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Syosset Senior High School Reviews

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The best thing about Syosset high school is its huge variety of clubs that so many people can enjoy. Whether you like debate, public speaking, volunteering, or medicine, all opportunities are open to you.
Very good school! The honors and AP programs are good but regular classes are underwhelming in terms of difficulty.
We moved from Huntington to Syosset mainly due to the high quality of Syosset High School. Very good academics program, resources. Teachers are responsible, good sports and music programs. overall very good school.
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the teachers were very kind and helpful but there were some students who were racist against asians in particular
I personally like how there are over a hundred different clubs for different people. I also like the teachers. They are really kind and amazing. They are super helpful and you can contact them whenever and they will answer within 15 minutes.
Syosset is a great school with a myriad of educational opportunities. A big problem, nonetheless, is the entitlement and privilege that plagues the halls. Catering to upper-middle-class families, Syosset is no stranger to the snobby and arrogant attitudes of its students.

Also, my guidance counselor sucks.
Variety of clubs, sports, and classes. Few parties and events. Difficult to make new friends unless you went to Syosset middle school. Many opportunities but very competitive.
Plenty of opportunities with mostly good teachers. Honors/AP classes can be very competitive but the school overall is not nearly as competitive as NYC magnet schools and isn't cutthroat.
The faculty and staff there are super supportive. There are so many courses to choose from you wouldn't even be able to fit them all into your schedules.
Syosset High School had incredible teachers and access to a wide variety of academic and extracurricular resources. I received a great education here.
There were many opportunities available at Syosset, given that it was a public school, but felt like so much more. We had many clubs and groups perfect for students to join, which gives many chances to try something new.
Syosset High School is a good school for those who plan to go on to a four-year college. Students interested in different paths are not given the necessary tools to succeed.
I loved the environment in which the students were made to feel at ease and comfort when in class. All the teachers and students are very supportive of each other. The variety of clubs and sports is one of the most attractive things about the school in that it caters to almost every students interests. The school provides a safe environment to work in for both students and teachers. The school could improve upon the services it provides for mental health purposes but the faculty are already making big leaps to do the best they can in catering to the students every need academically and socially.
There are a lot of students, but the academics are great. It’s very competitive for a public school. However, teachers are willing to help students succeed, which is admirable, and administration accommodates the needs of students who want change.
I'm going to keep it completely real with you. The school itself is pretty good. If you aren't afraid of putting yourself out there, you'll do pretty well. As long as you try, as in study at least an hour a day and go to extra help, your academics will no falter. You'll be ready for college when you leave and you'll make plenty of friends. The one takeaway from this school is everyone seems to act and look the same, therefore, as long as you go with the flow and are likeable, you'll succeed.
I must say that most of the teachers at Syosset HS are amazing. I've really felt that so many of them are dedicated to making their students motivated about learning. That being said, I do think that there are many teachers who don't understand that their class isn't the only class that their students are taking. The environment can be very pressure-filled. My sophomore year was quite intense, but my senior year has been a lot more enjoyable. Regardless of the aspects I think can be improved about my high school, I'll definitely miss this place next year.
Syosset, for the most part, is a good school—it has all the clubs you could possibly imagine (over 100 I believe), & classes ranging from music theory to AP Physics C. It wasn't hard to distinguish the classes I liked & was willing to pursue, from the ones that I wasn't so keen on taking (sorry Ap Spanish!) For the purposes of a holistic review though, I have to take into consideration the things I didn't like about Syosset: the changes in the middle of the year & seemingly unnecessary renovations. Two years ago, the school implemented a new bell that came out of nowhere (along with a new security system & attendance policy); It took a while to get used to these new changes. This summer, the school took on some costly renovations: a new hallway at the front of the school & new weight room for gym classes. Besides construction taking over 5 months, I feel like the money could have gone into better things, such as air conditioning or heating. All in all, Syosset HS is a great school.
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SHS is an amazing school. All of the teachers are great and super approachable. They only give helpful work and not busy work to make you miserable.
I love the supportive teachers and environment that Syosset high school creatives for its students. The school strives to have an amazing variety of clubs, activities, and resources.
Syosset High School is a amazing High School that I would recommend to anyone. The teachers and the classes are amazing and among the top in the nation.
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