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The Blessed Sacrament Huguenot School Reviews

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We found the perfect fit for our children at BSH. Small, warm, nurturing....our children are loved for who they are. The teachers and staff truly care and there have been positive improvements over the past several years. This school is a hidden gem and convenient to Midlothian, Chesterfield, and 288. Don't be fooled by the myth that it is "out there" in Powhatan - bus transportation helps, and it is worth the drive. This school will definitely be one of the top schools in Richmond once it is no longer a secret!
We love this school!! Our son is in kindergarten. He goes into a positive environment every day in which he is both cared for and learning. His teacher is wonderful and truly loves children. I like that the school teaches academics and religion. My son is getting a well rounded education.
I have attended this school since I was three years old. It was a warm, loving environment that pushes students to do their best. They offer demanding curriculums, amazing sports programs and academic competition.
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It is a good school and the students are positive and supportive of each other. Some of the teachers are good, but others are not qualified for their subjects.
I loved this school. I went there starting at the age of three, and the people there really felt like family. Yes, it has it's faults. The facilities are outdated and some of the rules are dumb. But it always felt like home to me. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming to new students. It's so easy to get involved in sports and clubs. There's no school out there like it. You'll form a bond with the faculty and students that you wouldn't anywhere else.
This school is very clique-y . It's hard for new students to fit in. Even I have been going here since pre school and I don't have a friend group. Most people will act nice to your face but then gossip about you. Very little diversity; most everyone has the same personality and interests, so there's almost no point in trying to make new friends. Bullying does exist at this school but admin pretends it doesn't. Discipline is inconsistent. The only thing you will really get in trouble for is a uniform violation. Clubs are almost non existent. Lunches are overpriced for what they are. Religion classes have started to drive me away from the catholic faith.
The academics here are pretty good. Most teachers are average.
In general, the environment is pretty safe.
Sports are overrated and I've seen a lot of bad sportsmanship, which is why I would never join a team sport here.
Overall, not a great experience here.
It's not the best school, but if you're looking for a family environment, then this is the place for you. However, the students here have gone for 3 or more so years, so they're already comfortable with each other, which might make it difficult to join their "clique"
You can make your own club and there are lots of sports to choose from. Some weren't even available at my public school during the time I was there so that's a plus.
Could work on the bullying mostly in the prep school area, the school in unique in that many attended since they were children, so everybody is familiar and friendly to each other, I would choose this school for the environment it provides and how open everything is.
Smart in teaching style, engaging, interesting, and dedicated
A lot of extracurricular are offered here. I know there is more that we wish we could offer however, with a small pool of students having enough to form a club is hard. Also with very tight finial budget it is hard for new things to get funded. We do offer most all common sports, football, cheer leading, baseball, soccer, swimming, cross country, golf. tennis, etc. Level of commitment veries for each sport. Football and basketball take the most commitment due to the amount of games and the very vigorous, daily practices. We also have clubs such as Spanish Club, Latin Club, Fifa Club, and Science Club! Administration support is relatively good. They always come out to the games and offer their support. Also the victories are announced to the whole school.
What I love about this school is the family closeness. Because of the small size my class mates and teachers and I all have a close relationship where we all feel welcomed and comfortable. I would choose this school and do it all over again mainly because of the people here. I have formed so many close relationships with class mates and the teachers have been wonderful role models and inspired me to dream big.
Every teacher has a different teaching style. Most the teachers like to "mix it up", having visual activities, lecture, and occasional group activities. My Chemistry teacher is very knowledgeable. Because of her background working in industry, she has endless knowledge and know real life examples of this subject. All the teachers have relationships with the students that many students at public schools do not have. Because of the small size, teachers and students are able to form a bond and they become more than just teachers, they become mentors. Lastly, grading is always consistent. By using rubrics given for assignments, it is a fair way to know what the teacher is grading for and the scale on which you are graded,
at the end of the day, education is a gift. This school has major faults, but what doesn't.
Despite a select group of nut cases, the teachers are great. Knowledgeable about their subject and most approach it with passion.
1950s style outdoor campus style school. Leaky roofs, mold, wet floors, poor heating/AC.
Wildly inconsistent when it comes to discipline. Especially uniform violations. One week, everyone gets detention. The next week, no one says anything about the infraction. Also, the Catholic faith is too strongly enforced on students, driving them further away from religion.
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Sports are fun to participate in, but too much emphasis is given to them. The art program is great and the drama department is fun, as well. Could offer a wider range of clubs.
Students and administration don't get along. The teachers are great, for the most part. The sports are overrated and everything else in underrated. A little too religious.
I have been here since I was three years old, and I love this school. Its like my second home and leaving is going to be very sad. I know all the students and teachers very well. Everyone speaks to each other on the sidewalks and it is a great family like place to go. With a very safe campus, and community.
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