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Tamanend Middle School Reviews

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It is a great, kid-friendly, sociable school. Teachers and students are both very encouraging, nice, and helpful. Everyone is open and ready to provide support in any way possible.
Tamanend has many activities and music opportunities, even more than most high schools not in the CBSD district. There are a few higher level classes, but even in middle school , some subjects are not fulfilling enough for academically advanced students. There are multiple bad teachers per grade level, a few being so much so that they make me hate the school day. The classes are sometimes boring, and most teachers don't form a relationship with their students. If I could have transferred in 7th grade, I would have.
The curriculum and teachers are great.
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The food as well as the lunch ladies are great. Couldn't have asked for better.
There are strict rules set in this school. This is good because many of the students know about these policies and therefore will be less likely to commit such bad acts.
Tamanmend middle school was a wonderful middle school. I enjoyed all my years there, and really do miss it. The teachers are very nice and accepting.
The school is very up to date with modern technology.
The teachers are all very nice and dedicated to teaching their students. Many teachers encourage sudents to compete in academic competitions both inside and outside of school.
There is evidemce of team work. Team work and acceptance is highly approved.
This is a very ethincally diverse school. Everyone is kind to everyone. There is acceptance among peers regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religion.
There are several clubs and organizations to get involved in. Ski club is a favorite. Students take trips to mountains on Saturdays for fun.
The nurse is tries to do everything she can to make you feel better. There are several beds in closed rooms where you can take a nap if you have a migraine or headache. The nurse will only administer medication such as ibuprofen if you have parent consent.
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