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I have gotten a pretty good experience going to this school. I have enjoyed only a handful of teachers, subjects, and clubs. It feels like an average high school. We don't have much school spirit, or excel at sports. But it's a good environment for an average high school.
Taylorsville was such a great community. The staff really cared about my education and taught me life lessons to help me outside of just education.
I think that Taylorsville High school is a good school because the teachers actually care about their students and respond to emails. When doing online school my sisters have a hard time because the teacher course is confused and they don't respond to messages or emails. So knowing that most of my teachers do care and email the students is good for me.
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I had a very unique experience at Taylorsville after moving states. One thing I really was amazed is how it's a closed building. First I wondered why? because In California all schools are opened buildings. Then I came with the conclusion that in California we never get snow and in Utah we get snow every winter. Also the teachers are very helpful and are always willing to help with assignments. Another little detail that had me amazed was that the students were allowed to go of for lunch as long as they came back on time, in California you are not allowed to leave the premises with out having a parent or guarding's permission. Lastly my senior year was the hardest and the amount of help I got from the counselors was amazing! They were always on top of what I needed too complete all my credits and they always made sure I had all the resources I needed to be able to graduate. Overall I had a great experience and if I could I would definitely go back.
I was never very much of a "people person", but the students and faculty at Taylorsville High were very engaging with me and helped me to learn very important skills. They helped me in pursuing my goals, still cheering for me every step of the way. The teachers were excited to teach us, the students were welcoming and accepting, and the faculty were reliable. I could tell people genuinely cared about me and the environment helped me establish and expand independence, responsibility, and work ethics.
I loved going to Taylorsville. My mom, uncles, and little brothers all went to Taylorsville Highschool. Most of the teachers really care and enjoy their job. I loved playing for their sports teams and orchestra.
I loved the feeling of school spirit at Tville, I am glad to be a WARRIOR. The teachers are usually very good, there are a few that I had a rough time with, but I believe they have all left now.
School is small and not big enough for the amount of students that attend. Great school to enjoy some diversity here in Utah.
I did like the fundraisers and the incredible student body participation in all of the activities. As a transfer, I felt that I probably didn't get an accurate understanding of the school, having only been there for my senior year. But compared to the other school that I went to, I enjoyed this high school a lot more. I loved being involved in art club, and I enjoyed the sense of community in Taylorsville.
I had the very best High School experience you could have had. I was part of the student government and I feel we really made a difference. It was very sad my high school career was cut short with the pandemic but I am so glad I had the time I had.
I really enjoyed that no one was left out. There was a club for everyone, and no one was to no because of who they are. I cannot think of a better school that I could have gone to. The only thing I would have changed is the type of student activities. Almost all of the student activities were based on sports. I would have liked to see other activities.
Taylorsville High School is a very unique School. We have very good AP academic classes. I personally love all the AP teachers I've had they've been so kind and help me do very well on the test. Our student body is very involved in general with pep rallies in sports events. I personally love when we have sports weeks and we decorator School in our school colors. Our school is 39 years old so I love when it's all decked out in our school colors it kind of livens up the place. I am so excited to be able to go back and see all are very diverse population of students. I miss them very much during this pandemic. I've been going to Taylorsville for 2 years and I have found that most of the teachers are amazing and follow the wonderful policies very well. Overall I love my school it definitely has its problems with some of the students however that's to be expected in this free world. I'm so thankful for the time I have had at Taylorsville.
I graduated from Taylorsville in 2018. I loved this school. I graduated with 13 cords, I also played soccer, softball, and basketball. My senior year my dad was in a car accident the staff and students helped me.
Taylorsville High School is an amazing school that represents a variety of different cultures and people. There are many opportunities to learn and grow that are available to anyone.
The student body officers are very inclusive and now how to work together to run the school. The administration and teachers do a great job of keeping students on track for graduation. Janitors and cleaning staff keep the school clean as any good learning environment should be.
I love the sports programs, and the coaches I get to work with. I feel like we have good school unity and support.
All of my teachers were fantastic, even the ones that were relatively not as good made up for it with fun personalities and caring for their students. I made some friends that I’m still close with and that’s honestly all I think someone needs - good teachers and friends to make.
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I was a student at Taylorsville from 2016- 2019. This school offers many opportunities to its students. While I was attending this school I was able to participate in many different extracurricular activities. The school itself was always pretty kept up and clean. The administration and staff always made it a point to make the students informed and feel safe at the school no matter what is going on. My experience at this school was a very good one. I was able to really grow not only as a student, but also as a person. I would recommend this school to anyone that wants a fun and safe learning environment.
I love the diversity that we have there but there is still favorites. One of the thing i wish we could change is how the teachers favorite students. Especially the cheerleaders, and Student body, and even and athletic boys or girls.
The teachers are incredible. Not only are they understanding but they are determined to see you succeed. The principal genuinely cares for all of the students and works diligently to have experiences in the school to benefit the student body. There is always someone willing to help you out and it is easy to find a friend. The whole school is very inclusive and there is so much support. Taylorsville is a place that cares and prepares you for the future.
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