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Thayer Academy is a fantastic school. In an world where mediocrity has become the rule, Thayer pushes its students towards excellence. All of its teachers are extremely intelligent, motivated, and care about their students.
The school has no advanced courses for students who wants to learn more, and in middle school you simply cannot take a more advanced course other than Algebra 1, which is really annoying. Rules at Recess is also so strict that you can't even slide down to get a football and try to push to get a ball with your friends-you'll earn a detention for that. The school also gives detention for all sorts of stupid reasons, plus they don't actually care about what level the students are on, they put kids that study advanced calculus outside school, earning a 5 on the AP into Algebra 1. Terrible.
It’s a school for rich kids, poor money management by administration.
Students more concerned with the type of car you drive and where you vacation. Money talks and also gets you into college - Ivy League not guaranteed. The tuition is the most expensive in Massachusetts and unlimited amount additional costs. No worries because several fees I was never billed for because of poor financial management.
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Thayer Academy is an amazing place to go to school. Most students take advantage of the many opportunities at Thayer. It is not uncommon for an athlete to also participate in the musical. Every department is full of teachers who are willing to go out of their way for their students. The close relationships I have with my teachers is what I think makes Thayer so special.
Thayer prepared me so well for college and the world beyond. I am immensely grateful for my experience especially in computer programming. I was over prepared for my college classes which gave me room for other interesting electives. At Thayer, the teachers are so devoted to their students and that 1:1 attention was so critical. Diversity of all respects could be improved but I think this could be said of many institutions.
It's a really good school and you can really tell your teachers want you to succeed. Though the population seems kinda homogeneous, you can find your fit if you try even just a little.
Your academic experience will never be prepared to take on the awesomeness that is Thayer Academy. It’s amazing that it’s diversity score is so low when diversity has been brought to table on many accounts with the school even having a director for it. It’s also kind of awesome how they give so much freedom to the kids allowing them to pursue another extracurricular area of particular interest. I feel that there was no better choice than right in Braintree, MA at Thayer Academy.
While Thayer certainly has a long way to go with diversifying their student body, my experience there was unmatched. Excellent, kind teachers and incredible opportunities. It was an overall great time.
Thayer is a magical place. The community is like family and the atmosphere is like no other. Students want to be there and teachers are amazing resources.
I go to Thayer Academy right now, and I love it. I have never met more interesting teachers/people in my entire life and I am inspired by them every day. I do think that extracurricular funding should be spread out more to support academic teams, such as Model UN, more and support more clubs and arts. Overall, the academic program is outstanding, I believe that Thayer is doing a great job preparing me for college and I love coming to school every day.
Thayer Academy has provided me and my peers with an inclusive community that I am heartbroken to be leaving. It was not easy for my parents to send me to Thayer, but they worked hard and were able to and every day I am grateful for it. Thayer is so successful at creating a sense of community because its curriculum is structured to ensure that all students spend time participating in varying fields of academics, athletics, and the arts. Students across interest groups and ages are thereby forced to work side by side, cultivating an intense feeling of family within the student body.
Having attended thayer myself it was impossible to send my child off to another school and ensure his being educated in a well rounded environment so he took the entrance exam and was placed in all the honors classes. Now he is extremely involved in extracurricular activities around campus such as giving tours, tutoring his peers, and plenty of volunteering opportunities. Without thayer my child would’ve never had the success they deserved!
Thayer Academy is actually increasing it’s attempts at developing a much more diverse atmosphere with a new department being made dedicated to that one cause. Sports is also a major proponent for success in Thayer’s atmosphere and the varsity soccer team just won their division championship! Also thayer holds one of the best track and field, ice hockey, and football teams in the ISL. Academically speaking thayer is a very difficult school to stay on top in but if you have a chance at success or studying a little longer then take it.
My children have gone their and they love it!! All my daughter talks about is how friendly everyone is and the AMAZING food they have for lunch there. It’s academically rigorous but allows for everyone to compete academically at their own pace and level.
Thayer offers a top notch academic experience that prepares students for the rigors of college. It also offers a rich cultural environment that prepares students for the real world.
My time at Thayer was difficult, but in the best way possible. I struggled, but that was the best part. Yes, the classes were challenging, yet they fostered a growth and dimensionality within students to extents that they never knew were possible. This school is not just about traditional education-- it's mission reaches far beyond words in a textbook to dreams, exploration and discovery.
Amazing hands on learning! Great sports and awesome academic opportunity! Truly a wonder to have been apart of a non superficial community that really embraces diversity and don't work as cliques. Every person there has a great story to tell once they leave and I hope you find yourself at Thayer as well!
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I love Thayer. The community is really welcoming. Students have the opportunity to be involved with so many extracurriculars. I played two sports, participated in the musical, played guitar in a jazz combo, and took pottery all at the same time. The one thing I wish I could change is that the best athletes and sports get the most attention and money from the school. I wish more attention went to other sports.
I attended Thayer throughout high school, and although it isn't very diverse, it lives up to its name as a college preparatory school. In fact I found the workload a lot more difficult here than I do in college now! It's very easy to connect with the faculty and staff here, and I plan on visiting Thayer at least once every school vacation just to catch up with my former teachers.
Thayer has challenged me in every way possible. Academically, one couldn't get any better. The opportunities provided for me is something I will be thankful for until I die. Spiritually, the atmosphere that surrounds the community is one of kindness and dedication to what pleases the student. I am grateful for everything Thayer has done. GO TIGERS!
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