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We love the school! The teachers are so dedicated and consider so many things when they design lessons and projects. It seems like a school that values ideas and questions more than just answers. We feel so very fortunate to be a part of the Synapse community.
Synapse School has been an amazing experience for our entire family. Our daughter loves going to school and has so much to share every day with us about what she is learning both academically and socially. Synapse teachers are in tune with each child - sharing keen observations about our daughter's growth and areas of development with a well-rounded, holistic view. Lastly, I will mention the school focuses on developing critical thinking, which I can see in our daughter.
All four of my children have attended Synapse. I have three Synapse graduates in high school and one middle school aged child still at the school. We have been at the school for 6 years, and we continue to be super impressed with the teachers, the curriculum, and the fact that they intertwine Emotional Intelligence throughout every lesson. The most important things my children have learned at Synapse are collaboration skills, self-advocacy, and the idea that even children can produce real change in the world.

The graduated Synapse kids have gone onto getting superb grades in high school with a very healthy relationship to grades, homework, and the college admissions process. They have intrinsic motivation, they stand up for themselves and others, and they are continually being asked to be leaders at their school because they have empathy, curiosity, and new ideas, all of which were cultivated and enriched at Synapse School. This is a very special place to be a kid and a learner.
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Our daughter has thrived at Synapse. The teachers are among the best we've encountered, the school leadership is great, and the parent community has been an unexpected bonus. We were looking for a nontraditional school that truly embraced whole child personalized learning, one that integrated SEL into all aspects of the curriculum, that took a constructivist approach to learning through meaningful projects, and that focused on building cognitive and non-cognitive skills instead of just academic content. We fully lucky to have found that in Synapse and couldn't be happier with the experience our daughter is having here.
I am continually amazed at Synapse’s teachers and staff. They have a profound commitment, intense focus, and unabated energy and excitement for creating this incredible environment for our kids. They work hard to integrate curriculum in a project-based style which results in engaged kids really enjoying school, developing a love of learning that will last. I wish I could could attend school there! SEL is both integrated throughout the day and a specific “subject.” It’s obvious that the kids overall are incredibly kind and sensitive toward each other. You need a flexible mindset as a parent, open to new ideas and approaches, and be willing to get involved. Synapse values the whole child over test scores, and the social-emotional development of the school is top priority. Synapse is a great school that works diligently on self-improvement.
My child is thriving in Synapse's learning environment. I don't know of any other school that devotes as much time and energy to developing kids academic and social and emotional well being. It's such a warm and inclusive community with smart and energetic young staff - our family feels fortunate to be a part of this wonderful school.
Synapse offers a safe environment until you find out academically your child is not prepared. the total focus is to raise money and attract new students very little focus to be a great school