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We have been with Academy from preK to present (7th). My son wants to arrive early and stay late! He is becoming a well rounded ,respectful young man.
I liked the community and the close nit family. Everyone has your back and allows you to become a grown young man.
I started going here in 2017 and it has significantly changed. The experience does not seem as genuine as it once was since a lot is "for show" these days. Besides that, I love how close knit the community and the teaching staff. The teachers genuinely care about you and want to help you succeed, which you cannot find in a large public school.
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The Albany Academies is a college prep school, so the college app process is very thorough. I feel completely prepared for college and I know that if I have any questions, I can go to any of my teachers or advisors. The sports are well recognized, so being a student who plays sports, I was happy, but I have heard from the art students that there is not enough representation and they were pretty unhappy with the arts experience, although there is a pretty good theatre program.
With there not being many students, we get attention from faculty and teachers. I like that these close relationships can easily be made, and the school heads will say hi to me by name. Teachers really care and are there to help.
This school's administration discriminates against certain students and do not enroll them in classes they have requested by lying that the courses are filled. They also discrimnate against students who are not interested in sports by preventing them to be in the top of the class by giving them lower grades than they deserve. Overall terrible school which do not think what is best for the student but what is in the best interest of school. The politics is played under the hood which impacts many students. Some heads of the department use their status to destroy student's academics goals.
The Albany Academies are absolutely spectacular schools. Most teachers create deep, engaging lesson plans and develop amazing personal bonds with all of their students, making every class tolerable at the very least, if not fully interesting and fun. However, there is quite a bit of a workload and a requirement of team sports (which are definitely not a thing for everybody), but those are really the only two flaws in my experience.
I like the closeness of the school. The community, and as cliche as it sounds, the "sisterhood" between your classmates. While the community within the classroom is great, I feel as those there is almost a hierarchy. It's a small school. There are people who attend whose families have been attending for generations or those who have money to donate and also those who have connections. There is usually some level of distinction between those people and the ones who may just be regular or maybe even attending on a scholarship. That is one thing that I'd like to see change you know the inequality in certain situations but then again I guess that is just life.
Best overall private school in the Albany area for boys and girls based on academics, athletics, school culture, college prep, clubs, student engagement and parent involvement. Although it’s not perfect, every school has areas for improvement. Most teachers are above and beyond outstanding but there are some exceptions. School had a family environment and looks after students’ best interests.
I have gone to The Albany Academies since I was three years old. I believe that is a very safe place for a child to attend. There is truly no bullying at The Academies, whether or not you are friends with everyone in your class you respect your peers. The administration does a very good job eliminating the problem of bullying at the institution. The teachers not only care about how you are doing in school, they also go out of their way to assure you are doing personally.
The Albany Academies has provided me with a very solid foundation for college. The learning, thinking, and researching techniques have all been first rate and have been taught through middle school onward. There is no doubt that the faculty is what makes the Albany Academies a wonderful school.
I've been going to Albany Academy for 15 years now and I've really enjoyed my time here. The teachers are great, classes are fun, and it's definitely helped me prepare for college.
I enjoyed the small community because I was able to form close relationships with my peers and teachers. I believed it prepared me for college and it was a great experience.
I am a senior at the Albany Academies for Girls and I would consider myself to be among the small percentage that has had the opportunity to attend the capital region's most challenging institution.
College readiness is very important to me as a parent, so I believe this is the best fit for my child. There is a problem with disparity of treatment depending on social status and staff is lacking experience in handling issues that have lead to bullying in some cases
My daughter is graduating from AAG and it has been a social nightmare. While the school's mantra is "family", that couldn't be further from the truth. A lot of smoke and mirrors as far as academics are concerned and there are no solid connections. It's just not that nice and it's small so it's difficult to escape the nepotism and phoniness. I can't tell you how many people have told me they can't even drive past the school once their kid graduates.If you are considering this school, I would recommend talking to real people who have sent their kids that have graduated rather than new parents who are still drinking the hopeful kool-aid. If you become involved, it's easy to believe all that this school is trying to sell because you so much want it to be true. After all your child is attending and you are paying for it. Again my recommendation is to find actual people who attended who are not on the board or have no vested interest in "selling" the school.
The Albany Academies adequately prepared me for college. I easily transitioned to the new environment and found the new workload fairly easy to manage, while competing at the Division 1 level. This is thanks to the rigorous work and compassionate teaching by those at Academy. I do think the school could improve upon it's social environment and better meet the social emotional needs of it's students, as well as their academic/athletic needs. I attend Academy for 12 years and, although the school environment does not fit my personality and if given the choice I might have picked a different school, it did give me a strong foundation for college and the years beyond.
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Great teachers and different traditions from normal school are only a small portion of what makes this school unique. I love the fact that it is not all boys or all girls all of the time, and that some classes are co ed. I also love having all single gender classes as well, i believe The Academies offer the perfect mixture of both. The only reason i rate 4 stars is because of the staff. There are too many staff on payroll, and no one has any answers to everyday questions, such as how to get additional scholarships. I found out from a class mate that you take it when you talk your entrance exam, but staff failed to tell us this. Other than that, i couldn't be happier with the school itself.
Awesome school! Love it all!
It really depends on the teacher. The fact is, your education in a particular subject could differ WILDLY depending on which teacher you get, even if they're teaching the same class. There are plenty of phenomenal teachers who are willing to help students and genuinely care about their jobs; however, there are a few teachers who REALLY need to reconsider teaching. Teachers are good overall, there are certainly more good than bad
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