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I enjoy going to Tabernacle Christian School for the small class sizes. Strong friendships are made because of that. Because it is a small school, they do not have all the resources available to them that a large public school would have. The science classes need more material and opportunities for the students to experiment more. Perhaps as they grow and get more funds, they will be able to do that. They have a strong sports program in Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball. Other sports are not available at this time. The school's music program is strong in band and choir. The staff at the school is friendly and most truly care about the students and their ability to succeed.
I went to Tabernacle for most of my life, ever since I was in first grade. I made most of my friends at Tabernacle and learned most of what I know today at this school. Tabernacle taught me a lot of things that I will remember for the rest of my life. I do not know where I would be without all the wonderful people that helped me through my school years. The teachers are amazing and are always willing to help anyone with anything they need. I wish they had more space. It was always a very small school and with all the kids that now go there, they will be needing a bigger school to put everyone in.
Tabernacle provided a safe and encouraging environment that adequately readied me for the rigors of college education.
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It's a smaller school, so it doesn't have a ton of different sports. They have soccer and basketball for the guys, and volleyball and basketball for the girls. The coaches make your work really hard, but they're super supportive too. The games can be pretty intense, but they're still really fun.
Our principal is the best. He's very polite and open to any questions you may have. He's also very involved in nearly every school function, from sports to fine arts competition. Our school secretary is also really nice too. She runs the office and can help with all kinds of things. The dress code is very strict, but it's not a uniform, so there's still plenty freedom in that.
It is without a doubt the best high school I have ever been in! I would definitely want to do all 12 years here if I would have to start totally over again. All of the teachers truly care and want to see you succeed. They put a huge emphasis on the Bible and in Christian morals, which really helps the spirit and attitude of the school.The students are very welcoming and you'll soon fit right in.
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