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As a student at Brook Hill I love it! However, a lot of the culture of the students revolves around money and their families money, not godly values. The teachers and staff will preach, but I don't see it translate into the lives of kids or even the lives of a lot of the teachers. Like I said the culture at the school seems to revolve around money and prominent rich families, this is hidden by preaching godly values. As neither rich or from a prominent family it makes me feel not very great a lot of the time, however I do love the school.
Brook Hill school is a good Christian school, but it is not for everyone. It focuses on clean Christian values, strong atheletics, and respectful behavior, but it lags in academic excellence-- especially if you expect your child to potentially compete to be a National Merit Scholar or apply to an Ivy League School. It also targets two market audiences-1- foreign boarding students 2- **wealthy** families with stay-at-home-moms. If you do not fit in either group, or you are not a hardcore traditionalist Christian, this school is not for you. "Traditional" values are very much a requirement as well. If your son aspires to be a stay-at-home dad, or your daughter aspires to be a nuclear physicist .... this is also likely not the school for you.
As a formal parent we found the school to be a gloried public school that talks a lot about Christian values but doesn't always live them. Teachers were mostly retired public school teachers (sweet but not up-to-date). Sports culture dominates school.
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The teachers at Brook Hill are all nice, helpful, and knowledgable in their field. If I could change anything, I would make uniform, headphone, and other day-to-day rules more lenient.
Brook Hill is not just a school, but a family where my kids thrive. We have three boys who are all very different. Brook Hill continues to exceed my expectations. From my oldest who, a Duke scholar, to my youngest, who struggles with a learning difference, Brook Hill has been amazing. The faculty are beyond dedicated. They are godly men and women I am thankful to have pouring in to my children. Brook Hill helps us mold them beyond academics but also to be centered in Christ, building up their character and faith, and fueling their passions. They have opportunities to explore a broad range of interests through award winning programs, dive deep into their intellect through classical humanities, learn to think critically, communicate well and engage with the world (from all over the globe) around them meaningfully. They will not only be prepared for college, but they will be provided the platform and opportunity to reach the full potential of who The Lord has created them to be.
Brook Hill is an extraordinary, personal and relational school that works hard to champion leaders that love to learn. I have 3 boys who are all very different and each of them are thriving. Brook Hill is paving the way among leadership development and many other programs. From a world class smith simian quality teaching museum, amazing Entrepreneurship program, top performing robotics and ethics bowl teams to coaches who have their priorities in the right order to the strongest arts programs in the area, Brook Hill blows me away. Academically, Brook Hill can’t be beat. My students excel and you can’t find another school that teaches Classical humanities like they do while lacking nothing in other areas. Caring, highly qualified teachers with real world experience to bring to the classroom that are dedicated to my boys. I could go on forever. We are so blessed to have chosen Brook Hill!
Being a student at the Brook Hill School totally prepares you for college and puts you in a unique environment to grow and expand academically. The staff are top notch and the facilities are excellent. As a student I have nothing bad to say about Brook Hill.
Brook Hill is an incredible community of people who work together to help students reach their full potential. The administrators empower teachers to do their jobs well and this is obvious when looking at the student body. As a graduate, I felt prepared not only for the academic challenges of college but also for life as a college student. My time at Brook Hill completely changed my life for the better.
Brook Hill was an amazing place to grow as an individual and get prepared for the rigors of college. The teachers genuinely care about each student and go above and beyond to make everyone fee accepted. The 27 AP and Dual Credit courses definitely create an rigorous academic environment. The Athletics and Arts programs are great as well. Brook Hill does a great job of creating a diverse, safe environment and I'm proud to be a Brook Hill Graduate!
I loved attending The Brook Hill School because it really felt like a family! The faculty really do care about you as a student, and really go out of their way to help you succeed! The boarding program creates a great diverse student body and provides a great opportunity to get educated on other cultures from around the world. The classes are challenging and the way the curriculum is taught is a lot like how college is! Brook Hill really prepared me for college!
My Experience at The Brook Hill School was amazing, I was surrounded by people who pushed me to be the best that I could be in order to excel at the next level.
Not a fan. But I’m sure there’s a select few people who would enjoy it there. Read other reviews and you’ll understand.
I have been attending The Brook Hill School since my sophomore year. This school puts you in a college setting that will prepare you for the next level in life, however, there is a drug problem within the student body that needs to be addressed better. Also, most of the teachers do not helpt the students succeed academically very well.
My daughter is currently a sophomore. There are lots of schools in the world but when parents make a choice to leave them and pick a christian school, THAT is exactly what they want. A school where the character of Christ is evident in everything. Excellence in academic and sport offerings, interpersonal relationships, administration, etc. The Brook Hill family made my young daughter feel loved and accepted immediately she set foot there. As a result she felt confident enough to shine. Under the tutelage of awesome christians, she has blossomed and thrived as we had hoped for. I observed that each child is treated as more than just a set of potential grades but as a POTENTIAL X. Brook Hill helps them find the value of X. As an international parent, I also needed a school that wasn't a pain to interface with regarding pastoral care of my child. Brook Hill handles everything with ease and consideration. For reasons too numerous to mention, I would recommend this school 100percent.
The Godliness of the staff is astonishing. They truly pour love and kindness into the students all while teaching them to be responsible and make students think on their own.
The Brook Hill School has a great balance of promoting Christ-Like Character, Academic rigor and an overall sense of belonging.
Great school with a college prep strong sports/fine arts programs. Admin and faculty are excellent and the curriculum is top notch.
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I love the school. Everyone is encouraged to be in as many things as possible, sports, fine arts, academic contests, and most teachers support then but some teachers are very unsupportive and will punish your grades if you show extracurriculars any interest. Food is wonderful, many options. Overall great school.
The Brook Hill School has certainly brought me closer to God and that is what I Iove most about it. Also there are a lot of people from different socio-cultural backgrounds which helps me understand other people's cultures as well as getting to know them. Overall Brook Hill is a good environment to learn and grow as a person.
Brook Hill is an incredible school with caring faculty who are experts in their respective field. I have seen many students grow not only in their faith but in their intellect through their time at the school. It is a place where students can be who God wants them to be. They can learn, develop their athletic and artistic abilities, and mature in their faith.
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