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Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca High School Reviews

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Going to Syracuse high school has been great experience. The best part about going to Syracuse high is that is a smaller school so you will get to experience so much more that a larger school. The teachers are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you are getting the most of you school year and education. With Syracuse being a smaller school we focus on sports a lot. Sports is a big thing in Syracuse there is only a few students that don't do sports and when their not doing sports they cheer on they're fellow class mates and participate in groups. The groups at Syracuse are very influential they have a S.T.O.P. group which is a group that is a drug prevention group. We also have a group called SOS ( Students Of Service) which is a group that does community service and that also take on trip far away a year. They also have FFA, Skills USA, Student Council,National Honors Society, Platform 11 ( professional choir group)
Teachers are very interactive with students. I would love to see that all students are able to have a Chromebook or Tablet to work on and take home daily for assignment help.
Syracuse was a graduation focused school, with a get in, get out mentality. All resources needed to succeed were provided and available at students' request.
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In my 4 years of being at Syracuse High School it has been amazing. The people are so friendly and they try their best to get to know everyone at the school. The teachers are focused on getting you ready for college and the rest of life. They not only make you a better student but a better person and I appreciate that deeply coming from a teacher.
I have never felt unsafe while attending or visiting this school.
There is a vast variety of extracurricular activities and all students are involved in at least one. Teachers are the sponsors for groups and are great at communicating with members and setting up opportunities to be active in the community at the local and national level.
This school is a small community of people who genuinely care for one-another and want every one to grow up and be successful. Sports generally run the school as is custom with smaller schools, but the music program has a reputation for being one of the best in the state.
I loved how personable all the teachers were and how willing they were to help me with any academic or personal problem I experienced.
There are many clubs and organizations offered as this school. Some the organizations/clubs include: National Honors Society, Student Council, Math Club, FBLA, SOS, FFA, STOP, Prom Committee, and Quiz Bowl. The level of commitment for each club/organization is fairly high. We are well known for our dedication. I would say the most fun option for the students would be Prom Committee just because it is more laid back than most other organizations. Also, based on an individuals preference they should all be just as fun!
I am thrilled to say this is the only school I have gone to. Syracuse High School puts in so much dedication and hard-work. All of the surrounding schools are way behind us. Our school cares a lot about students' education. They care so much that they bought the John Baylor ACT test prep (English) for the students. We have also been awarded academic awards (as a whole), and the students' have an honor night to recognize all of the hard work put in throughout the year. People say that when a new student comes to our school, their life changes. We are so loving, caring, dedicated, and we have a drive about everything. We love our homework just as much as the activities. The activities are well encouraged and the education is highly encouraged.
Teachers at my school are helpful, smart, and caring. All of the teachers try to help each other branch out and put more into their students and classes. Syracuse is one of the best schools around! I wouldn't have wanted to spend twelve years of education anywhere else! Whenever I struggled during school, or I missed notes, the teachers would all be there for me. They would always drop what they were doing and help. Syracuse's staff members want us to get out and apply for scholarships, and be involved in as many activities as we can!
This school is pretty great. My favorite experience here is the clubs I was. It helped me break through my shell and meet new friends. The environment of this school is wonderful. It's like a small little community and everyone knows everyone. It was really nice having a close relationship with the teachers and the students.
I love my school. I had the best experience there. The teachers were always helpful when I had questions on the assignments. They knew how to explain toe how to solve the problems. The teachers were always willing to go beyond the limits and come in after or before school.
This school takes emergencies very seriously and it has a plan for every emergency possible.
This school offers many extracurricular activities
What I love about this school is how close everybody is and the student- teacher relaitonships.
The teachers at my school care deeply for the students.
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I loved everything about Syracuse. The teachers are awesome, the community is supportive, and their are many extra curricular activities for all types of students to take part in.
We had the basic extracurricular activities since it was on the smaller size for schools.
I felt like I was prepared for my college courses, but they didn't really teach me anything to survive in real life. I would have liked more classes to focus on the world, like diversity classes or geography.
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