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After being at TERRA for four years, I can say is that with TERRA you don't get as much as you expect but you still get a lot. The school has different academies and I can say that the academy you go into really does determine the experience you get. Being apart of the Biomedical Academy did show me that I wanted to pursue a medical career. TERRA is full of opportunities and the rigorous teaching style really does prepare you for college. Is it a fun school? No. Is it a school that will open doors for you? Yes.
If you want treated terribly by so called "professionals" come to terra. There maybe no bullying from student but there is definitely bullying from teachers and administration. If you're struggling, sorry figure it out cause no one will do anything to help you. I find it extremely disrespectful that they administration comments on girls bodies and the type of pants in correspondence to their bodies. If you have thick thighs and wide hips the top of the pants will obviously be a bit tighter even when the bottom legs of the pants are loose. Counselors will make you feel less then if you don't perform as well as other students academically. (More tan two B's). Administration especially does not understand the difference between stern, and disrespectful. Keep in mind this isn't coming from a delinquent student I had max two B's every quarter of high school and never broke rules. This is how the average student is treated.
TERRA is a good school. There are teachers that are there to help bolster you and want to see you become the best version of yourself.
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It was a nice experience. The teachers were kinds and helpful. A green cozy atmosphere. A nice selection of clubs, sports, and electives available. Fun Majors as well.
Coming into Terra as a transfer student in my sophomore year of High School was completely life changing for. The environment I was surrounded in made me feel like this was the school that I needed to be in and one that would be able to push my limits to be able to succeed in the future.
I loved how friendly the people in my school are. This school offers so many opportunities to explore what you might like, not only from the academies but from the clubs as well. The school offers so many different classes and most of the teachers are really amazing and are know what they are teaching. The staff are also very kind and are always there to help you.
I enjoy the academics and the numerous AP classes available. The teachers are always there to help in any way they can and since the school is on the smaller side, communication and reaching out is much easier. There are many sports and clubs to choose from which is really excellent and getting involved in activities is simple.
Terra environmental research institute allows students to pursue their passions and achieve academic goals which seemed impossible. Terra builds a road for students that allows you to succeed and build a better future for yourself whether it be academically or athletically.
I love the schools preparations for life in general. The way they teach the children things they will need in college and open doors like Engineering, Medical, and Environmental aspirations that will eventually help them get accepted into the college, job, and life they want.
Used to be a student here. Hated every second of it. Very glad I switched schools. It has a good reputation but literally every student hates it there.
The environmental program in my school is the best part; with the beautiful plants and fun garden work, it is overall the most enriching part of Terra.
I’d say TERRA is a great school, but not for everyone. It’s fantastic when it comes to academics and success rates, the school is clean, not crowded and the staff is very nice and helpful. However, it’s a small school, with a strict uniform, challenging curriculum and few sports.
Terra gave me the ability to further my educational career in an environment filled with positivity and great teachers. They assisted me in preparing for the next level in my college career and led me to a greater path towards scholarships and even better accomplishments. I would recommend Terra to any student looking for a great environment filled with great students and teachers that care about your future.
Terra is an amazing school if you want your kid to experience high school in a more personal setting. It is smaller than most high schools, but the education and standards are high!
I like how Terra Environmental Research Institute prepares you for college by offering a lot of advanced placement classes.
My overall experience with Terra Environmental Research Institute has been a great one. The school is always clean and all the teachers are open to assist you in whatever way they can. If I could change one thing it would be to add more activities that involve all students not just a specific group.
I feel like as far as college preparation it's a really good school and the fact that it's not too big allows a closer connection between students. I would say that it is a very demanding school students are encouraged to take challenging courses and AP classes . If you're bigger focus is on academics and getting to college then this is the school for you, but if you're more interested in athletics or dance or other activities Terra does have them just not as developed I would say as other schools.
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My experience at TERRA has been amazing so far. It is by far the cleanest school I have ever seen. The staff is very dedicated in making sure all students are safe and that everyones needs are catered to. It has high expectations for academics which pushes students to succeed. I am very happy at this school and I can't wait to continue there.
Terra environmental was a small school that allowed for students to build connections with their teachers and other peers. Although not a huge sports high school, Terra had a lot of clubs and activities that allowed for personal growth.
Great and Prestige high school, Holds academics to the highest standards, A real scholarly school. They are very strict and know what students to admit. Zero tolerance drug and bullying policy insures for a safe learning environment.
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