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I was very engaged in my high school experience through Taylor High School. It is a very welcoming school, and it was easy for me to find extracurricular things that I enjoyed. There aren't cliches within the school, so everyone talks to everyone and gets along. It really feels like family here.
I liked how involved the teachers were with my education. They were like friends to me, and their only goal is to see the students succeed. I also like how many different extra curricular activities there were that you can be involved in. The only thing I would like to see changed is more diversity within the school. In my senior class there’s only 5 African Americans, and no other ethnicities except a couple Mexicans.
I liked nearly all of the teachers in the school. They are professional when it comes to education and friendly when it comes to that students. It's a small school, so almost everybody knows almost everybody which is nice.
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Taylor High school is a great school I recommend to anyone involved in clubs and diversity. They need to fix the facilities and the food, it's all outdated!
I think Taylor is a great school. The one great idea Taylor started doing was the MASH for the kids who didn’t do their work.
I really enjoyed my time at Taylor and I had several great teachers that really went above and beyond what is expected. Because Taylor High School is a small school, the teachers are able to focus on students one on one and help with any problems or just work more individually to make sure the students fully understand the material that is covered throughout their classes. Taylor High School has several clubs and are pushing to expand every day. My favorite part there was the art department, and now they have an entire building dedicated to the arts. Mrs. Dishon is one of my favorite teachers ever, and she is one of the most caring and genuine people I have ever known.
I like most of the teachers at the school. Most of them seem to be there to help the students, and they will put after school time into students if they need the help. For changes although. Punishment is one thing; it dealt with poorly at the school for one. Also some convocations or just classes seem like they were not put together very well.
I like Taylor High School because it is a smaller school and everyone there is like family. The advantage of small schools like Taylor is that you are able to get more one on one help from teachers. Everyone is supportive at Taylor. Taylor focuses on bettering every student and encourages students to participate in community work and helping others. We take pride in helping our community!
Taylor is a small school, but it is nice. You have a nice community of support around you and the teachers actually try to get to know you. Taylor is a good learning environment because of that. Most people know each other and they welcome new students great.
Poor culture at the school. School administration is poorly led and teachers not expecting enough of students. Recent sports facilities upgrades giving the school some needed pride: turf football/soccer field, new tennis courts, added parking.
Taylor is a good school. Everyone is caring and kind-hearted. Because it is a small school, you can connect with other students and teaches. The way certain teachers teach could be better.
Being a smaller school, the school offers great chances for students to learn what they are interested in. Plus, the school has a great staff of teachers that will always be there for support.
I am a senior at Taylor. I enrolled my junior year and instantly fell in love with it. Taylor is a small community school but allows the students to be involved with anything and everything without any judgement. The faculty at Taylor are wonder I have become best friends with half of them because of how kind hearted and welcoming the people are. The want to help each and every student become successful and i can say they are doing the best job they can. Some of the things I would change at Taylor are requiring all freshman to take college prep and careers to help them become acknowledged and not waiting the last minute of senior year to star thinking about the future. Another thing I would change is accepting every student no matter the background because as seen on the news those students have caused issued in our community and that is not what the school is known for.
At Taylor there is a wide variety of culture and diversity. The staff never turned anyone away for reasons regarding the color of their skin or where they came from. Taylor had a great variety of students, and we learned in class about many different cultures.
At Taylor High I did not ever feel unsafe. I always knew the school had many different systems in place to keep the students safe. I also felt very comfortable with my teachers because I knew I could talk to them if I was ever in an unsafe situation. The high school is a great school regarding safety and health. It was a blessing to go to school and know you were safe.
The extracurricular opportunities at Taylor have many different areas. They are very good about having a variety of sports, music, clubs, and study groups. The level of commitment is minimal for certain groups and for others demanding (just as in college). I would say Taylor has good extracurriculars and has a good variety for the large variety of students!
The experience at Taylor High school was good for me. It did have some downfalls in quite a few areas. The kids at the school are very into their own specific group of friends because it is such a small school. It makes it hard for kids who are shy to get the experience of having friends. It also makes it difficult for sports because parents are coaching which leads to favoritism. The only downfall of the school would had to have been the social relationships between the kids. There were also some children who came to the school after being kicked out of another school. This made the dynamics change because we then had kids who had committed felonies and did drugs hanging around the kids who have clean records. The bad prrsoalitites rubbed off on the good ones making the school slowly become more and more of the problem school.
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The teachers at Taylor High School are great. The provide the tools necessary to do homework, ask for help, and give kids success. The teachers want students to work hard, participate in class, and really put their all into their education. They strongly urge students to email them with any questions, come in to class early for help, and to stay after for study time or one on one. The teachers genuinely care for the students and their grades because all they want is for kids to be educated, successful, and to have what it takes to further their education in college.
I went to this school my entire academic career and they have come a long way!
There are quite a few extracurriculars, you just have to find what you're interested in.
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