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At Tantasqua, I was able to achieve a lot in my four years of being there. I was encouraged to push myself to work hard in the classroom and find my place in the school community through clubs and teams. All of my teachers offered their help and knowledge to further expand my understanding of the class and fulfill my goals of receiving high grades. I enjoyed participating in after school activities, such as student council, where we did our best to bring the school and students together with events, including pep rallies, spirit weeks, and community service opportunities. The sports teams were also a lot of fun. I was able to make friends with other athletes I might not get to meet in the classroom, so I had friends everywhere throughout the school. I believe the school has some room for improvement in the guidance office. I wish I was able to meet with my counselor more during my four years there so they could've known me for college applications and recommendation letters.
Tantasqua Regional High School is a very welcoming environment to all students! Students are provided with a solid education that is sure to help achieve their academic goals as well as developing a mature mindset.
Tantasqua was an amazing highschool that prepared me well for college. I took many college level courses here because they offer such a great variety, which allowed me to graduate a year early. The teachers truly care about your learning and success, and the quality of education rivals my friends who went to private school.
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Great variety of extra curricular, when you are ready to help yourself they will help you! Good variety of class choices, academic and technical.
Great school, great teachers an office staff. It was well worth all the daily traveling (school of choice) to see two kids receive their high school diploma from Tantasqua. One left there with a trade and the other is college bound.
Tantasqua is a decently challenging high school with little diversity. Tantasqua's math and science departments are strong while english falls behind a bit. The athletics are okay, nothing to special.
Excellent building, good food (surprisingly), the pool is fantastic, and the student body, while (very) diverse in political views, tends to be more accepting of everyone's views than close minded.
Great place to learn. Prepared me for college in ways I can't even explain. I felt so far ahead of everyone else. Tantasqua truly gave me a great education.
The school is good ,the teachers for the most part are ok . So teach others not so much. The administration is supportive but tend to look the other way instead if dealing with problems . The athletic director could use some training . Athletics are pretty good but could be better is treating ALL sports equally .
I liked the opportunities, sports, food, hour and a half long classes, friendliness of everyone, the effort of teachers, but was disappointed in the lack of options in class choice.
Staff couldn’t care less about students, all funding goes to sports, there aren’t any real repercussions to anything. I’ve had teachers tell me they hope I die, make fun of me in class, hit/throw things at me, etc. Guidance doesn’t care and just wants you out of their hair. Student athletes are treated better than others & favoritism is a major problem.
Love my school, it has been great to me. Allowing me to take both academic and technical courses to see what I really like. The student body is diverse but not as diverse as other urban school but I think that is due to location. There are no perfect schools but Tantasqua provides a positive environment for learning.
I moved here from back in 2016, and it was a major difference from my old high school. The school has a lot to offer, and I feel like it’s better preparing me for college than my old high school did.
Very friendly and caring communities and teachers. People get along at our school very well and are very kind. The teachers are very very smart, fair, and caring about the students.
Tantasqua is a great school! It provides a diverse amount of opportunities that fit with the needs and wants of its students. It provides students with different classes and learning experiences that will allow them to study what they are interested in. There are many teachers who are great at what they do and work well with the students.
I really love Tantasqua and I am so glad that I get to have the privilege to attend here. I am on the technical program of hospitality management and I am also in the marching, concert, and jazz band. It`s AMAZING here!!!
Tantasqua High School is full of very intelligent young men and women- unfortunately 1/3 of these same students don't put any effort into their school work. I was one of those. I did my work, and I did it well, but I got all B's when I could have had A's. There is also a huge drug problem- weed gets passed around on campus occasionally and about half of the students are smoking it off campus. The teachers are what make this school so great- they really are miracle workers. My biggest complaint about this school is their refusal to admit they have a drug problem within not just the slackers but within the honor students as well- sometimes even more so. Also it's fair to point out that the school is about 85% white. My graduating class had only five black students- and three of them were triplets.
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Overall, my experience at Tantasqua was worth the twenty minute commute everyday. The building was lovely and the faculty was dedicated to their jobs. I have no complaints about Tantasqua.
Overall great school! Students and staff are very welcoming and helpful! There are many programs offered after school and sports teams to join.
The school is beautiful and the teachers really do their best to help all of their students. They are all so nice & most are available for help whenever it is needed. As with every high school, there are plenty of students who lack the motivation needed so some of the classes can be rough.
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