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I had a great time at Taylorville High School. I made awesome memories, with amazing friends, and was able to be a part of some awesome extracurriculars.
The Taylorville Sr. High School's students were very involved in their high school. There were many clubs and activities that the students put on themselves to increase school spirit. Recently, the high school put in a STEM lab that helped the science and math students learn with better tools. The school also put in a new track and turf football field. I would like to see better computer labs in the school to help the students write their English papers. I would also like to see the school pay more attention to the art and music programs instead of the athletics.
I have enjoyed high school a lot, but the administration is a bunch of men who only care about football. No money or funds go to any other clubs or sports like soccer, theatre, art and etc.
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There is a lot of stuff that goes unnoticed at Taylorville including excessive bullying and other issues including rape. There aren't a lot of resources for topics that make the average person uncomfortable. There is absolutely no sex ed as of now, but they are introducing an abstinence course for freshmen, which is not going to help anything because teenagers will be teenagers. Teachers are friendly, but accelerated classes are super easy, and nothing is challenging.
Taylorville Senior High School needs to focus more on college readiness and less on busy work. Students do not receive an adequate education and, therefore, must work harder than other students once they reach college.
I don’t feel that the school did a very good job at preparing students for college. The school is ran on who you know and not how well you did. The teachers resent budget cuts and most have a bad attitude about learning, plus all of the budget cuts have removed programs that are different than the normal curriculum.
The teachers at Taylorville High School make you feel welcomed and they show that they want to be there and teach you. The student body's school spirit shows at all sports games. School pride is strong at Taylorville and everyone is supportive of each other. The down falls at Taylorville is that they do not address bullying as firmly as it should be. The principal takes care of it when it is reported to him but there are times when teachers try to take things into their own hands and end up doing nothing about the problem. There is not many times when bullying happens but when it does, you never know if the teachers or those who are supposed to handle it are going to do it the way it should be handled. Overall, Taylorville is one of the better high schools I have seen. Though our sports teams may not be number one, we still have high school spirit and the teachers lift us up whenever they can.
Most of the teachers are very nice and will connect with the students. Other teachers have trouble connecting or they pick favorites. The school could be cleaner there is a bug problem but is better than previous years.
Teachers care about student and have lots of oppprtunities available. I was able to take a law enforcement class my senior year at a near by school to help me understand what my college major is my be!
Recently, our community had a referendum going around. The referendum would pay for all electives, music programs, athletics, FFA, and extracurriculars. Our students joined together and said collectively, "We will pass this referendum." From a junior student's commercials, the tax referendum gained coverage; they were even played for two months before any movie seen in our town's local movie theatre. I loved our efforts to push this thing through in the name of a better education.
The staff was patchy. Some really loved their jobs, while others didn't seem to want to be there. The school itself was in decent condition. Violence was not a problem. Student were very clicky but none were outright mean. Sports is the number one thing in the town, and they will let you know it.
I thoroughly enjoyed high school here. Everybody was so close in each class and there was nothing quite like coming together to cheer on the football team every Friday night.
The education part isn't the greatest but the sports have a all together feel like you can really be apart of something great
There's a total of like 4 teachers that actually try to teach and get the students to learn and understand
The school does take bullying seriously and have a serious course of action when someone is found guilty of the offense. As far as safety, we live in a low (violent) crime community. The school does enforce a locked door system and emergency notification system to parents. Luckily, in the four years I have been there, I have only seen police present when there has been an issue with a student possessing drugs on school grounds. I am not completely aware of the safety controls as far as health programs and resources go. We do have a school nurse that is on campus every day and I am sure there is a system in place for health emergencies. I have never felt unsafe while at school.
The extracurricular opportunities are vast. The school offers music, art, many sports for both genders, student council, key club, and our most fun option - Purple Reign (student spirit club). Purple Reign has approximately 450 members and their primary focus is to cheer on the athletic teams. They come to the games sporting their uniquely designed tshirts or sometimes in whatever themed attire they have decided on for that specific night. They perform chants in unison and become very loud! This gets the players fired up and the games are full of energy! The administration does support and encourage these clubs and organizations and is usually at most of the events.
Growing up in a small town, you await the day that you can finally become part of the high school student body that you admired as a young child. I have enjoyed my four years at this school and made so many friends. Being a cheerleader and being involved in many activities during my time here, has lead me to so many great experiences that I will never forget. More than anything, I will miss homecoming. The spirit week leading up the game is a fun week and most of the school got involved. The homecoming game is the most well-attended game of the year and our student spirit group comes out in force. We tailgate before the game and celebrate at a bonfire after. The dance is always special too - naming of attendants and king/queen, and all the dancing with friends. My proudest moment though, is when our class came together after losing three classmates to tragic deaths. We had to attend three funerals for three seniors in our last semester of high school. Our class held many fundraisers to raise money for a special memorial to be placed on the school grounds in their memory. It is truly something I will never forget. For these reasons, I couldn't imagine attending high school anywhere else.
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I do believe most of the teachers have good intentions and are very knowledgeable in their area of teaching. However, after four years of high school, I have been made to feel too many times that I cannot go to my teachers for help. I am made to feel incompetent at times and other times, I am burdening them. Therefore, I spend a lot of extra time searching for answers that could have easily been addressed in a few minutes, if given the time. This is not true for all teachers, of course, but in my opinion, it applies to the majority. As far as grading, I feel it has been consistent, by teacher. My hope is that the teachers will read surveys like this and work on better communication with their students, even through the redundancy of their job.
There is no AP classes avaiable at all at this school, and I feel this would help us prepare for college.
I think the school is pretty safe and they know how to take care of problems safely.
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