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I'm going to Tahanto Regional Middle/High School I've been going to this school since I was in 6th grade. The teachers were always nice and pushed me to always do better. They always gave me a challenge and were there to support me when I needed it. And when I got to High School they started to prepare us for college they helped me with picking a college and starting test preparation and getting a job application.
Tahanto was a good experience thanks to the great teachers involved. Most teachers are caring and devoted to their work. The school is extremely small which isn’t preferred by some but I enjoyed this atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this school.
Stag Pride abounds at Tahanto. Drive by any morning and you will see school themed attire in many many forms, being worn. The grounds and surroundings are truly beautiful, nestled on banks of Wachusett Reservoir is a very special location. Sincere devotion from administration is felt as soon as you arrive. Dedicated Superintendent and Principle work tirelessly updating families and attend school activities. Counselors support students and provide flexible options. Opportunity at Tahanto is uniquely available throughout all grades. Creative class choices that cross grade levels often provide options. Refresh days, multiple clubs, theater, athletics, school spirit events , kind Cafeteria, Custodial, Coaching staffs, with positive Teachers makes for a one of kind School. The community, parents, and alumni, love to support their Tahanto Stags.
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Its a very small school with a close nit community that does very well academically overall.Attempts to make the day to day a positive one are very well done. Typical high school drama abounds and you can get looped into it more readily because of the population size. Some interpersonal issues with staff but over all good.
The new building is very accommodating for the number of students, but its awkward corners and angles provide a metric crapton of hiding spots, and make the school look more like a modern art museum. The classes are small and allow students to have one-on-one time with the teacher, something I've had to use during my junior year. Lunches are typical of high-school food, and offer a good variety. However, there are days when the bells are broken, when the heating/cooling shuts off, and water pressure across the building varies widely- some areas have barely any water flow, and others have fire hose-like pressure.
The teacher at Tahanto are amazing but everything else there I did not have a good experience especially with the administration.
I transferred into Tahanto my freshman year. I didn’t know anyone, but immediately I started to make friends. It’s such a small school that after a couple weeks I knew everyone. I wouldn’t change my time at Tahanto for anything. I graduated, and I still am in contact with some of my teachers, and when I go to visit they are always happy to see me. There’s no school I would have rather gone to.
I choose to go to Tahanto Regional High School, because of the size, the warmth and care of teachers, strong administration and absolute respect for each student each day. I went to Tahanto on school choice, I could have gone anywhere, but I went to Tahanto!! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Definitely worth it. They have strong academics, great sports teams, lots of school spirit!! For being as small as it is, it is diverse. It’s just not as diverse as most because of how small it is. It’s a fantastic school!
It always maintained a wonderful environment and was filled with excellent teachers. The AP classes always made us 100% ready for the AP exam which was great because we got college credit in the end.
I am a former Latin and Spanish teacher at Tahanto. I worked there for ten (10 weeks between August 28th, 2013 and October 17, 2013. I left because of a 30-mile commute over dark roads with insane drivers and on-coming blinding headlights. The students were incredibly nice to me and to each other. My then 7th graders have just graduated last Sunday and I now wish that I had found a way to stay on after seeing their photos on line and seeing the many honors earned by them. A parent looking for a school-choice placement can do no better than Tahanto. It is a safe, caring, well-run public school that looks and feels like a high-end private school. I have taught in many high-end school, Wellesley, Weston and Needham included and I can say that Tahanto has them all beat due to it small size, wonderful kids and over all superior environment. It is not a strech to say that it would be worth moving to Berlin or Boylston to have your children qualify to attend this gem of a place.
Tahanto has given me the opportunity to explore all of my areas of interest with a variety of science, art, and language courses. I am able to challenge my self with advanced courses without feeling overwhelmed. Tahanto offers help in every topic, whether it be a tutor or afterschool practice, if you feel you are struggling, there is always a way to improve. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities, some of which I am a member of. They include sciences, contemporary issues, and community work. Tahanto is a place where you can feel safe. The majority of the people there are extremely friendly and the staff is helpful.
Since Tahanto is so small, there is a sense of community and a close knit environment between everyone. The student-teacher relationships are closer and more caring than I imagine they would be at larger schools, making it easier to reach out for extra one-on-one help. Counseling/ mental health services are all but nonexistent.
Tahanto is a small school in Boylston, Massachusetts. I like that most teachers are passionate about their jobs. The teachers at Tahanto care about their students. However, the administration tends to care about the school's reputation more than the students.
Overall I enjoyed going to Tahanto sometimes. Compared to other schools Tahanto is actaully a very good school. The academics at Tahanto are very good and there are also some very good teachers there. The size of classes can range from 5-20 depending on how popular the class is. Since the school is so small everyone knows basically everyone. There were times where I wished administration helped out more than they did.
tahanto has a small student body with a very personal feel to it by knowing most of if not all of you peers. The facility are all very friendly and kind and so are the students. I very much enjoyed my middle and high school experience here even though some will say the opposite.
Tahanto is a school in which if you do what your suppose to do and work hard you’ll succeed, but any mistake will cost you and there’s little room for error. Poor judgment on students
The academics are very good and the teachers genuinely care about the students. I am severely dyslexic and the entire school district provided me with all the tools to be successful. I know that schools are required to do this by law, however schools widely differ on what is “considered to be reasonable”. I initially started my schooling in a different town that did not care enough to provide the appropriate tools. I was in that school district for five years and still could not read a kindergarten level book. Upon transferring to the Boylston school district in 5th grade, I learned how to read when I was 11 years old. I am happy to report that I am now a top performer in honors level classes. I owe a great deal of my success to Tahanto and the entire Boylston school district. I also want to point that even though I was so far behind the other students and was getting special instruction, not once was I made fun of at Boylston.
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Generally small classes and interactive teachers. Up-to-date facilities and opportunities for students to use them outside of normal class activities. Good athletic department. College planning services are adequate. Lenient Administration, very willing to work with any issues regarding graduation.
Great atmosphere, with small classes everyone knows everyone and gets along very well even with teachers, creating great connections. Wish the bathrooms would break so often though for being a very new building.
This is an exceptional public high school! There are fabulous, caring, and intelligent staff and faculty members that are always ready to help you. Whether it be academically, physically, or anything you need!
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