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Taft is a very diverse school with a strong emphasis on academics. The teachers are very passionate about teaching.
At the IB program at Taft, I met some of the most wonderful teachers, especially in the History and Math departments. But the programs were generally mismanaged and there were a few teachers/faculty that made a lot of students high school expirence feel as though they were perpetually being punished.
Taft has changed my life tremendously, I used to hate school and be a straight B-C student when I was at grade school and Taft has helped me open up and find myself personally and academically. I am now straight A-B student with all Honors, Ap , DC, and IB classes and I work regularly at the Neighborhood boys and girls club after school.
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The curriculum is challenging, but there is great staff to turn to for support. .....................................................................................................................
At Taft, I like the campus and all students and teachers are awesome, they are so kind to each other. I gained a huge knowledge in many different fields. Also, at Taft you will meet students from everywhere and you’ll learn from their cultures and maybe you’ll build a strength relationships.
I'm a senior at Taft High School and I am in the IB Diploma Program. The IB program has given me a totally different experience at Taft. The IB Program should get more recognition as the students are overworked and stressed out and the school makes it seem like it is all for nothing. Some teachers in the program add onto the stress, while others are passionate about helping their students. Since the school is located on the Northwest side of Chicago there is a lack of diversity in the school. When comparing to other schools in the city, administration overlooks important problems going on in the school. Some facilities need improvement such as the girls' locker room. Overall, the school is improving, but there are still many aspects that need work.
Over all my Taft high school experience was memorable. The environment was always plesent to be in and the teachers were always willing to help. The only thing I wish we had more of was school spirit. Being cheerleading captain it was a little disappointing when we wouldn’t get a lot of people at football games but we never let that stop us.
I think Taft High School is an amazing school with many opportunities, academically and socially. It has great classes, sports, and clubs that anyone can participate in.
Some of Taft's students are very rude but you cant really control that. Most of the teachers I've had was very nice and they taught me things effectively.
Taft’s reputation has gone up recently and that is because of certain work ethics that many students put in as well as the staff. The facility has had many improvements as well and there is a project going on that will make another facility for the academic center students and freshman. The after school clubs are a must if you are a starting high school. Not only can clubs help you with making new friends, but it can also help you in choosing the college you want to go to. In addition to academic performance, many colleges look at what activities you are involved in after school to fully understand what you are interested in and understand you as a student. I joined clubs and sports because, I wanted to spread my interests onto others and possibly set myself as a role model.
Taft is a very diverse, learning environment. Taft teachers are all very kind, and supportive of their students. They help out students when they are in need. The only thing that I dislike about Taft is the cleanliness of Taft. To me it isn’t very clean.
There was nothing special about this high school. There are teachers that care, but overall activities and clubs weren't heavily pressed to help students become involved in school. Funding in the school was also very low.
The athletics are amazing for this school, the coaches truly care and always want for you to win or approve. The academics could be better. Though there are some fantastic teachers, not all of them are.
Taft has been a great experience. Even though the school has had some rough patches before it's changing greatly.
Taft High School is a great place to meet a lot of different types of people that you would never meet anywhere else.
Taft has very good academics and by taking all honors classes or being in good academic programs allow you to stick with a group of kids that care as much about grades as you do. However, there are many kids that don't care, and participate in poor activities or have bad habits and it can be hard to share a school with others such as these.
I wish some teachers were more educated in teaching. Some teachers don't know how to interact with students.
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In the beginning of my freshmen year I was very anxious about starting hs, especially that not was I just new into the school, but into this country. I thought that people would make fun of my accent, that it'd be hard to make friends, that I'd not be able to study and have a good time simultaneously; however, that was not the case. The teachers are very knowledgeable, astute and dedicated to their jobs. The students are open-minded and friendly, especially since there are a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds which I think is just beautiful to see.
The school offers many clubs that a student can join and it has variety of sports teams. You name it, they have it. I was and still am part of the basketball team and as part of the Eagles, I can say we come from a very competitive nature. We love the W's and we get them, but the best part is that it's all because of our team work, support, and dedication.
One would never feel like an outcast in this school.
I really like Taft’s diverse student body, variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities, as well as quality sports programs offered.
Taft is an awesome school where you have fun the most. Having fun makes the student willing to learn and do his homework. Taft is also a great school for sports where you meet with new people once in a while.
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