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My Bolles School experience has been fabulous. The teachers are amazing and there are many opportunities for success. I have an amazing support system within the school, as well. I live in the dorms and they are also great. My experience has taught me to be more independent, which helped me immensely when preparing and choosing my colleges.
I've gone to Bolles since I was in the sixth grade, and this school is amazing. The academics are top notch, the teachers are incredible, the clubs and opportunities to be involved are plentiful, and the administration is incredibly helpful!
I have been at Bolles since my freshman year and I have have enjoyed being part of the Bolles family. It was hard coming to Bolles from public school, I was not ready for the work load, but I got use to it quickly. There are so many opportunities at Bolles, I have been able to take classes that are of interest to me and explore a lot of different subjects.
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Overall my experience at The Bolles School was rather irregular. The diversity is pretty good as I do not like nonintellectuals. Many racist people go to this school which is why I would not recommend it for any people of color. I see many white students attempting to control colored people and telling them what to do. Although there are many white people here, many of them are Jewish and not much diversity. If a friend asked if he should go to this school I would recommend going to a public school. This school is very cliquey and although the academics are rather superb, some teachers can be quite sapphic. I would much rather go to a Public School than this school. Not funny. Didn't laugh.
The culture and atmosphere really brings everyone together. I really love how nice and friendly everyone is and how supported not only friends but teachers are towards helping you.
I previously went to Stanton College Prep and absolutely dreaded it. I was extremely hesitant about transferring to Bolles due to the fact that I was paranoid the teachers at Bolles would be just like the ones at Stanton. However, I was absolutely wrong. Bolles has excellent teachers and staff members who will do whatever they can to help you and to ensure you pass. It is honestly very hard to fail at Bolles with the amount of help and guidance they offer to students. I graduated last year and Bolles has not only paved my way to success but with the help of Bolles I have never been rejected by any college I applied to and am currently attending my dream college and excelling at my dream major. Thank you Bolles. I owe my success to this school.
As an international student, it is sad to see most of the students grouping up together and normally refuse to accept others.
Overall the school and the staff are excellent. Boarders life is great.
The Bolles School not only has a beautiful campus but rigorous academics. The curriculum is unmatched in the surrounding area. There are many different cultures represented on campus and all are respected and valued.
I've gone here for 13 years and I can say it confidently prepared me for college efficiently and extremely well.
I came to Bolles as a sophomore. My experience is a little different since I became a boarder, but I am extremely impressed with the school overall. This school helped me a grow as an individual. The academics are rigorous, but it is worth it. I feel more prepared for college than ever. The teachers are amazing here and want their students to succeed. The boarding system is great. The small number of boarders gives it a homey feel as well as the comforting staff.
Bolles shaped me into the person I am today. It will forever be my second home. Thanks to my caring teachers, the variety of opportunities to get involved, and a group of supportive friends, I got into my dream school. It was not all about college for me, the Bolles experience itself was something I found so rewarding and so comforting.
I really enjoyed my time at this school. The academics are challenging, but I believe that it pays off in the long run.
There is a reason why this school is only 4% African American in a city of over 30% African American population and it has nothing to do with money. Admissions does not allow certain kids in. Extremely upsetting in an otherwise accepting city. If you don't believe me go ahead and apply if your skin color is dark good luck.
The openness of the campus and freedom that the students are given was a refreshing change from public middle school.
The Bolles School is a highly competitive academic and athletic institution in Jacksonville, Florida. It is rated among one of the most beautiful high schools in America, situated on the St. John's River with gorgeous views provided through out campus.
Made and meant for white, priveled, rich, ignorant kids. If you do not fit into this description, you will feel out of place and unncaounted for. If you are Black and still planning on going here..good luck.
We currently have students on the Lower School Campus. We have been extremely impressed with the overall learning experience and climate of the school. We love that the school administration appears to have adopted a "forward thinking" ideology when reviewing policies and procedures. They are constantly reviewing current research and trends, as well as seeking parent and student input, when evaluating the school's needs and direction. The current head of school is open to ideas and suggestions and, consequently, has brought many innovative educational learning strategies and programs to the school.
As with any school there are clearly areas that have room for improvement, but we love that the school is open to reviewing and considering these and making adjustments as needed.
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The Bolles School's motto of "pursuing excellence through courage, integrity, and compassion" is highlighted in every aspect of the school. Nearly every student at the school plays a sport; and every student has played a sport at the school at some point in their academic lives. The integrity is illustrated through the various clubs that give Bolles a good name. Furthermore, every student, teacher, and faculty member at The Bolles School makes its name international, not because of the education or sports recognition, but because everybody cares so ddeply about the school that they feel the need to spread the word about it.
Our son attended Bolles 7-12 grades. Initially was concerned that the prep school placed more emphasis on a jock culture and what type of foreign car the student drove. Was pleased to learn Bolles also fosters a culture that encourages individualism. Our academically inclined son was also able to relish the arts as well.
Faculty SUPERB. Our (alum) son still maintains contact with several of his teachers.
One Chemistry instructor (now retired) was a major influence for our son receiving a B.S. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, one of only 50 students to do so.
Another plus is that the Bolles name and reputation is readily acknowledged by college admissions counselors.
Well worth the investment for fostering futures.
The reason I am giving Bolles a low rating is because of the social air that the school has. The cliques are very "set in stone" and all anyone ever does is gossip about other groups and their own friends. More than half my grade is maintaining a C or C+ average in most subjects and don't care to bring that up even to a B. In addition, both students and teachers at Bolles have very strong opinions on matters and none of them feel the need to at least try to understand the other side in arguments (they are stuck in the past and their old ways i.e. If they have always done something one way, that's the way they have to do it forever even if their way makes no sense and is inefficient.) However, the sports are good, but only in high school. Note: many of the students are white, privileged kids who do drugs and get drunk just to brag about it (this starts as early as 7th grade.)
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