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The environment is very safe. Most students get along with all the teachers, teacher care very much for all of their students. TBS really helps a student at a young age to get the hang of doing lots of work and studying. Although sometimes it seems like it’s too much, but I’ve realized they are just challenging me and helping me for the future. There are some things TBS should do; help students in college readiness and start or have clubs and after school activities.
The school is well-kept and beautiful. The technology is pretty advanced. The college prep resources are good in that they let us take ACT prep tests to help us. Teachers are always willing to help after school.
The school has cameras at every entrance. The doors are all locked after school has started. If someone wants to get into the school they have to buzz in and the secretary opens the door if they know who it is. If they don't know who it is they ask and then they take care of it. The school is very safe and we have never had a problem in all the years I have been there. There is no bullying tolerated.
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The school offers private music lessons in which many students were heavily involved in.
The principal has gained respect of his students and parents. The staff is always available for counseling and they guide us through the Bible. The rules and dress code are all put in place to help the academic environment thrive as much as possible. The administration is composed of hardworking people who are concerned with the well being of the students and the school in general. The parents are always informed of what is going on with the student.
I felt very prepared for college after graduation. My freshman year was not very hard at all because Temple definitely prepared us well. They encourage us to pursue higher education and that wherever we go to do our best. They don't really help too much with scholarship searching though, but because of the great academics we are capable of applying for many scholarships.
The teachers in this school have integrity. They are also very knowledgeable and I may say experts in their fields. They always knew answers to our questions and if they didn't they would quickly find out for us. They want their students to learn and succeed and are willing to help them. The schooling is difficult, but we are well equipped for college. Would never trade my teachers for any others.
For the students involved in sports, there is a competitive, enthusiastic spirit. The facilities are in average condition, but despite not having prime equipment, the school's teams perform excellently. Injuries are very limited occurring only once a season.
There is very little peer pressure. The school has formed into one big cliche in which everyone is involved. There are students from all over the world, ranging from England, India, Uganda, China and many other countries.
The school has strict standards, and expels or dismisses potential threats.
This school is rigorous and requires more academically than the average Public school. The teachers are amazing and the teacher-student ratio is 1:3, giving you the best possible education.
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