Since coming here my art has GREATLY improved.
The Chicago Academy for the Arts is an amazing diverse and eventful school. Ive enjoyed every four of the years I attended. I have met the greatest artist in the Chicago land area. All the kids accepted into the school are amazing artist and I was so lucky to attend school with all of them. Being in the Academy's environment is the best experience every. Attending the academy you learn new things every day not only in the academic field.
I have just recently graduated from the Academy and I cannot say how many amazing opportunities and experiences I have had because of that place. The Academy pushes you in every way and helps you so much to prepare for college as well as life in general. The teachers are also extremely dedicated and talented themselves and are always available for help if needed. The class sizes are perfect as well and allows the teachers to really be able to spend one on one time with each and every student.
Theres not that many things available, and what is available does not meet consistently.
Some organization overall in the school could be better, especially within departments. Structure is needed more.
The teachers just are so helpful in and outside the classroom going above and beyond when it comes to anything teaching related.
There were a few incidences of theft while I was at the academy, but other than that, I honestly have nothing to complain about. I always felt safe and knew what my options were if I were to ever feel unsafe.
Post-grad, I feel that I am prepared to work very hard and to pick up skills I might not have at the moment rather quickly. Being a musician, I often have to play music from a score that I've never seen before. Doing this has trained me to be quite adept at spotting patterns which I think is crucial to learning a new skill. I was also encouraged to think very critically in all of my classes, which were often centered around socratic discussion. This prepared me to participate in such discussions in work environments and thus be a good team member.
While at my school, I was so involved in what was actually required WITHIN the curriculum, that there was little time for "extracurriculars". I was always practicing music in some capacity or doing homework in my free time.
The environment and community are just so welcoming and familial like I would defenitly re attend this school if I could. Each students gets the attention they need and get more than enough education. And the arts are amazing the balance of arts and academics is perfect.
The teachers go above and beyond and love their jobs. They focus on every student and create rigorous and challenging courses. The teachers are always available if you need help and give the students their emails if they need further assistance. The teachers are tough graders
Because this is an arts school we get out of school very late so there is no time for after school programs. Most students stay after and even come on weekends so they can continue working on their arts.
The principal is involved in every aspect of the school, he interacts with the students and teachers and staff members and always fits in time to talk to us and help us with whatever we need. Every administrator and staff member is approachable and will say hello. They are friendly to the students and are not strangers. They know every students name and always converse with us. There is no dress code and bullying is not tolerated. There is no detention or suspension so if the student does something wrong they can be expelled.
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Because of the small teacher to student ratio the students get more one on one time with the teachers. Also the teachers are artists working in their fields so you are learning from actual artists in the real world. The curriculum is very rigorous especially in the english department. The workload is a lot. Some of the most popular classes include Modern American History threw Film, Literature through film, Honors Philosophy, Myth and Hero, Native American Literature and Latin American Literature. Some popular electives include Video Production, Music Theory and Comp, and Studio Art.
Our office and security tries their best to keep the school safe, but the reality is we are in the middle of the city of Chicago, so it's as safe as it can get. We have occasional break ins and stolen items, but we feel completely safe otherwise. There is rarely any bullying, but we sometimes have problems with drugs and alcohol, although not normally. We do not have a school nurse, but our office manager is amazing and usually can take care of us herself.
We have a wonderful head of school and very friendly office managers that I have come to know very well. Our college counselor is also very helpful and begins contacting us freshman year. At my school, we are taught to express ourselves as artists, so there is no dress code whatsoever. However, people will be told to change if their outfits are uncomfortably inappropriate. We do not have detention, but students are occasionally suspended for various reasons including missing school. Since we are all very liberal and expressive, we do not have many controversial issues that other schools may have. Most of our policies are respected and agreed upon.