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What an incredible community. My daughter started CEE in Kindergarten, she’s now in 3rd grade. Each morning we rush to school, as she “doesn’t wanna miss stuff, Daddy”. I don’t know how, but the school instinctually pairs her with incredible fit teachers year after year. One example off the top of my head:
Soon after we began, my father-in-law passed away, so I emailed her teachers late at night. The next morning her teachers took us aside, and told my daughter that if/when she had big feelings, give them a signal. Her teachers then handed me 6 books the librarians had pulled at 7:30am for us-each picture book was written from the perspective of a little girl who had just lost her grandfather. This is what CEE is about. And our family directly benefits on a daily basis.
If my job as a parent is to find a place that safely guides my daughter into becoming who she’s supposed to be, I’ve done my job.
The Center for Early Education is an exceptionally diverse learning environment. The core values of respect, caring, responsibility and inclusion are characteristics that embody our whole school community. The curriculum, skills and experiences are ones that prepare students for the twenty-first century. We are incredibly grateful for our time at CEE!
My daughter and son have both thrived at the Center. The school has incredibly dedicated, engaging, supportive teachers. The academic program prepares students incredibly well for middle school, from the rich writing program to the the inspired social studies and civil rights curriculum to the fantastic Singaporean math program. The Center has never rested on its laurels and is always looking at the latest research and best practices to improve its already impressive program. The community is diverse, welcoming, and supportive, and parents play an active role on campus, supporting the school in a variety of ways. We are so happy we chose the Center as it has met both our children's needs academically, emotionally, and socially. We feel we have given our children a solid foundation from which to grow and learn.
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My two sons attend the Center for Early Education and we love it. They are thriving socially and academically and I feel the school is so nurturing regardless of socioeconomic status. The diversity is clear in all areas and sure there are very wealthy families who are generous in helping the school remain a well-attributed, amazing campus with resources for the kids to excel but I would not go as far as to say parents, teachers nor administrators are rude. It's definitely the opposite. The Center is not for everyone, hence the poor reviews, but like anything it works if you work it. Teachers communicate well and if you want your kids to have an amazing education experience and to be surrounded by a diverse body of students, much like the real world experience, apply to the Center!
The only thing this school has going for it is ethnic diversity. There is zero economic diversity. The families are tremendously wealthy and not quiet about it. Parents engineer friendships for their children based on what the parent of the other child can do for the family. Academically, it only OK. If your child has any perceived weakness, the staff is all over you. Demanding tutoring and testing. They don't support the family it's just "go hire a tutor". I am not talking about learning disabilities. I mean getting the equivalent of a C . Teachers don't listen to parents and are extremely entitled. The concern of the school isn't about your child, it's about the longevity of the school which equals BIG money donations. Also the school's test scores. The scores begin to matter ( bragging rights and matriculation) in 4th grade which is why students who will test lower on tests are weeded out in 3rd grade.
Administrators are more focused on maintaining the schools reputation than actually helping the children. Anyone who struggles is kicked out in 3rd grade. families are forced to hire tutors who are teachers at the school. Fundraising is insane and you will be badgered for money. Parents are cliquish and rude. The administrators rule with shame and fear rather than support
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