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I have been attending The Berean Schools on and off since Kindergarten, so I believe my opinion stems from a long list of experience. Instead of helping the youth be prepared for college or the real world, they would rather spend their money on unnecessary things or hire completely unqualified teachers that used to teach elementary math to prisoners. There is no real communication between the teachers and the administration. I feel like there is diversity in the students because the school is desperate to obtain money from the state. The school does not have many activities to offer, they just have basketball and volleyball. We uses to have cross country, but I have no idea what happened to that. There are no special classes for talented students or special needs students. What irritates me is that the person who stole more than 30% from everyone's paycheck, still works for the school.
I have been at this school for a while, I've seen them during good and bad times. I've seen teachers come and go. And I must say, I'm tired of this school. This year especially is very annoying because they got a new principal and vice principal who don't do much in my opinion. I do not like this school very much. The people are nice, the teachers are pretty helpful, but I am rarely ever challenged.
I have been at this school since my kindergarten year, so I have been through its ups and downs. I know the teachers that have come and gone and srudents as well. The principal knows me well because it is a small school. In addition, the lunch director is very nice and knows at least 95% of the students names.
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There are a few sports to participate in after school and a couple organizations such as student council and newspaper. The administration is pretty involved in these though. There are not any musical opportunities such as band, choir, or drama. We do not have any clubs either.
There are only two options for lunch, the hot meal that is served or a salad. Salad's are packaged with ham pieces, ranch dressing, and croutons, not accommodating for vegetarians, those who are lactose-intolerant or allergic to gluten. Otherwise the salads are a good option. The served meal changes every day but has the same meals about every two weeks. They do not taste very good but are supposed to be healthy for us. There are not many lunch meals I genuinely enjoy.
For the most part I have had good relationships with my teachers, but if they are having a bad day they tend to take it out on the class. It is not pleasant for anyone when they are angry. When they are in good moods, we all joke around together. I have not liked that we have uniforms and do not have a football team. The school does take several fun field trips, though, which I have attended. I would not want to go here again because there are not any extra curricular activities that interest me, such as music. Since I don't have high school experience with it, I cannot do that in college either which is very disappointing.
We wear uniforms so everyone is treated equal, but there are certain few who get away with not being in uniform. The principal is very involved in his students education and the views on the teachers lessons. Office staff is always on task and are always alert when you need them. Some kids skip school but the teachers and principal always make sure to get them their even if they are the ones driving. Being in high school there is not much bullying instead there is just different groups and disagreements.
Parents are always notified and involved in their students education, teachers are always able to help if needed and will take extra time to teach you, guidance councilors make sure they put you in classes you need to stay on task and graduate on time or even early. The teacher and staff make sure you get the extra help you need, they make you their friend
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