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I love The ASK Academy. It is a great stem school that focus’s around the two main leading careers in life.
The teachers and academic curriculum is very good. One thing I do wish would change though is to have more interactive learning expierences, throughout the years it has come down to more homework on paper rather than projects and oppurtunities to expierence real world scenarios.
I have enjoyed the past 4 years I have been at ASK. I attended because I was looking for a more challenging school. I have had a great experience at this school and would not say any changes would need to be made.
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Although it is a small school, The Ask Academy has been a place that really drives my ability to learn and be challenged. It is a challenging school and you are expected to do your best on every project. The School teaches pathways that will help students pursue careers and be the engineers and scientists of tomorrow. I cannot recommend this enough for those who want to broaden their horizon and learn how to think criticly in a way common core standards simply cannot do
This school has allowed me to advance through my academics at my pace, creativity, and a level of difficulty that has pushed me positively. I have been given the freedom to research the subjects and learn with my own interests.
When I looked into the A.S.K. Academy it seemed like a perfect fit. The classes were no larger than maybe 15 students. The academics they offer lean toward either engineering or bio-medical sciences for those who are interested in those fields. There is a variety of clubs and activities. Not nearly as many as other schools because they want you to focus on your academics. They have recently introduced a couple sports teams to the school. A volleyball team and a basketball team for both men and women. The environment is safe and comfortable. The school has allowed me to be challenged but let me comprehend and move at a pace where I can keep up.
This school has allowed me to really expand my knowledge and ability to practice, in real life, something that I'm extremely passionate about. Being a project based school, I've been opened up to different opportunities in the medical field that pertain to my personal interests.
As a student that has attended The ASK Academy since the eighth grade, I can see that we have come a long way since my first day. We have Switched from a small two-story building with practically no commons (our auditorium and lunchroom) and teachers constantly having to share rooms, despite not having anywhere near the same subjects to now having a commons that is big enough for all the scholars, both middle and high school, and only five teachers sharing rooms. In terms of academics, we have only limed options for electives, those being biomedical or engineering. We have no fine arts classes, nor cooking, drama, or other subjects offered to us. We do, however, have a publishing class that handles the yearbook committee and school newspaper, we also have other common clubs, like the dance committee, National Honors Society, and scholar government.
The school has given me the opportunity to explore my desired career field. I hope to go into biomedical engineering and have been handed multiple resources to further understand the career. Additionally the tight knit community has allowed me to develop genuine friendships and strong connections with teachers. I have been able to excel academically and really enjoy the STEM work. However, I feel that the STEM principles have been lost somewhat and the school has resorted to generic teaching methods.
The ask academy readily prepared me for what a college experience was like before I even graduated! Ask Academy tought me academic manners and what I should expect of higher education. It tought me to always apply myself and expect nothing less of greatness from myself.
I would like there to be a bigger school since there are so many students there it sometimes get cramped.
The ASK Academy has helped me develope and grow into the person I am today. Here, I was able to meet amazing people and project managers. The school is the reason I know what I want to major in and why I'm trying hard to be successful in the future. Thanks to ASK, I feel like a somebody instead of another nobody.
Fantastic school and community. Transferred here from Rio Rancho High and ASK is so much better in every way.
The project managers (teachers) treat the scholars (students) like partners. They also give opportunities for new types of learning to help all types of learners. The teachers are very involved and help full and not intimidating. I love the small school setting that it gives, it allows more one on one interaction with the teachers.
The Ask Academy is possibly the most advanced high school in the entire state of New Mexico. Teachers here genuinely love their job, create innovative ways to engage their scholars, and are very friendly people. If this is not the gold standard of teaching, I don't know what could be. One thing to point out, however, is the unorganized administration. Other than that, this is an amazing school where scholars can find and put to use their true potential.
The school in regards to the community is nice and friendly; almost like a family. When it comes to its education, it can all depend on what you want to be doing for the future. The ASK Academy is a STEM based school focusing more on Biomedical and Engineering, so if one was looking to study in those specific fields, then it would be a great place to go.
Overall, a great school. You are able to choose a pathway as a freshman (biomedical and Enginnering), which helps you discover aspects of the fields of study you enjoy. As it is a small school, therd are not any sports or traditional high school aspects. There's a major focus on the attitude of scholars, and they are pushed to succeed. The school just moved to a new campus and added many new scholars.
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I have been attending ASK since my eighth grade year (I am now a Junior) and I love it. I do wish that there would be a more self-directed feel, however, as that is something the administration prides itself on. I really don't see a lot of scholar led projects. The other thing that definitely needs to change is our choice, or lack thereof, of electives. Some art, music, creative writing, just something that we students can use as a stress reliever during the day would be great. The work load is intense and I feel that having creative outlets available on campus would help us to cope. Overall, though, ASK is a wonderful school with great academics and teachers.
I enjoy this school very much. The atmosphere is friendly and it is easy to find help. I enjoy the engineering aspect of this school, as it caters to my future career choice. The teachers are very kind and always willing to help the students with their projects.
There are a wide variety of classes at the school. You can take any class you want as long as there is room. Starting your sophomore year if they are offered you can take Dual Enrollment classes. You are also allowed to take multiple of the same type of classes, such as two mathematic courses.
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