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COVID-19 Update for Prospective Students and Families:

Our nation's educational landscape is changing rapidly due to the global pandemic. Terra Marin is on the forefront of what soon will be the future of education with 1. Full time Open Door/Window Classrooms 2. Extensive Online classes 3. For the families with high risk - Terra Marin Micro-schools To read more abour our Microschools, please check out at Learn More

70 Lomita Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941
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We believe intelligence goes far beyond the three R's (Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic) of past decades. We take a global view of your child that embraces her as a unique individual capable of developing multiple types of intelligences. We educate the whole child, striving for her holistic emotional, social and cognitive development. This synergy allows your child to feel simultaneously supported, safe and challenged.

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    Terra Marin School Reviews

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    We love Terra Marin! As parents of a child in the TK program, we have been welcomed by the administration to take part in the school - through being involved in the PTA, as well as helping in classroom activities.

    Starting from the top down, the focus is truly on the child. We receive weekly updates on the activities happening in the classroom directly from the teachers, and their feedback and openness is greatly appreciated.

    As parents, we also have a lot of input on the direction of the school, through PTA meetings, and the open communications with the school administration. Having attended a few PTA meetings I have observed that the suggestions provided from the parents are taken into consideration and implemented.

    Overall we are very happy with Terra Marin and the broad education (including weekly outdoor excursions) our daughter is receiving. She enjoys going to school and seeing her friends, and we are very excited to continue her journey at this school!
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    I've worked closely with multiple teachers and students at Terra Marin and I am constantly surprised and amazed by the school's adaptability and uniqueness. Terra Marin's strong faculty and staff have always expressed a robust sense of teamwork and collaboration, seamlessly handling activities and transitions and weaving together an outstanding bond not only between teacher and student but within the teachers themselves. Not only have I worked side by side with many of Terra Marin's faculty but I have learned under many of them as well. Observing the teachers' interactions amongst themselves has inspired me to create the same extraordinary connection with my peers. I look forward to learning from and with Terra Marin as we discover and push our boundaries past their previous limits together.
    My child thoroughly enjoys the program at Terra Marin. The curriculum is based on best practices and neuroscience research for effective learning. The teachers are experienced in their field and very engaging with students.
    My daughter particularly loves the experiential learning component - the hikes, nature walks, scientific journaling, clay making and all the life skills she is learning from the phenomenal earth educators. She comes home excited and eager to tell us everything about what she’s learned, seen or built throughout the day.
    The art and earth education components make Terra Marin so unique. Because the program is still small, the school is able to offer so much individualized support for my child. It’s something every child deserves.