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Temple City High school is a pretty competitive high school academically. There is a large Asian community. While it does offer unique electives like Computer Design, the STEM clubs such as science olympiad and robotics have been budget cut. The sports field and track are in serious need of renovation. The field is grass and basically turns to just dirt and mud by soccer season and the track is an old dirt field that does not even have the correct measurements. 4 laps do not equal a mile on our track.
The administration, teachers, and staff are welcoming leaders within its clean campus. The environment is very inviting and many students are hardworking because of Temple City's supportive surroundings.
Temple City High is a really great school. The campus is not as big as other high schools in the area, but its very nice. There's a lot of activities to get involved in and a lot of really cool people, both students and staff. Academic wise, the teachers are helpful and effectively execute their teaching style to prepare students for college. For sports, it depends of which one you're looking at. but the teams here are good. The school is also pretty big on preforming/visual arts.
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I like that the faculty try to ensure a safe and friendly environment for the students. They also try their best to prepare their students for college with seminars and presentations. Despite being a fairly school, Temple City High manages to remain competitive in many aspects from their Science Olympiad team to their Brighterside singers.
Temple City High School is a decent school with many rewarding opportunities such as great friendships and fun CTE programs. The school is clean and well organized but there can be room for improvement in the Associated Student Body Organization. They have a huge variety of exciting clubs where many have competitions and help with community service hours. In addition, TCHS has many CTE programs that helps students prepare them for their future. Having different classes to choose from gives students a better look at their post high school plans. Overall, no matter what year you went to the high school, you will always be part of the Temple City Rams.
Temple City High School is a great learning environment for any student. Their faculty and staff are very friendly and helpful.
I liked going to Temple City High. My favorite department was the music department. That department definitely had it's act together the best. I can't think of anything I'd really like to see change. Possibly add a few more language options students can take.
I really loved how engaging and open almost all the teachers were. Every one you came in contact with had a smile and loved to help. This is a great school to attend if you are focused on education and working towards a four year university. If you are hoping find an occasional party or have party-esque school dances, Temple City High is not one of those places.
Teachers were helpful and enthusiastic when teaching. In addition, the environment for learning is pretty good, as there were necessary resources that could be used to better one’s learning experience
I think I like to see how the school was really small and how the teachers seemed very engaged with the students. They offered a lot of activities and clubs that were fun and they prepared me for college very well. I think the administration can be a little stuck up at times, but other than that, I generally enjoyed my High school experience.
Temple City High School is a school where there is a lot of learning and having fun is involved which is super cool. The thing that I would like to see change is to have better faculty and more qualified teachers.
Overall, it is a decent school. The teachers love their jobs which helps us build a relationship with each other. I wished faculty diversified their spendings to other sports and the performing arts. Our district is small, so a lot of the students grew up with each other.
Most of the teachers are hardworking and on top of their schedule planning with the pandemic that is going on as of right now. I appreciate having the rest of the year schedule listed and being able to plan out my days.
A decent school that offers many Ap/Honor Classes! I have attended this school for three years and I experienced a lot of Asian Culture. This school is the majority of Asian American so if you want a more diverse campus, I would not recommend this distrct.
As a student of Temple City High School, I have teachers that actually care about a student to some extent but never put the effort for that particular student. Whenever I walk around there are always students that sit alone in the shadows of our school crying and I always try to be there for each and every one of them. However, I am only one student when there are many teachers and staff who lounge in their offices. To add on, as a part of TCHS ASB, I associate closely with the staff and teachers. They soothe students that they will always be welcome to talk but end up not keeping their word. In an attempt to tackle this challenge, I’m involving my close friends to walk around campus with me in an effort to talk to students who distance themselves from others. Next year, I’m considering creating a club that specifically helps out students that have trouble making friends or are shy. I want to be the influence to create a better environment that every student could feel accepted.
The school itself is nice, however, the people there aren't so nice. The teachers are really helpful and nice, the staff also. Overall, the school is mediocre because of academically it is and also financially. My personal experience of it is that it's boring because we do not have that many fun events. It felt like a walkthrough every day I went to school. Temple City for me was a bunch of ups and downs, the downs being my first three years there. Senior year is fun but sadly it is on hold due to the corona virus pandemic that is going on right now.
I found students and teachers at Temple City High School to be very supportive and hardworking. I have not heard of any cases of drug use, but there is a small group of students who vape. Temple City High School provides a very safe and friendly campus along with opportunities to take many AP classes. However, it does lack multiple popular AP classes, and students have very little options in the lower grades.
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Temple City High School is a varies culture high school which you can experience the best time in here. Teachers are all nice to help you out whenever you having trouble for this school. It's competitive too, however you will know most of the smarter people in here.
I could describe Temple City High School in one word...ambitious. The reason why I say ambitious is because of the overall action portrayed by each and every individual at this school. Almost everyone on campus, seems to be busy. Everytime I walk around, I see students moving with intent, moving with a purpose. Not only does the students show this, but the staffulty as well. Students wanting to get to class, get things done, and to work hard in every single activity they do. Teachers wanting to teach, grading as soon as possible for students, and trying to keep up with their everyday lives. The desire, the ambition of the individuals at Temple City High School creates a diverse experience throughout the year. Each person has their own goals to reach, and are desperately trying their best to get to the top.
Temple City High School has a pretty competitive environment, as many of the students are aiming to do well in school, and quite a few are aiming to get into top colleges.
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