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Campus culture was not very welcoming unless you were extremely involved in clubs/extracurriculars. I was in AVID which prepared me well for college.
I loved my experience there; however, I believe that has more to do with the time I spent and who with. While some teachers were exemplary and absolutely innovative and engaging, many others were underqualified and simply did not know the subject material that they were teaching. The Associated Student Body lacked creative ideas and made overall unappealing events, but I believe that can partially be attributed to a small budget. The larger events such as prom were often very fun and fascinating.
Temecula Valley High is the biggest school i've been to. The campus is a little dirty and the administration does not enforce campus cleanups and sanitary much. Overall I like the schools resources and the great classes that help with college resumes.
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Temecula valley high school is a great school to go to. Honestly it’s not a bad high school experience and probably better than the other high schools in terms of opportunities you get here. The teaching here is really good and the amounts of ap classes as well as dual classes offered by the school helps out for college. The clubs and events that take place are really well planned and funded. I’d love to see change on funding for sports, put more funding into other sports besides football and wrestling.
Works extremely hard constantly! Super nice and always thinking about everyone and updating us. Has done everything they could to keep us updated and let us know as soon as they know anything.
most math teachers aren't that good. a good amount of AP teachers are really nice and good at what they do. a few teachers are passive aggressive and look down on their students because they think every teenager isn't smart and a liar.
While not every school is perfect, TVHS comes very close. I am happy I went to this high school. I feel as though the faculty really care about the progress each student makes in order to be prepared for college. To this day I am still in touch with teachers that I have had as mentors that continue to take the time to help me achieve!
I had a very good experience, good activities and programs and many ways to get involved. There is a lack of overall school spirit that can be worked on.
When I first started off as a freshman all these clubs and classes seemed exciting for me to start and it has been! There are a variety of things to choose from and easy to get involved. The teachers are always fascinated with the subject they teach so it makes it easier to learn. One thing I like about this school is that if we want to change something in our school they allow us to show it and don't shut us down. If I could change anything about this school it would be the diversity and respectfulness and then it would be the perfect school!
As an incoming TVHS senior, I've really enjoyed my past 3 years. I've taken mostly AP courses the entirety of my high school career, and I'd really really recommend that path to any incoming students. All of the AP teachers that I've had are some of the best people on the planet. There's a lot of clubs to join and super cool elective classes to take, too.
This school is the reason I have my doubts of the edu system. Special edu programs do not help those students prepare for the future. College is not as hard as AP classes are. AP classes all consist of students memorizing a book 3x as thick as the regular class book and taking a really hard test. College is not that hard in comparison. There were a lot of teachers that openly took advantage of their tenor. Resources such as the computers were 10 years outdated when I went and as a result I would not be able to turn in assignments (school resources are used in lieu of home resources). I probably had one teacher all four years that prepared me for the critical thinking of the world. In conclusion, inclusion sucks here. I sat in the back of 75% of my classes silent for three out of the four years I went here and no one ever talked to me.
this school is decent. i’ve made some of my very best friends there, but there are definitely some things that should change. i feel like there needs to be more acceptance of differences.
I loved going to Temecula Valley High. The teachers were very helpful when students struggled and academics always came first. The only thing I would change is making academics harder to be more similar to college courses.
I've had an eventful and interesting experience at Temecula Valley High. Throughout my 4 years of being there, I've made a few close and wonderful friends to share my time with in class and outside of school. However, I've also partaken in a protest held there against anti-hate speech because there have been and continues to have multiple issues with slurs and offensive language and not enough appropriate action to shut it down. Otherwise, I've enjoyed my teachers, classmates, and courses provided by the school.
I think our school has a great location, huge school spirit, low problems, veteran teachers who are young but smart. We have an awesome Principal, ASB and Athletic department with a really high percent of student involvement. Our school is friendly, pretty clean and safe. Our performing arts has the best talent, we have a first class chef kitchen for culinary. Our students participate in everything from small organized groups to huge pep rallies and football games. We are tied to our community as well with large community service participation. The only thing I can recommend to make our school better is its appearance. Since the main color of our school is brown, it always looks more dingy and dirty than it really is, but it definitely could use major steam cleaning a couple times a year and they don't.
Overall I am blessed to go to such an amazing school. I am proud to be a Temecula Valley High School Golden Bear.
The teachers I encountered have been very knowledgeable in their area and truly care about their students' success.
I love most of the staff, But there is some improvement to be made. The district is very strict and they have some stupid rules that they have enforced.
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Temecula Valley High School feels like being at home. I walked onto campus as a new freshman and was embraced with open arms. But I was a lucky individual for I know that hate speech became a large problem on the basis of race. I would love to see that be solved in the next few years.
I have gone to this school for all 4 years, I have really enjoyed these past years. I have had my ups and downs with teachers and staff there for support. This is a safe space for students and I recommend my school.
I like the overall atmosphere at Temecula Valley High School, and I feel it prepared me well for college
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