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I liked how Tea Area High School taught me important lessons that I am now using after graduation, I felt like they did prepare me well for our futures. For a change, I would like to see the music/art department to get more funding. It was disappointing how biased the activity director is and how clear he wanted sports, particularly football and men's basketball, to succeed through the resources given to those sports.
It's a great high school! It has about 100 students per grade and is great for parents who want their students in smaller classes where everyone knows everyone else. The only problem with this, is that drama is extremely present. Rumors and bullying are prevalent, but not bad if you stay out of the limelight. The teachers are mostly great, very helpful to the students and great resources for out of class help. If you can go to a teacher crying and they console you, you're in a good school. While the teachers are nice and most are lenient and laid back, the grading scale is rough. Anything lower than a 95.5% means you'll no longer get the 4.0 you need to raise your GPA back up.
It's a great school, with amazing programs in athletics and arts. As far as academics go, it has fairly high standards. I am engaged in all subjects except science. I am unable to provide much insight on the matters of diversity or facilities, as I have only ever gone to this school. I will say, however, that you must take college preparation into your own hands if you come here. They have plenty of opportunities to get ahead, but you need to pick your college and career before any of it can really be useful.
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Tea Area High School is a good small town school where everybody knows everybody. The teachers take their time with each student getting to know them and learning how to accommodate to teach certain students if they need extra help.
I liked how close the students are in grades. Not too big, not too small. Teachers are caring, friendly and extremely helpful.
I loved going to Tea because it was a pretty big school but everyone was still close. The atmosphere at tea was nice, teachers knew their students personalities and if something washing on and the student was doing well in class, the teachers would take it into their hands to help them as much as possible. Everyone was involved in something whether it was sports, band, debate, or choir. The whole school cared about everything and made sure they involved the entire community. My experience at THS helped me become outgoing, friendly, and caring. It shaped me to be the person I am today. I am very grateful for everything the school, teachers, and community has taught me.
Tea Area High School is passionate about sports and every year is increasing their passion for education itself. More and more teachers are encouraging students in school and on the court/field which creates a desire from the students to make their teachers proud. Go Titans!
Im posting this so that we are better than Lennox because at the moment we are a C and they are a B. what the heck!!
My experience with Tea High School was, overall, a very good and enjoyable experience. Everyone there is very friendly and very welcoming. The one thing that I do not like is the emphasis they put on the final project.
I would like to see more focus and funding for the arts. It seemed like sports were more important than anything. Something that would have benefited myself and some of my classmates would have been more challenging courses. During my time at this school, there were very few opportunities to take Advanced Placement courses and the few that were available weren't necessarily the ones that would be most beneficial.
Tea Area is a wonderful high school. The community very tight knit and we are like one big family. Education along with athletics prosper here. I love the interest the staff takes in each student to ensure they are on the path to graduation.
I've attended Tea Area School District since kindergarten. I've build friendships with a lot of my classmates, but as time went on we all eventually drifted apart. I met my best friend here and have created my whole high school career at this school. Though I wasn't involved in sports, this school will always be a part of my past and I wouldn't want it any other way! Great teachers, good administration, and very focused on sports and activities.
The Tea Area School District is a great school district. It offers great opportunities and gets people involved. With it being a smaller school, the relationships between the staff and students is well developed.
I've been bullied a lot at Tea Area High School. It's a decent environment, but the teachers and principals don't do much to stop bullying. Our academics are also not as good as some of the Sioux Falls district schools.
I feel like everyone is very friendly.
My daughter says she enjoys all of her classes and has no complaints about any of the teachers.
I don't really feel ready for the "real world", but I'm not completely lost.
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Plenty of coaches that are always willing to help, and the facilities are pretty nice for a high school.
The counselor isn't usually available, and the times that they are, they are busy with someone else.
We got a few exchange students, but not too many.
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