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Academically, Archer provides rigor and the teachers are all very knowledgeable and challenge us, as students to push our thinking. Socially I think diversity is still lacking not only in terms of students but also teachers and faculty.
More freedom for upper schoolers and less strict rules for coming to campus and leaving campus. More freedom to choose classes
TOP NOTCH! Archer has been an incredible experience for my daughter. She has voiced numerous times that she loves her school because she can be herself and all of her school mates are very supportive. We could not be happier and I feel that Archer encourages the girls to be the best versions of themselves. The joy felt among the students and the administration is infectious and there is a strong sense of community among the Archer families. Archer offers strong academic & athletic programs as well as on going support to help our girls become more confident, resilient and empowered. A++
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My daughter started at Archer in 6th grade and is graduating this spring, heading off to her first-choice college. I am so appreciative of her years in this warm, nurturing, holistic environment.
Archer is a young, nimble, adaptable school with an innovative head of school.
Expectations are high and teachers do their best to help the girls reach them. While classes are rigorous, my daughter never seemed overwhelmed. I'd say there was healthy stress.
There's every type of girl at Archer and they come from all over Los Angeles--not just the tony neighborhoods around the school. Diversity is important to the culture and the students benefit from the differing perspectives.
The recent modern addition marries beautifully with the historic building. Still no gym or pool on campus but they work around that.
Soon my daughter will be off to college. And I am confident she's well-prepared for whatever comes next.
1. emphasize critical thinking
2. improve writing skills
3. Art teachers: very passionate and creative people!
4. Honors STEM classes except biology
5. Accommodations
6. College guidance
7. Staff (nicest people I’ve ever met)
8. Spirit Events
9. Affinity Clubs

1. Rules feel unnecessarily strict, making it difficult to trust adults. Students lose privileges for tardiness to class meetings/minor violations of the uniform policy. Result of Archer's priority to keep up appearances for trustees, prospective parents, and resentful Brentwood residents.
2. overall, social scene is not my ideal situation — would help if the student body was more diverse and interested in art. younger grades have dealt with fairly extreme cases of bullying (including using the n-word and slut shaming)
3. a lot of teachers leave within 1-2 years.
4. sustainability
5. dances/prom
Archer will always have a special place in my heart, but I think there is a competitive environment. I think there should be less of a focus on grades and homework and more of a focus on just the intellectual experience rather than performing.
Archer is a place you get attached to because it really gives you that sense of community. Because of ongoing construction the facilities are in the working, but the facilities team is above and beyond. Along with the teachers, they are there because they want to be, they truly have the passion for the subject they're teaching, and always want to be there to support us.
I am a current student at the Archer School for Girls. I have had a great experience at the school, but there are some areas for major improvement. The athletics at this school are neglected; there have been coaching changes in the middle of playoffs due to being fired and there are no facilities. There is no track, gym or weight room. While the schools lack of urgency in the athletic department is one of the main problems at Archer, there are other issues as well. The lack of diversity is jarring. It is necessary to cut Archer some slack in this area because the school is in a predominately white neighborhood. All in all, I have enjoyed my experience at Archer and cannot name another school where the educators are as caring and invested in the students' lives.
Archer does not provide a supportive environment to its students - and their administration does nothing to combat bullying or issues affecting student’s lives. While the academics are top notch, the environment of the school is strict and conformist in nature.
Everyone a part of this community is truly caring, genuine, and a pleasure to be around. Students do battle with censorship but that's just minor in the grand scheme f how great the school is.
High teacher turnover. What my daughter was learning at Archer was a joke compared to what my son was learning at Harvard Westlake. Head of school seems more interested in press and image, than actual quality of student experience. College guidance and counselors very inexperienced compared to other schools in area.
I love Archer. The Archer School for Girls gave me the tools I need to succeed in the real world. I am 100% confident that I will do well in college because of the rigorous curriculum and available resources. I'm sad to be graduating but I will always thank Archer for an amazing middle and high school experience.
The Archer School for Girls is an excellent school that challenges students to expand their world view and participate in hard discussions. Archer has an amazing faculty and staff that strive to engage every student in class. While Archer is on the competitive end of the spectrum, students still work together and have a lot of school spirit during fun activities like Winter Wonderland, Spirit Week, and the Halloween Haunted House.
I came to Archer in 9th grade and I have fallen in love with it. It is a great school that gives many opportunities to its students in STEM. I feel it is more diverse than other private schools and actively tries to make the school understand all perspectives.
Archer's dedication to its students is wonderful! It offers immense support to its students in the STEM fields and has an amazing humanities program; the English senior seminars were especially critical in changing the way I studied and thought, and I attribute this to the strong relationships I formed with my teachers. Archer encourages risk-taking both inside and outside the classroom, and I can say I've left Archer more boldly and confidently than when I came in.
Archer is a very warm, welcoming place that's always buzzing with energy. The students are lively and very spirited, so it's overall a very happy place. But the best part about Archer is the fact that it empowers young girls/women and encourages them to be leaders. The school teaches the students various skills and mindsets that embody one of a leader (which can be defined in many ways), ultimately allowing the girls to leave with skills that can help them face the real world when they're off to college/adult lives.
This school made me who I am today. It is my second home and I wouldn't have changed my decision for the world. My only problem is that I wish the school worked on raising its diversity.
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I love all the activities and clubs at Archer. They offer so many opportunities to get involved in the community and emphasize the importance of being a strong leader. I have grown so much by doing countless different activities and programs.
It is truly a one of a kind experience to be apart of the class of 2018! The people here are supportive, ambitious, and joyful! I am a fan of all girls education. Ever since I got here, I have been more focused on my education and I became much more confident about myself. We have a leading STEM program and the Arts at archer are very supported. At Archer, I found what I am truly passionate about and what I want to do in life.
Don't do it... just don't. It was a dark time in my life. The teachers and the administration are heartless, and cruel.
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