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The Academy of Health Sciences - Prince George’s Community College Reviews

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Great Staff who actually care about the students. They go above and beyond to make sure students stay safe and educated. They also make learning fun through activities that make students want to participate.
I am a nursing major student , and so far my experience has been the best, the teachers in the department are cooperative and always ready to help, the resources are always available for the students to explore, and the math and tutoring center always ready to help .
AHS@PGCC has been a wonderful experience. It prepares students for college, though there is no sports or clubs available, you can still have the opportunity to join PGCC different clubs.
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This school has everything that I've been looking for and it is so conveying. I highly recommendthis school it helps me so much and I love it here. My experiencehere has been great I get the help that I need and it also works with my schdeule and the professors here are great they have alos helped me as much as they can .
A rigorous, but caring environment, filled to the brim with energy and purpose. You are hard pressed to find people there who do not feel they are prepared for the challenges life has to offer.
The Academy of Health Sciences is a great school and it's very challenging. It is for students who have iron wills and support others no matter what. The school also has its set of challenges including organization, administrations, and overall management. Despite that, it has an environment where students and teachers have can connect. This School is dual enrollment, and stress is common among students. The stress here is caused by the workload and uncertainty which is disorganization by the administration. This school also promotes competitiveness but still makes sure that all students are doing well. Every student in the school enters knowing that the stress will be there but, they also know their direction moving forward in life. The students in this school are the biggest factor that makes this school a great school. They are the ones who make the experience worthwhile. Students are always here to help if anyone needs it not only, in education but also in personal challenges.
It was a wonderful experience. Although we did not have a traditional high school experience, it was a good one that puts us at a better advantage than other kids. We obtained an associate degree.
This school is very good. The building although seems old from the outside, is modern in the inside. Classes are top notch and the teachers care. I personally took a course here and I feel like home. The students are welcoming and the area gives you a feeling of safety. Prince George's Community College is amazing because the professors are uplifting and really want to see you learn, the extracurricular programs imparts growth and elevates you to be a better student as each individual student does the same, The environment is definitely a catalyst for greatness if you so desire it. One thing that I would like to see change at PGCC would be the level of involvement that students play at the college. If more people were more involved in the activities, programs, and benefits that PGCC offers, we would be truly reaching the heights of our impact to our community. Professors such as Dr. Razario cares about you. The feeling that you are being taken care of gives you hope in passing.
I have met many people at this school, a number of which from other countries. This is a great environment to be in with excellent teachers and staff. I do not regret coming to this school.
As a freshman at the Academy of Health Sciences, I was worried that I was going to be bored throughout the whole experience because the school offered no sports or extracurricular activities. However, the school provided me we a tight-knit group of friends. Because the school is so small, the counselors and teachers are able to interact with each student. As well, the school prepares you for college by slowly introducing you to the type of work and dedication it takes to succeed in college.
This school opens a lot of door for opportunity, but its not for every one. You must be really dedicated/sure in what in your future because this school doesn't have your typical highschool experience.
I love the school's purpose and how they set up students in order for them to achieve the goal of an Associate's Degree efficiently while making sure students are developing responsibility, integrity, respect, and other values.
With a learning environment that is competitive and rigorous, this school is great academically. Also, the community and comraderie makes this place an amazing environment to grow socially and as a person. It's great.
I love this school honestly! Many of my peers would disagree with me. I love to be challenged and this school does just that. It's not a program for everyone as the work can be overwhelming, but it teaches you a hard work ethic. I got to meet great individuals who have similar expectations as to where they want to be in life and I learn new perspectives. For the first 2 years, it's not as fun and you will feel like you are missing out on traditional high school activities, but once you reach 3rd year (11th grade), there's so much freedom. Depending on your schedule, you can leave campus to go grab lunch with your friends. You become more independent and responsible for your own actions.
I have not been in the class but I am going to attend in the fall. I hear that it is good. I want to become a nurse because I want to make a difference because now and days we do not have very good nurse and it sucks because we have to wait for hours and I want that change. When I was a little girl I would always go to the hospital because of sickness that I have Had and ever since that I believe I always wanted to become a nurse.
I go to the Natatorium to swim and I also play racquetball there too. The new lighting in the pool area is wonderful. It was quite a wait to get the new lighting installed but the facility looks great!
The hot tub is very nice too. The Hot Tub was not in service so, I will be happy to use it once it is back in service.
The racquetball courts are okay and need a good sweep/mop daily. There are a few regulars who play there during the week and I hear there are even more racquetball players who gather there on Saturday mornings.
A nice facility with a caring staff.
PGCC is a nice school, wonderful Professor and Advisors.Who can help students succeed in their academics. I do appreciate all my professors and advisors.
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The Academy of Health Sciences @ Prince George’s Community College students are very competitive and hardworking. You always have to be determined in getting good grades because its hard to take college courses so early but not impossible. The teachers know how to prepare us and are very strict with our academics which is why we do not have any clubs or sports so we can stay focused.
The Academy of Health Sciences is probably one of the best opportunities one can sign up for when looking for a high school. The main draw is the curriculum, which allows you to earn an associate's degree at the same time as your high school diploma by making you a student of both the high school and PGCC, giving you a headstart in the college experience and higher level classes. All of this with a supportive staff allows one to easily get ready for college at a quick pace. Glad I went here.
While this program is rigorous it will prepare the future generations for college. This program allows the ability to receive an associate degree at the age of 17-18. This allows for a future in which there is more success in students. Throughout years of schooling the way it is taught gets harder and more intellectual for the future. This program also can allow access to other resources such as writing labs and tutoring centers that other schools may not have. We have also grown throughout the years we now allow a teacher preparing program that works with students who want to become teachers. I believe that this high school is worth it while there is a lot of work going in to it. You have to realize you are getting two years of college experience that others schools may not have provided. While there is dual enrollment it does not provide the associates degree like the academy of health sciences does. This school can help build the future generations to become successful.
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