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The emphasis on academics achievement is motivating, but sometimes it was overwhelming. Most students strive to get really good grades which can be difficult if you compare yourself to them. Also it can be hard for people with different learning styles to thrive and get the support they need. Other than that, you get a really good education at the Bromfield School.
The Bromfield school is an excellent, small, public school with top-notch education. Most of the teachers are amazing and I am friends with a lot of them. The food is amazing with copious options, including a vegetarian one every day. Taking honors and AP classes is a challenge but prepare you for the rigor of college.
The Bromfield school is a high achieving public school which does lead to high levels of stress among most people, but it generally isn't too bad. There are multiple sports teams that are one of the best in the state, however the school does only place emphasis on one of the team's accomplishments. Overall it is a great place, but it does have room for improvement.
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An amazing high school! I'm in college now, and hearing about some of my friend's old schools makes me appreciate Bromfield even more in retrospect. It has a great environment, outstanding teachers (in almost all cases), and awesome food. This school will prepare you so well for college: all of my college teachers are impressed by my writing skills and my passion for learning. Get involved with some of the great clubs, like GSA or Quiz Team, and you're sure to have a fantastic time. Thank you Bromfield for the best high school experience! I wouldn't choose anywhere else!
It is a great school! Both the teachers and students are very nice, and the teachers care about the students. The lunches here are amazing as well, although I would agree that they are pricey. :)
I love Bromfield. I started as a school choice student but eventually moved to Harvard with my family to let my younger siblings join as well. I thought that the diversity and overall school culture were definitely lacking, but the teachers and academics were absolutely splendid. It may have a few issues in some of the departments, but it still was a great experience for me.
Great teachers and student body; prepares you well for standardized tests and college; very diverse clubs and activities for such a small school
Very good school schook system but if you are not in like a peppy clique like me then you will be looked at as weird
Cliques 1 being worst
10 being the worst
Vineyard vines 9
Lululemons 9 and a half
Vegans 7
Sports gurls and bois 10
Mathlete kids 9
6th grader whose mom makes them stay after school to be safe when the town is extremely safe 5
General store ( preppy little coffee bakeryish fun shop) kids 2
Try hards 1

The best
My mom and dad are really rich so I do not know how to spend it i just hang around with all my other freinds. 10

Sports team is great no football

One of the best schools in the state

Bedroom community

Lots of land big houses average price in my part is 900,000$

Bunch of d bags

Lgbtq and diversity friendly

Nothing to do when you get home except homework

Lots of Lululemons parents aand can I speak to the manger parents
Pet freindly town
Library is literally right next to us same as the general store also the GRAVEYARD
Is right next to us
I'm new this year in high school. The classes are mediocre; there's a lack of AP classes. The students here are really unfriendly compared to other schools.
Close-knit community made it easy to meet people and the teachers were always willing to help when needed, guidance counselors were always available to talk anytime.
Great academic atmosphere. Small town = small school = little school spirit and/or resources. Faculty is knowledgeable and consistent.
Bromfield is an excellent school academically and prepares students very well for college. Bromfield offers several AP classes to students in grades 9-12. The class sizes are relatively small, with ten to twenty-six students in each academic class. There are a lot of amazing teachers who take an interest in their students. The course load for honors and AP classes is typically a lot, and for CP classes, the load is much easier.
The food is great we have a chef. The school diversity is not the best because of it is practically an all-white school. The teachers are amazing and the graduating class size is about 100 each year.
I am a Middle School Student and i love it here. The only problem is that there are cliques here and if you are not in one you get bullied.
Bromfield is a good place for an individual to grow, and teachers pay attention to each and every one of their students- no one is ever "forgotten."
I graduated from the Bromfield School a few years ago. High school academics were above average. I want to say, having six or more teachers a year that at least six of them were top notch with very few exceptions. The largest change of going to college from Bromfield was scheduling. Bromfield classes were five to seven a year for the whole year. The college I attend offers primarily semester courses and the work load for the three to five classes is much higher. There was a club for everyone. No football meant that soccer and basketball were huge. The food was excellent. Parents are always encouraged to get involved anyway they can and many do get involved. Lastly, not in my entire time there as a student was I in any sort of danger.
The school is not very diverse, and the students mostly only care about grades, and the campus is closed (which sucks) , and if you're stuck in a track (like not doubling up in math) you really can't do anything, but overall it's a great school. The teachers (especially dr vanderveen and Mr Wass) are some of the smartest and caring people I know, and the lunch is amazing. Overall, it prepared me well for life.
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Watching Class Day every year has been my favorite experience. The Seniors get to have light-hearted and well-meant fun doing what they like on stage and all other high school students get to enjoy themselves laughing while watching.
Most students try hard to do well, so teachers love their job, and it is a lot easier to keep your eye on the goals with this kind of atmosphere.
The office staff is friendly and very approachable. I've never seen bullying as a problem in school. We sort of have a bullying policy, but I've never seen it needed because people are generally nice or mind their own business.
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