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Graduated in 2018. Involved in many ways, but will never forget the experiences there. Very thankful for all the support made there!
This school definitely is nice. It depends on your teacher, but most of them actually truly want to help you succeed.
It has a stellar reputation but unfortunately once you become involved you easily can see the downfalls in communication and expectations.
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Tesoro was amazing for me I made so many friends and all of the activities that I was apart of I really enjoyed. The teachers taught me so much that I still use in my everyday life.
Attending Tesoro High School has been the best 4 years of my life. Students are well prepared for college and have many opportunities to become involved on campus.
It was a great experience. I was involved in music and have lifelong friendships and connections to the school.
The academics are above average, but the school lacks a little in diversity. The athletics program is very good.
Tesoro High School has been a great school. The traffic is awful in the mornings and at the end of school days. Overall Tesoro has a good education program and decent sports programs as well.
Tesoro High School is a school of the students. The teachers and the faculty at this school make the atmosphere for each and every student. The school's teachers are absolutely fantastic in the ways that they treat their students and care is shown to each and every person. The faculty make it clear that the students are their first priority and will always put them first. This is a school that knows how operate and provide an amazing education for their students no matter what their circumstances are!
I love Tesoro! Most of the teachers really care and are there to help you. There are countless programs to get involved in and it's easy to find a community that you fit into.
This is a very athletically motivated school, famous for its high sports performance. Its mascot is a titan. Tesoro High School includes students with different ethnic backgrounds. This high school has a good ranking among other high schools in its vicinity.
My experience has been great at Tesoro High School. The teachers at this school really want to help the students be the best they can. I feel safe on this campus and I enjoy attending this school. Additionally, I've met some really great friends. Their sports teams are competitive and we have great school spirit.
My experience at Tesoro High School has great because it is a good atmosphere to meet new friends and academically challenge yourself. Even though some of the teachers are not the most cooperative and the school is not very diverse, my experience has been overshadowed by all of the positive aspects.
I like just about everything at Tesoro High School. The teachers are great, the food is good, and the education is great.
The arts program is simply groundbreaking. Namely, the Grammy-award wining program has given students like me the opportunities to perform with artists like Jason Mraz and for celebrities like Quentin Tarantino. Furthermore, students interested in pursuing STEM have a plethora of course options and extracurricular activities to pursue that will definitely bolster their college applications.
Tesoro is a great public school. Probably the best in a large area. Academics are amazing and so is the school spirit. Administration is tough and needs some improvement.
It is a very good school where the staff care about the teachers. However, the students sometimes were disrespectful to our facilities and staff which made my time unenjoyable. However, there is something for everyone at Tesoro. Whatever someone is interested in, there is a club or a class for them. Teachers want you to learn and take real time and effort into teaching their content and making sure the students understand. The school deals well with conflicts and hard times, and makes sure everyone at the school has a safe place to go and talk to someone if they need. There are so many amazing people here and the teachers really prepare you for life.
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I'm in band, and the band program is great! Most of my friends are from band, so I had a good experience at the school. The only thing I would like to see change is some of the students are disrespectful and egotistical because their families have a lot of money and they grew up being able to do whatever they want. However, this applies to a small group of students, and the other students are nice people!
Tesoro is a great school where I have learned a lot and have been given many opportunities. I feel very prepared to go off to college and extend my learning abilities in college. Tesoro has brought me many friends and teachers who have supported me through my four years of high school.
Tesoro is a good school, but the teachers are very unmotivated, which rubs off on the students. The teachers are often uncaring and do not help students unless they are forced to by the administration. Some teachers are helpful and passionate, but they are few and far between.
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