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Impressed by the creativity of the curriculum and the teaching staff. A solid foundation for college. Any motivated student will flourish here.
I went to CSW back in the 1970's ,my mother's idea , because I was on the verge of dropping out of school. I just wanted to be an artist, and saw no reason to go any farther,but after a year at CSW I loved the teachers and students, and many remained lifetime friends.I was able to direct my own course and went on to college, and became a professional artist. Since then I've travelled the world,exhibited over 100 times ,many times in Europe,China,Canada, the USA, and Korea.The teachers were excellent!
At CSW, I am able to pursue nearly any area of study as a high school student; from Biology of Cancer to US Jailhouse Nation, I take 21 classes a year that are no greater than 16 students each. The leadership opportunities are endless and so is the support from teachers. Faculty members pick the classes they teach - most even create their own - which means they are passionate about their work and the energy radiates to the classroom. The most tangible indication that CSW’s education is of the highest caliber is the fact that it is one of two high schools in the nation where students can hold positions on the Board of Trustees with voting rights: fully trusting the critical thinking, communication, and proactive nature the curriculum fosters in students, the school elects two students each year to serve as trustees.
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CSW has been an amazing school for both of my children. One is now a sophomore in college, the other entering her senior year at CSW. I am so grateful to this amazing school and it's devoted faculty for helping my children become great critical thinkers, superb writers, and active and aware citizens. I am so proud of the young adults they are becoming and know much of that is credited to the CSW curriculum and commmunity.
Overpriced and under delivers. Leadership at the top is weak in many departments and the Board provides little leadership. My daughter found teachers very hit or miss. At $45,000+ a year, there should be minimal misses. Facilities are second rate and in serious need of an upgrade. Students are a mix mash. A school that prides itself on being open-minded and progressive is really only open-minded to their one-way of thinking. There's no balance and lot of talk about social justice and equality as long no conservative thoughts gets mentioned. Athletics are a joke. There's 0 school spirit and most of the kids in the dorms are smoking pot daily. The only bright spot is their art program is terrific and their teachers are the best of the bunch of the school has to offer. Alumni connections? Good luck finding one.
I'm a current parent with one child here and another child at a traditional top-tier boarding school, and I must say that I'm very impressed with all my and my child's interactions with CSW faculty thus far, along with the pervasive intellectuality and "artistic-ness"of the place. We are happy with this school but we did do our homework and weighed pros & cons. While it's not for every kid -and what school is?- it suits more kids than people might think. The sports are good enough and you get to sidestep the jock culture/hierarchy that a lot of kids are happy to do without. Good preparation for college, and good college placement to boot!
CSW is a love and hate relationship for me, but I can assure you that it helped me figure out the person I am today.
It is a great school, so don't get me wrong. I do find Some pros and cons within the school. We are a hyper-liberal institution that may be too strong. There is not much political diversity within the school which makes some feel left out. The athletics are decent depending on the sport. Food is sub-par, and they try hard to make obscure, exotic dishes.
It is amazing. I have learned so much about all fields of study, myself, and those around me. Staff and faculty are so wonderful to be around and always there for you. There's never a time when they are not smiling.
Mod system is a joke. Teachers get stoned and when I complained I was told it was legal in Massachusetts- so that makes it okay to do before dorm meetings? It’s a day school with a small boarding component, not a New England boarding school.
I feel like this school allows for students to make an impact on things they feel passionate about. I love the fact that I have become friends with so many people from all around the world. I have learned so much about the world, and specifically a lot of the things wrong with it, and how we can make a difference. I do have some problems with it. They claim to be really accepting of all people who join the community, but I am concerned that some people who are either slightly or very less liberal feel completely isolated, like they don't have a voice. Also, the food is really bad, breakfast is okay, lunch is not good (specifically for people with dietary restrictions), and dinner is just horrible. I appreciate the amount of knowledge I have gained as a student, but there are some changes that need to be made. If I had more space I would write more...
The Cambridge School of Weston is a wonderfully enriching school with knowledgable teachers, a wide range of classes, and an inclusive student atmosphere.
The teacher's critical thinking approach to English and History far surpassed anything I've seen in other schools, including colleges.

The Art program was fantastic; as evidenced by three students from my class of about 100 being accepted to Cooper Union.
The academics are great. You will find kids who are really there to learn and some kids who aren't. But as long as you put the effort in you will get a lot out of the school. The faculty is wonderful, almost all of them are helpful if you have trouble understanding the material, and will listen to you if you're having other issues you want to discuss. I've only had problems with a two teachers. When I first came here I loved the school culture, everyone was super kind and welcoming. However, in the past two years, this year especially, the type of kids who go here has changed significantly. The kids are much more clique-y, obnoxious, snobby, and partiers. There is a great group of lgbtq kids here and it's a very liberal school. I've made some amazing friends here, although most of them have graduated or are going to graduate in a week. Our sports are fine but this is definitely not a school for someone who wants good athletics. The college counselors here are also great!
It has a good mix of the types of extracurriculars, you have something called D-block; check it out on the website to see JUST how many options you have :)
we have a great school, I have never heard of anyone being bullied... ever. The only time Ive seen police in the school was when somebody almost set a microwave on fire.. we have a great school nurse and if you feel sick in class you can go to the nurse and lay down!
This is my first year in CSW, and I absolutely love the school, the teacher here are very approachable and would love to take time outside of class to help you understand what you are learning. The academics of the school are very good, even through nobody here is stuck up or competitive, quite the opposite actually.
The teachers at CSW care, they will go above and beyond in order to make sure that you are doing the best you can, and are understanding the source material. The teachers at CSW are the best I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.
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CSW is academically rigorous for those who chose to push themselves, however it is far too easy to coast by. You will be in class with some students who care about their schoolwork, but also many students who do not put effort into their work because they can afford not to.
The school has a hard time controlling drugs use. However this usual happens off campus at homes.
The handbook is very reasonable and understanding. We are also able to change and add things to it.